Tuesday, September 30, 2008

deb just said that i failed attendance for at keast 4 subjects .

sorry mom .

i still have to be happy cos' thats teeyuyan. the girl that cannot be beaten down.

i jus tried out illustrator. hahahas
12 tissues filled with mucus is dangling around my lappy .
swallowed panadol cold relief tablets .
i am so catching a flu .

'if you want to burn yourself ,remember that I LOVE YOU
if you wan to kill yourself , remember that I LOVE YOU '

jus a verse from loose lips-kimya dawson

i am so random

back to typing report mode

Sunday, September 28, 2008

everyone is going to the F1 race ):
i want to see voom voom too !

me and jas like wanted to go school but the school is not even open can.
and the weather is like melting us.
we jus slacked around bugis.
jas and fendy went town
i stayed with sis
then slacked again

and jeline is finally off from her f1 work.
so we went cathay for 'HOUSE BUNNY' at 0115.
omg nice ! HAHA so bimbo. HAHAHA but very funny ! thumbs up ! HEH

my fav ichigo bliss. HAHA

1,2,3,4-PLAIN WHITE T's
check this out ! v nice.
theres only 1thing2do3wrods4you~ i love you~

Friday, September 26, 2008

omg alot just happened in one fuck week.

i think i slept less than 12 hours in a week. work and more work.
is like the first week of school can.
the feel is really on the verge alr but you know there are people you can't let down.

deb hates us
i think william thought we couldn't do it
may was kind enough
angelynn was even kinder
pm sucks my socks off
sewing gotta no better
clarrisa is lagged

i feel like a walking zombie . finally i got time to blog and rest for a day?
i should have seen it coming.

i like KENLEY in project runway 5. hahahas

Saturday, September 20, 2008

I CUT MY HAIR ! hahahas

jeline bought me to CLOVER . the hairstylist KEIDA not bad ((: HAHAs

spent up all my pay in 2 days ! cool uh . ARGN .

we shopped around. settled down for thai express .

oh and sam joined in . we acc him to buy his photoshoot crops .

then we pooled at hougang kpool .

2 more days left !

Thursday, September 18, 2008

i am bored at work so i took out my phone ,
and took photos of myself ! omg

3 more days to school ):

i think channel5 like sucks can . project runway alr have season 5 now they are only showing season 4 . but thats okay cos i can see christian siriano ! HEH and his fierce hair. HAHA

spring 09 is out . till now i think i like luella best . as a fact i only seen 5 so HAHA i don't think i can comment much .

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


feel like changing blogskins again. am BORED.
eat sleep sleep eat then sleep again.

went fusion
hang around
and watch ' 4BIA ' with daryl.

1 makes you never will sms with a stranger. you never know where is them. they might be just beside you !

2 stop bullies ! you might end up gorging your eyes out. VOMIT. ARGN

3 GAYS are funny .HAHA.

4 don't mess with a married guy ! you might end up kneeling dead.

went home with sis after her work .

Monday, September 15, 2008

i feel like i am a robot.
for fuck sake i am doing things the same everyday!

the mv makes me high. HAHAHAS evil.

Sunday, September 14, 2008



if you have watched the drama . the final is nice !
OGURI SHUN is the handsome-est guy ever and ever.
i love japanese films! and and more coming up!

we have like no mood to shop today and time pass like fuck slow.
linger around and went bugis,
saw sam . HAHA. and he just introduced me a webbie that make us into 60s.i look quite pretty uh. KIREI DE-SU-YO!

and and me and je is like having jap fever speaking jap and we do it quite well!

arcaded in bugis. the bashing pervert;killing mice;separate lovers;more!

itunes at this moment is rolling
is from JUNO soundtrack. VERY CUTE SONG.

my holidays is ending and i am so bored and did nothing! )):

Thursday, September 11, 2008


i think i finally starting to see this world without you.FINALLY

i am blogging at fusion now. its like empty and the radio is playing
plush-stone temple pilots. cute band name.HAH

yesterday was K BOX-ING with jeline.
HIGH. i love singing thats what you get , thats not my name and who knew. HIGH SIA.

if i am not a fashion designer i will be a PUNK ROCK STAR.HAHAHS

had fun with jeline.

since you taught me so much. i think i shall do something in return.
try and open your heart to people. stop thinking about whos best in a matter of fact it doesn't matter.
goodbye my almost lover.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


i am blogging at point mac with huiting.
slacking in process ~

ytd watched WALL.E with mom
omg its so nice! so cute! WU-WA-E. E-VA.
the MOP clean here clean there so cute! HAHAHAS.

went fusion find sis.

everyday is so boring!
tmr kbox with jeline! YAY
friday picnic with jasmine! HOH.
i want make sandwich!


i am in love with new goth and punk now. HAH

i am in love with TOKIO HOTEL. WOOHOO. try listening to their MONSOON. NICE LEY

in love with the lead in PARAMORE.

Monday, September 08, 2008

omg the song is so addicting.

Yeah 我是 Superman
Yeah 我是 Superman
Yeah 我是 Superman
Yeah 你是 Loser

Sunday, September 07, 2008

changed my blogskin ! YAY

my saturday passed with ting in kovan mac.
played pool arcaded. our new invention'FA XIE TONG' HAH

omg i watch 'LAN QIU HUO.hot shot' till 6 in the morning.
fuck funny. off to episode 4. omg. HAHA.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

completed my catalogue and prints.SATISFIED

everyday seems so boring keeping to the same routine.

i am in love with THE TING TINGS and PARAMORE.

i just want to be ok~

Friday, September 05, 2008

it was till yesterday that i finally gave up. HAH

watched MY SASSY GIRL with daryl jasmine don nelson and their gf.
nice show!
maybe not that best compare to the korean version.
meaningful words.
'stay to see how the story ends' omg so sad.

work today.
jeline came. woo.
if i had to watch my life on the screen,iwonder how will it end.


my elmo is back(:

bought a face lifting essence and a coin pouch for mom birthday.
sis's honey came and celebrated tgt. the second guy that step into our house.HAH
i love you mom. more than i love myself(:
i know you are getting old but please don't leave me.

okay i am skipping sewing tmr! last day of shcool?

out of boredem

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

i am tired freak,

omg school is like opened for 7weeks alr and i finally saw ivan.HAHA

for once debra class was not so saddening.

and angelynn is loved.

gogogo 2 more days to break!

Monday, September 01, 2008

acc ting go rebond.
the world is small. same hairstylist hah.

today school was quite positive. WOO.finally .
went spolight and find ting.
see you cry makes me see me in you.
it makes me sad too. brace up!