Sunday, May 17, 2009

Dear Diary,

shall begin with yesterday
met up with ting at mall. dined in at cafe cartel.
had a haircut at twister. and omg i cut bangs ! and it makes me wanna bang the wall !
turn around and a new friend is found. XE is my new friend.
but ! i don't know how to say. HAHA
headed to fareast. met kei and eym. shop and shop.
then went cine and saw jasmine. then like less than a min saw my sis. singapore ah singapore. can you be biggeR?HAHA

huiting , i'll give you my 500g of strongness. be strong !

met up with jeline. you did well !
and i am going out with a office lady. HAHA.
KBOX ! sing shout scream.
till we have no voice left. and we decided to leave for dinner at subway.

and i have been kp ing the whole day that the girl inside that photo is not me. bangs ! i shall addapt soon.

and i am yawning non stop. from 3 days ago. is my brain process really slowing down? shit.

and and me and kei is so jealous after BBF was casted in channel u today. MY JIHOON and her JUNPYO. feels like more people likes them. makes us jealous !

see that nerd in the middle. HAHAHA!

eym and ting

we look alike !

the office lady k ing songs. AHAHA

OMG ! this photo is my favourite can. love it. i look like a real pig !


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