Tuesday, December 26, 2006

christmas jus ended!! went to town and its so damn squeezy. someone fainted somemore. we bought spray and started spraying( so pity, forgt spray shuai ge).LOL. dunno gt shuai ge sprayed me not.LOL. went there with jellyfishh, sis, sis's fren : melvin , gazz, tian. we went to watch death note 2 at 2.15 am. L is handsome but why he go sacrifice himself to find who is kira and now dead. ( checku mato) love light saying this.LOL. then 5 am go home . 6 plus reached home. slept at 7 and wake up at 11 to go work. 4 hrs. now really tired. GOODNIGHT! MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL . <3 love always

Saturday, December 23, 2006

been so damn busy these few days. everyone's preparing for christmas. i bought all the gift but not the wrapper.LOL. i kind of like saw santino but i dunno did i saw a ghost cause i think he should be back in new york .LOL. but the santino's kinda cap and voice. LOL. tomorrow going to get all the stuff ready for christmas!! hope it's going to be fun! =)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

its my birthday today!
bunny, jan and jellyfishh popped at 12 midnight yesterday at my house. actually it startled me la. i act not one.LOL. if not i wun be wearing pajamas LOL!. i will try see the video! thanks for everything! the cake very nice.LOL.
you all made my first 16th bday smile!! LOL.
love ya forever and ever !

Saturday, December 16, 2006

maya ~~ the ah neh so good. dun leave ~~ but change the new one like also very good.LOL. bo fang also last day . the guy who always say ' anyhow wipe then can go home earlier' LOL. he go le everyday confirm very late go home.LOL. MJ SISTER! u rocks. she was like pulling me into the train like crazy because its super many people todaay.take good care of your sore throat! . you have no voice today dunno how u work tmr.LOL. next time mus learn Philippines language from you.LOL. baoyi jie also rocks too! thanks for not blaming me when i order wrong things. sry for the trouble i have made for you to rekey all the stuff. today is super busy . everyone shouting the f word everywhere.LOL. but time passes very fast when its busy.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

fuck today man.
go out missed my 74 and waited awhile for 165.
then board the bus want to see what time then realise forget bring my celllphone.
then go missed a train and waited for 6 mins for the next one.
then get scolded by someone because i forgotten the order.
then get scolded by customer cos i sent wrong.
go home drizzle
missed last bus and forced to take 72 then walked home that wulu path. wulu never still drizzle.
its pathetic when i looked at myself.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

ZOO. went to zoo today! there's penguin but backside facing us.
there's hippo so awww.LOL.
there's a seal named carlo's so brilliant! he does a wave, dive like dolphins!
there's many kind of monkey that looked like human. but ah meng old le.
there's polar bear. please let him go back to the north pole. feel like he is dying
there's maany many kind of snakes. and rattlesnake which makes me think of my classmates
there's squirrel ! its so damn cute! i love them the most!
there's giraffe. so tall but handsome
there's jaguar that posed for a picture.LOL.
there's white tiger that looked so lame walking to and fro the same place
there's kangaroo so young and jumpy !
there's elephants that smells.
there's rino that is so huge
there's zebra that swings its tail
there's pony that looked girlish with its long blonde hair.
there's still quite a lot that i forgotten.LOL.
but i wouldn't step into the zoo again cos' its quite boring and tiring.
kit yee so sorry! LOL
i fall in love with photography. i want to buy a pro camera now! and a keyboard too.LOL. first one i will save for camera first. CHIONG AH!

Friday, December 08, 2006

poor darren ~ and I AM DEAD

Thursday, December 07, 2006

today damn many people. i think is becoause people doing christmas shopping at orchard. but today i saw a angmo so handsome!! his sparkling green round eyes telling to look at him.LOL. he still stand up and give me the money!!!! and pat my shoulder say' its okay ' . oh mi god. please come visit me again.LOL. i will not let you escape this time.LOL.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

nodame cantabile ! nodame ! chaiki senpai! i am going to learn japanese and piano.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

i am going to hate thursday ! went in to johor bahru for dinner cos aunt treat. finally saw my sis. fattypig sis i miss you. if got people bully tell me don't cry. i will bash them up. nice food. and drank some red wine. yi ling jie taught me knowledge of red wine! so cool. if you want to taste the sweetness of it, roll your tongue before drinking then it will be sweet. then i finally know why people always swirl their glass before drinking . is to see how much is the alcohol content ! COOL. and the news of me falling at work has spread through my family of 30 plus people. what the?

Saturday, December 02, 2006


when everyone started to push and pull
will you be able to hold on?
when they says you should change
can you lift up your head high and say
i am who i am?.
when you heart's crying out ' that is wrong'
will you love you for you at the end of all?
there's going to be times in life that you are low
when insecurities seemed to take control
we start to look outside for acceptance and approval
but we keep forgetting something we should know
never be scared to fly alone
find a path that is your own and hope will open in every door
open your fist and see the world is yours
don't hold back and all answer will be unfold
a boy wonder will he be good enough for them?
he kept trying to please them but never seems to fit in
there's a girl who thinks she will never be good enough for him
they are changing and that's a game they will never win

just let out your wings and soar
happy feet !!! went to watch with jellyfishh and shao ming. nice nice ! i like all the music !! and the tapping feet of his ! i want buy the soundtrack ! LOL. penguins rocks ! then shop shop then go back hougang mall eat sweet stuff then went home. tomorrow going in malaysia !! and i finally bought my red suspender !! claps !!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006


after all those breaking and patching
you'll probably thought i would hold resentment for you
but you're wrong
cos if it wasn't of all you tried to do
i wouldn't know how capable of me to pull it through
so i thank you.
its makes me stronger
it makes me work a little bit harder
it makes me much wiser
it makes me work a little bit faster
it makes my skin a little bit thicker
it makes me so much smarter

today's baoyi jie bday! happy bday! ytd celebrated in thai express. she said she want a small cake so that can bring home then the manager bought 2 slices only! LOL. then baoyi say she so pathetic.LOL. then manager went to buy a big one ! LOL. after work went to chatlet . on my mind is ' super star showing. SHYT i am late' LOL. then we ran there and we are jus in time. then we celebrated for 4e1 renuion?. i also dunno what they celebrating.LOL. we 'yam seng' then eat cake.LOL. but yiren injured his leg and need 6 stitches. sad one. then ride bike to buy alcoholic drink. the person asked' ic please'. damn but we clever called someone in cheers to help us buy.LOL. then went back my butt hurts again. sit there see them play poker cards. then bunny , jellyfishh and i stayed awake throughout the night ! we didn't catch a wink.LOL. then we go out see stars and there are really alot in the sky. around 30 shinning at us. so cool i should say. then joel suddenly very good at 4 am started fire amd bbq for us.LOL. then everyone went to see sunrise but after waiting and feeding the ants, we still didn't saw it rose.LOL. but when the first morning light reflect at the calm blue sea, its gorgeous. then went back to chatlet its already 730 am. we went to sleep then went back. first time i do when i reached home is slp frm 9am to 6 pm. i slept 9 HOURS ! everyone congrats me ba cos i think i tonight can see stars le.LOL