Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dear Diary!

this post will be posting my cam whore photos

and the drama i have watched during my pox days.
you will be amazed.

i am really a japanaese film fan. their drama rock !

this show just started in taiwan. about a tomboy girl and a nerdy boy. and ya romance meet.

this show is funny! WO YAO HUHU~4star!

OH! MY GIRL! jap drama about a novelist wannabe guy and a small girl that came out over a night that is a young star. the guy acted in absolute boyfriend. KOTARO!3star!

GOKUSEN. i watch season 1, 2 and 3. damn nice. 1 is the best. about bad student that don't trust teachers but this girl over here try everything to protect her students.YANKUMI!4 star!

watched this before but i rewatched it. HANA KIMI JAPAN. best! with SHUN OGURI and IKUTA TOMA. 5star!

this show just stared in taiwan too. i love they 2 acting tgt. and this story plot is new from It Started with a kiss.DOREMI!4star!

really very nice. the girl is so so pretty and the guy is so so handsome.
its about a rich girl tt owns a fashion company and the guy is so poor that he eat bread skin everyday with 3 kids.

Dear Diary!

was out with huiting today and yesterday
took neoprint and the machine is so addictive.
so cute lah !

went shop shop
ting bought her boy some stuff
and i bought a studded skirt and maybelline mineral thing waited for so long.


we look so happy !

Dear Diary!


its been 2 years but i swear it feels like just yesterday that we sat in the same classroom.

had alot of fun !
watched YES MAN.
jim carrey rocks ! maybe stones~ ((:
mrs goh,koh,lai and mushroom head was there. mr tang is so funny in playign cheat. HAHA
argn i am alr missing the fun!. cards, chat, stayovers, arcade, pool. ):
wanyan, geradine,huiting,me and jeline

zy idea of posing

happy !

oh ya featuring this kitten then sit like a human. HAHA

Dear Diary!

its been quite awhile since i blogged.
i think the whole world know i am down with chicken pox.
SO! say hello to my pox if you spot them . HAHA

firstly , my 18th BIGDAY
thanks to huiting and jeline that i didn't have to spent my 18th at home.
thanks for the book you 2 made. my god ! its so damn nice.
thanks for the heels i have been eyeing for ! i feel like i ahev stepped on step ahead to maturity YAY
thanks for the donuts as cakes as i cant eat cakes ! but i wanted to make some wishes.
i hope everyone around me will be happy (:
we kbox ed
watched TWILIGHT.
the best movie ! edward. i want to get involve with vampires !
i am so blissed to have you two beside me (:

i am happy ! 18th, well spent ! YOSH !

edited to hide my pox. they are impt to me (:

make a wish, make a wish ~

cut the donuts , cut the donuts~

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dear Diary,

its been awhile yo!

down with pox. miserable.

thanks for those by my side.

and curse those who gossipped about my pox.

camped at home for 9days alr. but i feel enlightened!

everyday seems so beautiful.

and for my mom who been there everyday taking care of me, i love you!
for my mom and my lifelong dream, i will succeed in the fashion industry !

gogo YOSH!

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dear Diary,

steamboated ytd

ran today with ting

and my arm is blue-blacked by a stupid football.

saw a dog damn tame !

her name is chio chio. CHIOBU. HAHA

and went mac with ting.

Monday, December 01, 2008

Dear Diary,

i am so rotting at home today and i thought maybe i could just turn on my music player and go out enjoying peace alone.

so i was out and went to library to find novels and went artfriend to stock up my sketchbook and bought a Persian blue colored pencil cos the color was nice siol.

then went to fusion find my sis and cabbed home together.

paramore paramore paramore