Monday, July 05, 2010

Dear Diary,

i woke up this morning thinking how long can a love last?

why will it change?

i shall start with yesterday.
feeling arty and acomplished doing jeline bbirthday board.
Haven't felt so arty since i graduate.

headed to rsw to watch Voyage de la vie.
gorgeous show.
awesome costume.

make me feel like persuading overseas for thearetical costume design.
maybe the me in the past would go without thinking but now i am afraid.

fabulous outline of show thou !

dinner with XG and i am missing him now.

was like rushing my art scene reports yesterday at the thirteen hour

i thought the submission was on wednesday !
camped and XG house finished up and went to school today for submission.
i was 11 mins late thhou.
went back to his arm and fell asleep and here i am typing this and his off to work.
i have been sending out resume today and i hope i get a reply tomorrow !

i miss him


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