Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Today woke up 7
i hate morning class
jam jam jam
fall asleep again
phew i never miss my stop
then saw kei
first thing. i sang spiderpig for her

then fashion details
learn so many things about silhouette

then was com fashion designs
i learn photoshop!
FUN but i am a com idiot seriously
photos upload soon cos com currently undergoing some operation
me and kei was like playing and giggling behind
drawing and singing spiderpig.LOL

then meet laogong
went back to laogong house
laogong doing proj for 3 weeks
gonna learn to be not so dependent on laogong
cos everyday meet, now cant meet :(
mayb is a good chance to learn not to be so nian.

then went point pei lagong eat
then went back to playground and eat nachos
then home
i love him

and tomorrow fuck
should be no lessons
but ruby say tmr pattern making make up class

Today sch at 11
sianx marketing class
12 plus was over
went to bras baser with kei lynnly tracy
bought file from popular
then went to sim lim with kei
met her friend and went to buy thumbdrive

then i walked back to bugis village
bought a hairnband which i don't know how to wear
then went bugis junction
bought the wrap tube which can make u know look smaller
cos laogong don't like it when ah pei see.
i love u
then went to eat mac and walked back to nafa
took 147 home

rest awhile and finally is 630
went to kovan find laogong
laogong new hair cut was emo!

then went back to laogong house
laogong sleep like pig
mountain pig

mum showing me how to wear P.S she style the whole hair herself. i was WOWed

see laogong pig face. oink oink

zi lian - ING.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Today went to laogogn house
i love laogong bed and arm
i always fall asleep in them
then woke up done my school work

then went out with laogong to take his night photo
ate pepper lunch
then continue
today's photo was great
learn quite a lot of photography from laogong

then went back by bus

and sis thanks for listening to me and your hug make me feel much better

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Today was even more argn~
then went out with laogong to cathay to watch'simpsons'
was so funny and cute!
is cool that a 2D movie is so NICE.
spider pig spider pig

then went back to laogong house
then went mac for laogogn dinner
some unknown message me
and laogogn was angry
i am sorry laogong but i really didn't talk to him

then went sit sit at the park
then went back

suddenyl think of smth
is not me that the police look at the cctv
the police told me' we have seen the cctv,we came here prepared'
the police already know everything.
i just can't stand it i am being humiliated and malign !
i really feel wei qu.
don't mess with my character.
sorry laiogong but i still have to vent.

i need dad here.
i rather u are divorced with mum than disappearing from this world.

love laogong dad mum sis and my 3 cute buddy

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Today;s weather makes me feel 'argn. i am cold'
its raining and raining
went to school the bus was so cold
the aircon was those left only one big hole and coldy just blew thru it
our lessons was suppose to be like till 5
but ended at 245. was so early

then meet laogong

went back to his house
then went orchard for his photo taking
night photo
was fun being laogong assistant
i love those photos
look really pro
and i love laogong

after so many things

feel so tired.
but seems that i can't live my life without laogong anymore
so i think i would just don't care
i just want to love laogong.

i just overheard my sis telling someone before, when someone slapped you and said sorry
you may forgive the person but the hurt is still there.
so its the same to doing wrong things and saying wrong stuff and says sorry.

then we took night rider home
we feel so tired~
so we boom and sleep

laogong zilian -ING.hohoho

loving laogong - ING.but laogong is chewing me up!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

merry 6th month!
ytd din blog.
really humiliated
haven cried so many water since the death of dad
it sucks

it just makes me want dad here and protect me.
sorry laogong if u don't like it.
but i have no one to share with
i only can vent it here.

okay enough of ytd

slept like 4 am and woke up 6 am

and i am off to school with that two freaking goldfish eyes
kei said' your two eyes like you! two fishball'
she's really funny!had a lot of laughter .
and i fall asleep in the bus
today i walked in but phew the lessons haven starts

its communication skills lessons
and we have to give a speech on given topic for 3 mins
and mine was chocolate

'what talk about chocolate for 3 damn mins?'LOL
but i did it!
the lesson was FUN

then after that was research methodology
it sucks
i think i will fail this sub seriously
the whole lessons i was like in half conscious mood sleeping

then went to eat our lunch and a rat came out and we scream and run

then was product development
i love it!
cos all you do is draw draw draw.
was FUN too
and every teacher today used' at the end of the day'

its just so ah tan.

then after that went to find laogong
i am really touched and shocked that laogong bought blue rose
and drew flowers for me
thanks laogong.

then went to cathay watched 'vacancy'
was quite a nice show only it never really ended it well

then went to laogong house

i really feel malign and humiliated going there
need some time. ah tan's words'time heal all wounds'
but not to be rude just stating facts
then went to the park and sit and talk
good to have laogong there muacks

laogong and his production

laogong the simpson.i love spiderpig

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Today woke up at 7am
more COLD
and 147 jammed at serangoon and bendemeer area
and i was once again late
everyone saw me walked in again
school was fun today
but those plans of each modules freak me out
its was like so stress can
but FMM1B3 is FUN
had super lots laughter

then find laogong and went to sim lim square
he need to buy tripod stand sound so science
but its for his cam
and the cam bag

went back and helped laogong dyed his hair to black
looks good!
black rocks

went point eat
and printed wallet size photo
and bought mai ya tang
and went playground write our house rules
laogong better don't break any of my rules
then laogogn send me back

i'm loving him. *Macdonald's sound tune*

Monday, July 23, 2007

Today school starts
morning water sucks. COLD
i cold till tremble and become pale mum thought wat.LOL

its been long since i wake up early for school

then went out and took 147
forgot to bring earpiece
i whole journey was bored like hell
can't sleep cos i need laogong shoulder to fall asleep

tap in tap out every where is so fun!
entrance, every class doors and even lift!

and i walked in so paiseh!
lessons started
my class only got 12 girls one guy
the whole lesson was basically mingle around
exchanging numbers introducing ourselves

then lessons over,LOL

then i start my wandering aimlessly plan from 1 to 6
cos wanted to wait for laogong
mei jun say i so ti tie!!laogong see oh! ppl say me caring!

so i start from going library
read up till 2 pm

then went to bk eat till 230
then walked around bugis village but quite a lot shop not open
then went to bugis junction
i walked in and out topshop for 3 times

then shop every single shop i can shop
went kino see books
was thinking so long whether wanna buy 'dori' book
its so cute!

but i didn't buy

but bought some stationary
then walked around and round

bought two wedding bears
one for laogong and me

then got one weird guy follow me!
i faster run

when i waiting for the traffic i was stoning
then a girl come and tap me say' miss, can pass le'
so malu!

then was finding a shop to print wallet size photo but can't find
then laogong released

went to orchard and laogong bought plimsoll shoe
then went back laogong house
we took photos of the bear i buy

laogong let me used the cam
i love the unfocused object getting focused!
helped laogong trim armpit hair!( laogong call me write de.LOL!!!!JK)
then acc laogong go point eat then laogong send me home

muacks my laogong

by laopo

laogong's elmo. i love laogong photography.

i really getting real emo.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Today went to laogong house
laogogn teach me how to use the cam professionally
really very difficult to be a photographer
then we went orchard

laogong bought 2 shirts from topman
laogong took so many photos
i really love the shutter sound
laogong go and take those car model girls

then we walk around and headed home

tomorrow school first day
fashion marketing module
seems bored.LOL

oh yea! severus snape is a good person!
i still hate him from when he killed dumbledore
he and dumbledore planned it all
because snape loved lily(harry mum) from past
and when he pleaded voldermort not to kill him
he just used the unforgiven spell on lily.
so snape hated voldermort all along!
i love j.k rowling sweet twist!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today woke up soo early to get to the bank
then i was like so shocked
i have got harry last book!
harry potter and the deathly hollows
its like so ex 49 bucks even i don't want to waste 49 on a book
rather buy some fashion studies book
but mum let me buy!
i love mum
the first thing i do is to turn to the back and read

thank goodness harry ron and Hermione DIDN't die!
spoiler and rumors on net saying harry and Hermione die makes me so sad
'the scar had not pained harry for nineteen years. all was well'
was the last words from j.k rowling.

i love j.k rowling.
thanks for the best ending ever
but putting a full stop to harry potter feels so sad.
is like the character and those magic disappearing

okay end of the 'so into harry books' thing

after that meet laogong
and we took 147 to bugis
was finding north bridge road
laogong the best found it
all those sewing stuff is sooo heavy

laogong today squeezed my hand till sooo pain
if laogogn can recall is you give me that idiotic attitude first
and keep deng me with that frowned eye.
so i just diam diam and u say me give u attitude.
then in turn asked me i wan break ah.
for that moment u asked me i thought
'since u asked it easily like is nothing to you then i will just let go'
so i wanted to let of your hand
but u squeezed me so pain !

idiot laogong
i love you :)

then laogong took his pro cam.
i love the shutter sound

and its fun ! laogong let me try.
it feels good when u see the defocus image focusing and the shutter sound produced

today wore the new shoes
sooo pain
forgot to bite them now they bite me blister( from jeline)

then laogong send me to hougang station
and he went to clarke quay take photos

laogong faster come back~
i am missing you!
faster come back~

reached home so early today
packed all my clothes

and now i am off to missing laogong and read my potter last book
thanks laogong for the cuteee elmo and tofu!!!
i love them!

Today went to bugis with sister
we bought so many bags of things
like some rich taitai
shopping with money is the best.LOL
i love the things i bought.WHEE

then we went to de-toast eat
the table was like soo cutee
then was heading to take bus to go back

but sister forgot to take her guess bag with money and psp
so went back to find but phew she got it back

oh ya
on the way we saw the tallest wedding cake
used 500 eggs!

then we decided to take train cos we don't feel like walking
then laogong at station wait

then went to mall eat long john and buy dye

then headed to laogong house
so nice to sleep.
then laogong send me home

i will love kiwi from now
FACTS:kiwi has the same fibre as the damn disgusting banana
my constipation will be saved.

heh heh. we do rock and roll

we have sexy foot yeah

i love toast. both the shapes and tastessii

beautiful. but why no ants?.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Today is my orientation
laogong came to bring me to school
but i made laogong angry cos i wore the shirt then gt hole cna see thru
i didn't notice ma. i thought cold wear longer
sorry laogong
then went some auntie shop buy tee and wear inside

the orientation was boring like dying shit

know a agirl called mei jun

monday school gonna start--sii
but it what we gonna learn seems cool to me though

then find laogong after orientation
went back to laogong houssse--sii
laogong professional cam so niccee-siii
then laogong took laptop down to mac and we used it

i love laogong~



Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Today rot the whole day at home
laogong said he 4 will be back but 6 plus then came back.
but i want to say sorry laogong for rushing you when u are doing your school work

i went to mall library and collect my reserved book
flip through and seems useful for fashion merchandising and marketing
bought some pens

oh yea. tomorrow is my school orientation.
i have waited so long for school to start
but now when it is really going to start
i hope it will never start
kind of contradict

then met laogong
he went to eat long john
then went his house to charge his laptop
then we went to point mac and use wireless.LOL

then walked home

harry potter last book , 3 days more.
mum please buy for me.LOL

8 days to half month anniversary~

tomorrow orientation.
new people.
don't know what it gonna be like

misses laogong

waiting for laogong come back from school
feel bored so fun some tests to do

You Are 16 Years Old

Under 12: You are a kid at heart. You still have an optimistic life view - and you look at the world with awe.

13-19: You are a teenager at heart. You question authority and are still trying to find your place in this world.

20-29: You are a twentysomething at heart. You feel excited about what's to come... love, work, and new experiences.

30-39: You are a thirtysomething at heart. You've had a taste of success and true love, but you want more!

40+: You are a mature adult. You've been through most of the ups and downs of life already. Now you get to sit back and relax.

its so true.
i AM 16 yrs old.LOL

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Today went laogong house for 2 hours
then laogong need to go do proj
so i see him go bus and walked home

read on some fashion designer and their type
then went to point with mum and eat Mcflurry

then went home
then laogong came back and he came deck
yay saw laogong for few mins.

today is actually quite no to be exact is super boring
except when meeting laogong

read 'female' mag
horo stuff again
'its time to get busy
health needs watching
but thankfully love provide stability through the frenzy'

female and cleo kind of contradict.LOL
all those is just for references
cos we pave our own path :)

stuff we used to do
number 1:we never ever buttoned our top button when wearing tie.LOL
(P.S but we didn't once get caught)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Today went to orchard kino
bought some school stuff
then Samantha came
went starbuck sit sit
and she lent me her shin chan comic to entertain me

then we walk walk walk
then see her off.

went to ps buy some food
then find sussy . misses
she says mine black hair looks good. hohoho

then finally saw laogong
take train together and i send him to his condo there then i walked home

only see him for few mins :(

then went home
sis also say i looked good !
' you really very emo and punk with that hair but its nice'

was chatting with jan on msn
we totally missed those school days
still rmb jan sleep like pig in geo bio and chi lessons
me and je playing bingo
and stupid lim always scold me and je. ASSHOLE
almost every lessons.LOL
and ting our monitress.
so many things we used to do. should name one each day

miss laogong!

i love my black hair more than yesterday

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Today went to hougang point buy the black dye
went home and DIY myself
my whole neck ad ears and floor turns blue. become sad.LOL
mum scold me till i freak out
and i seriously look like those chinese ghost with very black hair

but nvm. tts why i am called momo.LOL

then went back to point again find laogong

he went ntuc to top up his house drinks
then went back to his house
laogong is a ben ben PIG
ytd i just stack up his pants today fall again!
helped him prepare what he's gonna wear for sch tmr

these few days very weird
no laogong will miss till cry
tmr laogong going sch :(

6 then can see him
i love him A LOT A LOT

the stones structure is beautiful

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Today took bus and went to orchard
went kino and bought a file
laogong bought a skinny black jeans from four skin
then we went back to hougang

went laogong house
then went point eat mac

then laogong went off to find his friends
then i walked home
no keys
so go down and buy timeout to eat

misses laogong
still not home yet~

Friday, July 13, 2007

Today sooo bored at home
laogong didn't bring phone never message me :(
so missed him

then went to buy contact lenses
took bus to hougang mall library
sat down and read about some fashion designers
the type of style philosophy and cutting they are into.

then laogong finally called
went pt buy food for laogong and myself
went to his house and eat
we were searching high and low for his brush
and we found some. YAY
after that went home

i manage to revive my cactus.
but some part died.

me and laogong memories.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Today went to city hall a photography gallery with laogong
is from paris
then accompany laogong go around there area photo shooting
for his school work

walk until leg sour
and laogong bought mini donuts.
its soooo cute and nice
its at central the basement

then went to laogong house rest leg sour
then went point eat and went home

no keys
mum work
sis work
went down to buy cleo and sit outside read.LOL
horo says
'you are an expert at hiding feelings
but show it will create the results you want
you are restless this month so rebell will only makes you down'

conclusion :
showing my true feelings is weird for me as everyone sees me as a
'laughing ass out' kinda girl with only happy in my dictionary.
so i will still keep to it
i will stop rebelling in august
damnit a restless month ahead
but with laogong sure can pass it.
and plus i am strong

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Today went to ps find laogong after his school
watched harry potter
the novel was much much much nicer
movie was very cut off and lil bored
i am waiting for harry potter and the deathly hollows to come out
sit too long my last time injured spine hurts like hell
knew why my mum warned me

after that went back to laogong house
then went home

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Today is the worst day of my life

went to eat breakfast with laogong at mac
laogong crumbled egg drop into coffee

almost faint in train

operation hurts
the feeling of lost sucks since my dad went away
but there's laogong with me

laogong took photo everywhere cos of his assignment

laogong bought chocz for me

i love you MUACKX

really thanks laogong for accompany me for the whole day

and mum worry for me whole day

and cook those tonic for me
and sis for worrying

and thanks for je's choc

and ting and je
surprise me with a sunflower that bring me a smile
i just love you all

i will be strong because of you all.
gave me the strength

i love you laogong :)

thanks je and ting~. i love you all

je's support

Monday, July 09, 2007

1 freaking day more
scare sad just damnit

took 147 and went to laogong school give him surprise
went walk walk around at bugis
then went back hg mall he wanted to eat long john

then went home

je is soo sweet can
put two box of chocolate in my mailbox
i love you my dearest lovelace
i will be strong tomorrow.
i will never regret having you as my friend man
thanks ting ang jan too.

thanks laogong

thanks mum and sis

but tomorrow i still have to sleep inside there alone but with you all the moral support.

hope tomorrow will be fine,
i am scare

Saturday, July 07, 2007

3 days more
double S now
sad scared

today is 070707

as the tales goes
if you didn't saw or meet your bf/gf today
the love will jus disappear like bubbles

yay i did met laogoong today

Friday, July 06, 2007

Today is a scary day
operation on tues
thanks laogong for accompany me

saw the baby in the scan
i am killing a life on tues
can any normal people understands?

4 days more argn!
i am going crazy
can everyone just say something that makes me feel better
rather than adding salt to the wound

but i still love laogong and my family and friends

Thursday, July 05, 2007

really don't know what to post.
Today went to vivo with laogong
he bought choc for me and a keychain for me
so long since i last eat BK
i love you more

but i am REALLY i swear this time i am scared
tomorrow going to see doc
my heart was like went missing
and my tummy so pain can
and i can't sleep at night
and mum keep telling me she want talk to laogong
then wan talk wun ownself call keeep telling me
nag nag nag. i already so fed up le.
just venting on my blog

but i still have people who understand me at least

asshole sis
dearest lovelace
wu po

i am sooo touched that you all worried!
huan nan jian zhen qing

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

he sucks

my tummy hurts like dying shit
tmr going see doc le~
so scared.
hope its nothing serious

went to bugis with mum
finally bought my bag

then went to sengkang find sis
sis bought us to a coffee shop called ' vari nice'
so =.=lll
but was nice the food
cos i am really tired and tummy pain
no strength to walk to bus stop so we took a cab home

Monday, July 02, 2007

Today sucks big time
not worth mentioning
i'm barely hanging on

only thing thats worth letting me smile is
its je's 17th b'day
i was the first to call exactly when it strike 12
faster than those who msged.

merry 17th my dearest lovely lovelace
hope i bring your first 17th smile !
stay happy everyday less emo ((:

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Today i feel so the no strength
what's happening to me~~~~~

laogong came my house here and we took 147 to bugis
laogong bought his bag
laogong was trying so hard to make me more life
but sorry laogong
i feel so tired.

then we went to plaza sing
was planning to watch die hard 4.0 but cos i too tired
my fault laogong cant watch

then went to laogong house
slept till 8 plus
then i walked home

god make me better pls.

not so good day
Today work up quite early
went to point and buy je's cupcake and some food for laogong
then went to his house

after that went to buy bottled drinks and i ran to the bus stop cause i was late
then on bus meet up with ting and jan

the reached bugis

we went to walk walk while waiting for jeline
she was stuck on bus cause theres national day preview

then we awesome 4 took neo together
the machine is like damn fun and we just hah hah hah all the way.LOl

then we wanted to eat happy steamboat but in the end we ate seoul garden
we are like so damn hungry and still have to wait till 9pm

then we went in took so many food till we cant finish it
we just cover it and stack up.LOL

je was cutting the cake so pathetic with a fork
so funny new style

then we decided to pop the wet tissue like in kopitiam
we are like so totally cute

we missed the lil crazy things we used to do together

then we are so full till we can rarely walk

ting took train
je jan me took bus

walked a long long way to the bus stop
then came to a long street
the cars came and i ran . je and jan was shouting at me.
but it was so thrilling. LOL
but the bus no people so very comfy.LOl

jan started to talk about her boy ghostly encounter
then je and me was making fun of those ghost when its going to strike 12
LOL! sorry hao xiong di but its really funny

and and
je was putting her hand up so stop the car when we jay walk.LOL!
she is just so cute and funny.LOL

today was great
i will miss you all till our next meeting ~

cam whoring while waiting to eat.

P.S no jan because she doesn't wants to take )=

cautions : don't view it while you are hungry or full. u might starve to death or vomit till die

je cutting with the pathetic fork.LOL

we are CUTE. before poping lets put our hands together. WOOTS.LOL