Friday, February 29, 2008

i hate fried mars mar with lynnly and i am eating delifrance chicken sandwich as my dinner now.

okay i haven been blogging about earth since like forever.
assignment is flooding me. i can't breathe!

just handed in pattern making and hate a test.
so another down.

proj proj proj. just kill me . GOD PLS SAVE THE QUEENSSSSSS

lets forget about past few days
and come to today
guess what dubies!?
when i am suppose to leave my house at 8am so that i will reach ono time,
i woke up at 8.11am. i am SO damn clever can.
JASMINE that idiot LOL! woke up 10mins later. even more clever
so we are late together.LOL!

sew sew sew. fuck that zipper can. i wonder why people invent zippers.
me: jasmine, you got bring your sunglass today?
jasmine:ya got
me: lent me leh
jasmine: why
me: i scare the needle break again like last sem and shoot till me.
we sew at our lives at risks.LOL!
so i wore sunglasses while sewing that.LOL.

then went to eat. i got one knowledge today!
everyone dunno right. i oso today then noe.

then pattern making rush rush rush.

oh ya today is like the start of my hols
BUT i seriously don't have that mood.

i gotta rest and tmr HISTORY OF FASHION HERE I COME!

rami and chris battle right. rami won. i thought his work is really nicer than human hair. OMG.

and and! i think christian like not at his best for the final collection. looks abit hmm weird?
but i totally love jillians one.LOL

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

first time that we didn't met up for celebration uh.HAH

my little lovely cousin yun is going Australia to study.
made a card using photoshop for her.
me and sis bought gloves and leg warmer for her. TAKE CARE!
we will save up and go to find you during my may break! must show us around oh!
so went to the airport.
first time sending ppl off at T3
cool huge place.
but i think is too exaggerating and the air con is like. argn COLD
still rmb tt go time with ting is like still renovating. now is like totally changed. PRETTY

we 3 look alike uh! little chubby chubby.
my blog is crazy

Monday, February 25, 2008

big news!
to anyone who watched CJ7
rmb the small little boy
OMG LAH. i was like. HUH I DUN BELIEVE U when my sis tell me.
its too extreme lah!

okok calm down.
today went sch.
hand in proj. but 7 more to go. so JYJY JY!

went home and watched project runway renuion. HAHAS
christian :' i am kind of a big deal'' i want my hair to be FIERCE' SO FUNNY
kelvin:' ya i am not a gay'
its NICE this season! FUNNY.

then went out with my boy to town
walk walk
eat eat

never do ivan's work
should i not go tmr?LOL

Sunday, February 24, 2008

i broke my record
i didn't blog for 3 days.

i am freaking, fucking, super, duper busy .
at least for the last 3 days.

watched ' FOOL'S GOLD'
i tink the movie is average. not good but not bad either.
the actors inside is gorgeous =D

was duper busy with fashion business proj.
i think i slept less than 5 hours a day

went to print
then went out with sis to relax abit.
too stress LOL.
oh ya!!!!!!! i am lucky today!
you know the crossroad at taka?
the one that got timing then can walk ?
OMG LAH i walked through it today!
i am like waving to others like president. so honour ! and lucky!

okay gotta go and paste my work.
satisfied that ii finish one proj!
7 to go!!!! GOGOGO!

Friday, February 22, 2008

took 147 to school with mom today cos she's going to pray.
stupid kei told me a joke. HAHAHA. its damn funny! we stand there and broke into silent laughter. XIAOMING is so kolian! no joke is complete without him. HAHAHAHAs

then ruby's class!
eh, my stomach groans very very loudly ah today? =( everyone heard it. !!! PAISEH!
then we went to eat then went back

vic class
i think he is weird.
goes in and out of the class.
i need to have so many things done in this weekend.
i should thanks myself for not starting early i guess. FUCK
and and ! me and kei realize we take photo every Thursday cos the teacher is like hack care we.

went to fetch my boy after school
then went bugis village walk
PS buy my calico
then ate that very nice Indonesian food at PS food court. DAMN NICE. go try peeps!
then went home. =D

i feel sleepy but i don't wish to sleep.
class at 9 gotta wake up at 7. LONG DAY.
i think i gonna die flat tmr.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

its 3 plus am
ate strawberry jam with bread and complete with my strawberry milk

today meet my boy
acc him to fareast and tattoo
that phrase is chosen by me! YAY
its in rome which means something, when you are in a battle, either you win or you die. COOL RIGHT

then went bugis print the trend thingy.
then went home.
took lots of photos =D

i wan to tattoo!
but any suggestion on what to tattoo and where? HEH HEH

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

let me start with yesterday

skipped fashion business
went for merchandising class
we played the supplier and buyer role.
i am the buyer with 2 other class people then we quarreled with jas luxuan and friend which is the supplier.

then went ps eat pasta and went home
meet my boy and suppose to go kite flying
went there is like totally haunted with torn buildings and wild dogs.
you know the marina bay with steamboat. the whole place is like isolated with rubbish flying all over.

then we went to orchard and i am wearing my fashion week tee and sec PE shorts marching in orchard road.

we watched 9pm show ' JUNO'
Ellen page is damn cute ! she's a very very good actress.

then reached home at going 12.

he keep saying he is very handsome cos his hair grew longer. but you are handsome =D

was like tired don't feel like doing ivan's homework.
so now i am going to continue on today

today work up was wondering whether to go ivan class
by the time i have decided, i am alr late
he is crazy again today.LOL!
he was showing us all the media to draw a illustration
then he was trying to squeeze the tube of ink then all ended up in his hand.HAHA!
then he start showing us how to use penknife and was like ' invest in a good penknife ' with his hand holding it like promoting. and many many more.
EVEN SPONGE he wants to promote. FUNNY!

then we went ps
and went home.

and here i am just woke up from my 4 hours sleep.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

i slept my whole afternoon
at night went out to vivo with my boy
watched midnight movie ' L:CHANGE THE WORLD'
as mention in the name it doesn't show much on death note, rather on him solving a virus case.
was nice still as you can see
L standing straight.
L saying 'itatakimasu' before eating his sweet
L being shy with eyes popping out.
its funny!
its sad that its the last!

then took night rider and reached home at 4am
then i couldn't sleep at all becos of the afternoon nap i had.
so i watched project runway.
YAY christian and jillian in the final!
my predict were right!
i love christian design this week TOTALLY!.ITS SO FIERCE.HAHAs
christian's designs. I LIKE!

jillian's! you must see when she opens up her jacket. its gold inside! damn nice!

then i went sleep thought that i will rest 1 hour and go for my project meeting.
then kei called. i was like ' SHIT. I AM STILL SLEEPING' its 11plus alr when we suppose to meet at 12. LOL

next time when we want meet 12 we better say meet 11.LOL!
did our proj at BK.
then went home. and here am i!

gotta go and research on globalisation if not D will kp again.

as you can see. i didn't change my top from ytd.BUT i did bathe at 6am =D and changed back the same top and went for proj.LOL.

kei says i look kind in this photo.WT HAHAs

Saturday, February 16, 2008

shall upload more of her songs in my blog.
now playing is THE SHIT SONG.HAHAs
her song is so fun!

ytd school was tiring but productive.
i mean at least for sewing.
pattern making was like half dead so didn't feel like doing anything.

went library but was closed.
i thought library close at 930?

gotta go for now.

Friday, February 15, 2008


textile and development class.
fun went sch library but can't find any books.
but lessons is still boring.

then went to buy vday gift for my boy
that's a hole in my pocket now!
i bought HUGO BOSS perfume.
the sales let me smell all sort of smell make me feel like all the same.LOL
now then i noe they got coffee bean there to let us smell so that to 4gt the another smell. SO COOL RIGHT!
was caught between hugo boss, ralph lauren and monc blant.
but chose hugo cos i fall in love with guys that wears that scent.

my boy gave me flowers =D
treat me watch P.S i love you
took neoprints
went library
finding some rock and roll books for development
P.S ilove you
is touching to a certain extent
but is sure will cry one that kind.
some scene is like purposely wanna make u die.
like when she feels that the guy is still there.

oh ya i gave my boy chocolate and my hand made muffins like cookies!
ytd went jasmine house for that.
thanks jas for letting me use your kitchen! HAHAs
and my boy says its nice.

tmr school.
look at the time now.
tmr 7 must wake up
dun feel like going man.
what a lazy friday. I HATE FRIDAY!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

HAHAs overslept.
went to jasmine house.
why i go there? *SECRET

then took cab home cos lazy to take 88 again
then me and mom missed the ah long time slot
so i met up with my boy and watched 'JUMPER'
the story is new.
the powder is cool
the visuals makes the jump really like boom,hey i am at another place that kind.
really nice lah!!!

ok vic lessons tmr.
i am in a mess now with my work. ARGN

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

it seems like a very long day today
went ot school for ivan's class
was funny.LOL.
very funyyyy!LOL!

then me and lynn went PS for carls JR
chit chat then went back hougang. we both live in hougang you see.

then i went home just lie on the sofa then i couldn't wake up and fall asleep
went to meet ting at amk
went town to get her stuff
went to levis today. the staff very good! good service!
then i send her back to amk and i went back town to find my boy

went fareast walk walk
he bought a top
then go taka eat.
then went home.
the distance seems farther than i expected.

oh ya! my losse powder and precare cream from online is here! YAY. thanks MR/MRS postman!

tmr going jamsine house! YAY.

Monday, February 11, 2008

today school reach on time .
debra's class. i think i nodding till my head gonna drop. keep falling asleep.
hope she never saw my eyes closed
clarisa class present present cut cut paste paste

then i followed eym and julie to bugis junction
stupid Mc people. we queue there so long then say we never queue cos we queue wrong
then we went vivo
hang around.
their friend a transsexual.
so pretty!
her eyebrow is damn nice .
then we went outside chitchat

eym got discount
so i got a MAC studio fix foundation
then julie get her bobbi brown concealer and clarins foundation.
then happy happy high high went home

then i fall asleep till now.

gotta go and do ivan's hw. lets see what time i can sleep today.

i suddenyl realise my project deadline is coming.
havem't even started.
I MUST DO MY WORK . i need to psycho myself.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

today went to bai tai shui
hope i can pass this year safely. *PRAY

then went to mac and eat ice cream with mom
went home slept
went aunt house
eat nice things
then head home.

tmr school

Saturday, February 09, 2008

woke up and saw a pigeon outside my window. so cute

3rd day of new year
i ran to my boy house but his parents were gone by then.
my badluck is alr starting

then we went orchard
watched CJ7
i watched becos of Stephen chow.
he is my all times comedian . cool kid
but the show turned out quite nice
a show with sad suspend and a happy ending =D
3 stars out of 5

then we went home
oh ya! a transsexual touch my boy in front of my presence
next time if i see you again i pull your fake boobs down.

my throat is a lil bit painful. die eat too much heaty things.

project runway epi 10 sucks can
thw challenge is like so crap and moronic

design a costume for WWE diva to wear in the ring
i mean who will go out and become a wee costume designer
rather make lingerie . at least got designers on that
disappointed with this fcuk up episode.
ricky's out and chris won
personally. I HATE LEOPARD' S PRINT.

Friday, February 08, 2008

i am back from malaysia.YAY

today woke up at 9am
faster prepare and off to malaysia in aunt's friend taxi
datou uncle and 6th aunt came and gave us angbao.HAHAs

then went in the stupid custom malay guy keep looking at me when he check the passport.
hello! u expect me to look like the same?

then went in we ate prawn mee. local delight very veyr nice.
then a few mins after my 2nd uncle wife say can eat lunch and lao yu shen
i was like HUH I JUS EAT LEH
after that i really cant walk
i went to sleep at dunno whos room(even worst)
then go out to singapore
sis went to look for her friends
and i followed mom to 3rd aunt house
then she cooked abalone mee with real abalone ofcos
then i was like trying my very best and scope all my noodles to my uncle.HAHAs

then we watched ' 881' in dvd
mom cried as usual
i felt sad when the xiao mugua died. so sad.
but i was half concious when i watch cos you noe after a heavy meal so tired.LOL

then me and mom headed home
i changed my clothes and went ting house bainian
we played heartattack
remind me of the past.HAHAs

datou datou ciao yu bu chou

our apple head

trying to kiss ourself


3 family came.
we chitchat here chitchat there.
and xinying(TANGMEI) POOPS.LOL!

my boy came to bainian too
eekk. mom and ahma gave him angbao.
he so bad till like a bastard still give him.

then met up with huiting
went amk hub wanted to watch CJ7
you might think i am crazy
but i am
we wathced ' KUNGFU DUNK'
the person i hate most jay chou.
but at the same time. chen bolin is inside so i just take that as a excuse.LOL.
it seems like it is copying shaolin soccer but actually it has its difference.
and its quite nice to my surprise.
jay expression was funny like monkey seriously.
then match was nice. so high when you see them slam dunk and when the ball go in.
OH YA. the most funny thing is ' WU ZHONG XIAN IS INSIDE THE SHOW'
ITS SO FUNNY LA . the difference when he is acting and hosting.
so 3and half out of 5 stars.

there are sooo many movies i want to watch.
JUNO(i love ellen page)
P.S I LOVE YOU(read the novel b4. its really very touching)
STEPUP 2:THE STREET(stepup 1 was nice so i hope its nice too)
CHECK IT OUT,YO(stuopid sing, how long are you delaying this show. i waited since last year man)
KOIZORA(this show moved millions to tears in japan. saw the trailer today. the guy said one sentence and make my heart so painful and sad and that is ' lets part. i can no longer wipe your tears')

THE EYE(translate from chinese film featuring jessica alba)
SHUTTER(translate from thai film)
and many many more!

need to wake up at 8am tmr and go malaysia. TIRED.

the photos below are meant to be ugly .HEE

Thursday, February 07, 2008

merry lunar new year
my bad luck year has finally arrived.
its hard to hear this from me if you know me but 'DOWN, SAD, EMO, DEPRESS, HATRED,PISSED OFF 'is what is left in me now.
jio me out oh. anywhere anytime anyplace chop chop. can i go you guys house bai nian?LOL! EVIL

okay today went to fareast AGAIn and AGAIN alone.
bought a pair of shoes then went art friend and get sketch book

then went back and find huiting.
eat mac icecream.
then someone called
make me cry
thanks huiting and xinling for cheering me up!

new year eve is the first day of a new year and the saddest
our dinner is always lack of one person that will never return to me again.
my dad.

at the time when i need you most you are not there
you only care for yourself.
only friends are there for me.
'i don't need a man'
i will say it one day when i have rearranged my feelings =D