Tuesday, November 28, 2006


i am supposed not to have any opinion and keep quiet just because i am a women.
i am called a bitch because i speak whats on my mind
man slander names for pupularity.
its sad when you get your fame through controversy.
looking back in history in the double standard society, mans gets all the glory
when the girl did the same, they called them a whore.
when a boy has 3 girls or more, he's a man
but when a girl do so, she's called a whore.
for all the girls over the world who's man dun respect your worth and think that woman should only be seen not heard,
lift up your hand and wave them proud
take a deep breath and shout it out

nothing could hold us down
today went to bugis with jellyfishh and bunny to shop. bunny bought a shirt and shorts . jellyfishh bought a shorts and for me i bought nothing.. nono earrings.LOL. its gingerman and icecream ! LOL.
' goodbye'

say goodbye to your pain
say goodbye to all the hell you have felt when you loses to faith
say goodbye to all the vow you've made.
say goodbye to every single lie .
say goodbye to all the fear you've held too long inside
say goodbye to misery thats makes you unable to see the good around you.

when your tear's dry, you will be free to fly =)
today OT so tired. my butt splitting into two. i am now eating honey stars !!! quite a long time didn't eat le.LOL. accompany jeline shop and she spent over 100++ dollars in 1 hour.LOL. then went to eat pastamania. the mushroom and cheese one. starting eat very nice but after few mouthful starting to feel like wanna vomit.LOL. i am going to cook my very own pasta that will make someone smile. I WANT TO OPEN PASTA SHOP ! maybe i should open a shop that will serve my very own smile pasta while they are shopping for my designed clothes =).LOL. then today dunno which door go out so paoseh go ask security guard.LOL.
i love the smell and breeze of orchard at night =)

Sunday, November 26, 2006

' END '

come to the end all my tragic affairs
wipe off all that makeup and what is in despair?
so thrown on the black dress and go to the top
you might wake up to be someone you are not

if you look into the mirror and don't like what you see
you can find out firsthand what its like to be me
so gathers around all piggies and kiss me goodbye
i will encourage your smile and expect you wouldn't cry
you've got the first row seat for my funeral ball
when i grown up i want to be nothing at all
if you heard me please walk away and leave me dangling in the hall.

not bad not bad. today's theme.
went christmas shopping today !
bought cards and one gift.LOL!!
went TCC for mint-choc frappe
i gave tips ! LOL
bunny bought a lovely white cinderella shoe.LOL.
i wan that dress !!!
i want buy new clothes and heels for christmas !
i want to shop till i drop.!
tomorrow got work again... SIANX
watched 'tokyo friends'. it is very meaningful

do you remember your first dream?. the one you given up?
will you leave everything behind and go to another country to fulfil your dreams? including your friends, family and memories ?.
but when u reached that country and found that theres actually nothing you can do, what would you do?.
when you are all alone and where dreams cant be fulfilled.
or when you are getting bored of what you are doing?
would you go back to your original life?.
watch tokyo friends to find out what they chose to do
yesterday went to redcross bbq.
it was great. love it love it love it.
i love when everyone gathers together at this special event.
i love kimguan sir singing father ham.LOL.
i love setting up the fire
i love the games we played
i love breathing in the night breeze
i love eating with jan and bunny at 1230am at kovan
i love reaching home at 1 am
i love my friends

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

i fell . in front of all the customer. so ugly .
but thanks to all the staff with asked me whether i am okay . it meant a lot.
but the deeper then relation, the harder for me to leave .
injured my old injury again. my spine. tomorrow i think i wound'nt go to walk cause i can't even walk properly.
one word . SHUAY.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

yesterday work. speechless. so damn xin ku.
leg like broken into two parts then the stupid damn soup so hot.
today's theme ' DOUBTS'.

for love, to maintain a relationship, it is inportant to trust each another.
for example. when a girl called your boy , please don't be a tigeress and scold him and that 'bitch' without asking who's that. and what he says , u've got to believe and not doubts his word. It might be his family . and same for the boy side. when both of you believe each other in a way or two, things will just go on the right side. TRUST NOT DOUBT.
for friendship, i am lucky that i have friends who trusted in love along the way . for those who don't, there will always be some bitch saying things to create a conflict beteween friends but fret not. as wat i have said. BELIEVE AND TRUST. then things will be so so much better. DOUBT might be a big word as he is so powerful. just a little of them could cause a great effect. break off, dispute with friends, broken ties of people, etc. but when you uses trust to get rid of doubt, all those things will be cured.
i am going to work again. sianx!

Monday, November 20, 2006


i am going to work in 1 hour time. my adrenal medulla is starting to emit adrenaline.
LOL. i will write my word of today now cos i am afraid i am too tired when i got home.LOL.
thats the word .
It can stand alone as a complete, although unfulfilling explanation
It can also be the cursor of an attention-getting pause while one gather one's thoughts for what follows .
It answer the most powerful English word. WHY.
The power of "why" is learned around three years of age when repeated use allows the child to not only learn, but also irritate people when it is too often used. LOL.
there will always be a reason after the usage of Because.
whether the reason is true, fake or lame , it is all classiflied as a EXCUSE to an issue.

and people uses EXCUSES BECAUSE they need to be cammoflaged from 'fault' the predator.
so because is indirectly linked to fault or an explanation to calm one's mind.
because is of course a explanation but whether to believe the reason behind it, its all up to people to decide.
i ACTUALLY dunno what the hell i am writing BECAUSE i am experiencing fear at the moment.LOL.
The word of today

deng deng deng deng

its ............

when u said a lie, ' actually its not like that'.
when u said a truth ' actually i love you'
when u are happy' actually you are gorgeous.'
when u are pissed off 'actually please fuck off'
it is often used to emphasize a that somthing really exist.' actually i am a bytch'.
it is also used to state an opinion 'i preferred you to go hell than heaven.=)'.
it is used on contrast with theory and on the apparent.when we are doing a exam, people will say ' oh my. its is so damn difficult' but thats only the apparent while the fact is that it is as easy as abc.
thats the end .tmr start work. ARGN. SIANX.LOL
tmr word will be.....................

Sunday, November 19, 2006


exams are finally over. dye my hair and the damn color just wouldn't come out.

found a job which is the super orange thai express.
watched ' colic' the pathetic baby.
watch ' material girls' the pretty DUFF family.
4 stupid education year ended but found many FREINDS.
huiting-the bunny.LOL. she's a friend who have trust in me and encourage me all the way. she takes pride in everything she does. i wish all the best in your college year =).
jeline-a jellyfish. she's lame. look like mickey mouse. LOL. but afterall she too helped me alot throughout this 4 years =). wish u best in your 'opening of hotel'.LOL.

janice-a witch. really long nails. skinny skinny. really look like a witch.LOL. she's attached.LOL. she laugh and make me laugh .LOL. wish u best in tourism =).
continue tmr with .LOL.