Tuesday, October 30, 2007

really too busy to blog

hardly sleep.
everyday liek slp 2 hrs.
i feel like my body is dying.
zips popping out cos of stress

com skill

all driving me crazy

after all these next week i must start worrying for my pattern making test and my sewing of skirt.

but TMR the movie i have been waiting for quite awhile is showing!
a jap movie.
gonna watch it tmr no matter hw many wokr i hav to do ((=

Sunday, October 28, 2007

i am soooo stress out!
pls help me peeps!

slept at 7 AM till 11 AM only.
me and jas was like searching photos all night.
end up less then 200
fcuk la.
400 plus more to go.
hw can i finish it by tmr.
then my boy MIA make me more stressed

till nw i still dunno what happened to his phone last night.
met my boy and went amk hub for movie
damn nice for a fiction story

back to work now.
if only i can sleep and work in my dreams. ((=
wanted to wake up early to do my fashion details but still slp till late.
keep telling myself must do but my hand can hardly move.LOL

but did find some
then 4pm i wanted to take 1 hr nap but i slpet till 930!
i tot it was ytd night then i realise sis not there
i almost cry out when i wake up!
i haven do my work!!!

then went to meet my boy
ate ice cream

i am rushing my wokr now!. ))=
really very very very very very stressful

Saturday, October 27, 2007


woke up like 5am.LOL
then went to sentosa! excited with a tired outershell.LOL
meet my classmate at mac then we ate breakfast
went to siloso beach take attendance for sport's day.
the golden retriever damn chio can

then we went beach play water!
and get heated by the sun.
feel red and pain nowwwww.

then we went swimming pool.

then me and kei sit under the shade cos the room was too cold! and our shirt is wet

then i went vivo fetch my boy
went back sentosa
went to acc my boy to beach again.
ahhhh get more burnt.

then we went to take the tram around the place

then went back for BBQ.
then went back home

today is FUN.
its been awhile i 've been outdoor! SHIOK.

real fun today! thanks stepf for the chatlet and food!

i wan photos~ anyone got send me k~ HOHOHO

Thursday, October 25, 2007

lazy to drag down so put it here.LOL

ting called me to crop her out~

taken by janjan. this is what we called artistic. TEEHEEEEEHEEEE

random . i like this edit.bwahahahahaha

my boy's acting cute (=.LOL

his digging his nose like ALWAYS


ytd slept at 4 plus. rushing work but din finish in the end.

went to sch. LATE and keep dozing off.LOL

then com skill, research.

i skipped PD and meet my boy

we went to haji lane

then went town
he bought a white sweater from topman
then went lido and eat cake.

then went back to his house
fall asleep till 9pm.
he bluff me! say want watch show together in his lappy

i need a lappy!
gonna sa jiao to mom.LOL.

to my boy:
although i didn't plan very well for ur bday but i hav did my best.
and i tried my best to save up tp buy u pressie hope u appreciate.
anyway, wanna let you know i love u lots!.
and wish you be happy everyday!
merry 18th (=

happy birthday to my boy!
sexy 18th (=

jus hope what i do is appreciated and not u saying me.

i am fucking busy with my sch work now, damn pissed with myself not to start earlier.
i jus want to scream out with the greatest strength i have. i need to runaway frm urban life!

photos uploaded soon

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i am tired
almost all the msn nick is like' tired... i am tired'

its enough if we tried our best no matter whether we did it or not.
so we should be happy no matter what outcome.
life is too short to be sad ((=

ytd didn't blog cos was rushing one drama,
hana kimi in japanese version.
damn nice,
nicer than the taiwan kuku version.

left last episode.
ytd after school as my boy need to do his proj
i was alone again!
i msged jan, ting, je
i tot they won't entertain me cos i always let them down
but ting and jan so ON.
je oso very on except she has class to attend.
u all rocks

so we meet at orchard
then went walked around
then ate kfc
and took pic but ting dun wan take
so we neh neh here neh neh there>LOL

then went back home
meet my boy for awhile
the rain like damn big and wind like so cold
i told ting there will be a storm coming cos my leg hurts and SO IT DID

was abit late .
9am class just sucks
i am so so tired

today's nerdy day!
took some photos but insiide kei lappy
then went bugis find my boy for lunch
ate mos
then went back to sch find jas
need to draw technical drawing inside com and we dun hav the program
then went PS buy cloth
ate fried mars bar!
all the saddness gone when u eat that BUT

then went town but leg really pain cos i sat down and see people
out of 10 ppl only got one couple
out of 10 girls 4 pretty
out of 10 boys ONLY 1 HANDSOME.

then meet my boy and shopped ard orchard
2 days more to his bday!
he said the cloths i bought for him not nice )=
nv tot of my feeling walking and finding.

i think nice. don't want i wear myself!

he did say sorry
and tmr gonna get another shirt for him
how i wish my home got a money printing machine

then went home.
i love my boy more than he does (=

and ya!
jan, kei and sis all never send me pic!!
i got no pic to upload ))=

Monday, October 22, 2007

hey peeps

this is the nicest french pop i ever listen!

check this out

Sunday, October 21, 2007

4 days to my boy's bday!

sis is so good today. muackmuack. love her.

went to mall area with sis cos she going there and i going to take a train
took some pic
' very long never take pic with you le'
ya indeed.
will upload soon! in her phone!

went to town ALONE
walked ard like an idiot
bought one tee from topman
planning to buy another tee for my boy in pull and bear
but only bring 50 and not enough.
so will get it b4 thurs.
2 tee for my boy's bday ard 70plus . i am broke.LOL

then went back and slack at home
rot rot rot
waiting for my boy to come back

then bought ah gong to his house.
why i htink gong has grow so much bigger but my boy said a lil only.LOL
then took all my school thing from my boy house cos left it there on fri

then went home put
and we went point to eat mac ice cream
and went back home ((=
just reached home
went to watch midnight with my boy

meet my boy at only at 7 pm becos he slp till so late
then we went vivo
shopped ard
then quarrel again
mayb smth's wrong and we jus cant correct it

but i still love my boy
his bday is in 4 days time (=

then went to watch ' death at funeral'
ok quite funny but simpson is still the best comedy!

took night rider home and sleep in my boy's lap.

my stomach ain't feeling right
my tummy ain't feeling right
my eyes ain't feeling right

my knee cap ain't feeling right
my brain ain't feeling right too

oh yea. i trim my hair today myself.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

yesterday was like damn tired to blog

these was ytd's
i din went for ivan and eugene lessons

went P.D for 1 hr. LAME
then saw ivan on stairway . SHUAY

then night meet my boy and went home
and went to zouk
and we cant go in toigether with kei.
fuck those DOGS

quarrel with my boy for so long
and went home

these was today's

i am damn tiored today
woke up sit on the bed thinking whether to go sch or nt go
and decided to go.

my eyes can hardly open la
meet my boy and went sch together

i sew the pocket and i left it inside the room and its gone

after that went my boy house
sleep till damn shiok
then went mall eat and went back

Thursday, October 18, 2007

just bathed and fed ah gong

i am so tired
work in golf club again
whenever i sit down on that chair at the lobby, i fall asleep.

golf is like a damn boring game. i wonder y ppl play.
who create that lame game anyway?

so we pack pack pack
then ate lunch
pack pack pack
then is the grand dinner
its damn nice la.

alice is funny!
althou tired.
quite a lot of fun today!

my tummy hurts noww.
and tired
haven did my research and PD
hw am i going to face tmr?

then went back by cab with lynnly
then meet my boy for a lil while cos i miss him!
then went home,

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

fashion week!
at golf club
woke up at liek 6 am.
went there and guess what
the thing for us to pack haven arrive
so we slept on the sofa
order mac delivery

but still got it back. pheww

then the thing came we pack like less than half an hour
then the person treat us go eat
then we slept on the sofa again
and can went home

hell man. we are paid to sleep. (=

then went bugis wait for my boy
bought body cream and hand cream
cos lynnly was scaring me that my hand will turn old if i dun repair it.LOL

then met my boy
went town
go lido and eat
fall asleep again in my boylap.
so nice tioll i cant get up.LOL.

then went home.

research , PD by thurs and i need to work till late tmr . WTF.
just let me off LEH!!!
tolerate and GO GO GO
fashion week is cool lah

today the rain is like fcuking big can
meet laogong and he woke up late so meet awhile for lunch at pastamania
then he went school

i went vivo find lynnly and siska
the makeup room pretty pretty models doing makeup. so cool!
even when they are like outside frm the stage they walk like uh.
then they still eat choc and burger bbut wun grow fat. NT FAIR

then production room all asian designers ironing and preparing their show.

then after that went home alr like 11 pm
meet my boy for a while to eat supper.
miss him so much!
tmr long day cant see my boy )=

Sunday, October 14, 2007

ah gong bite me today ))=

then meet my boy at around 5 pm
we let ah gong play playfround.
when she slide the the slide so cute.
like so helpless.LOL!
went to buy water and bathe thingy for ah gong

then went bishan
walked around and went back

we both fall aasleep on bus then missed one stop
play with ah gong a lil while and went home

tmr first day work in singapore fashion week
but cant see my boy for 3 days

ytd during sewing when kei went nuts and act as Arabian .

today meet laogong late cos he woke up late. PIG

then we went to buy hamster! we named her ' gong/ ah gong'
she is so small and cute can!
first time having hamster. i love her!

then went my boy house put those bedding thingy cos its like damn heavy

then we went vivo
got fashion showcase thingy.
so cool la!
monday helping too. excited.

then we bough ah gong to vivo and play outside
so cuttteee.
then went to watch midnight show ' the last breath'
WAHLAO. aloft number 2. FCUK SHOW I SWEAR
waste money go watch a show that has no meaning and lil ghost popping out.

then was ard 2 am
went back hougang by NR 6
then went house there play with ah gong. cos we are still hyperactive.
and there's a cat keep looking with the eyes wanting to swollow her.
then went home

ahgong is sleeping now~ CUTE.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


bag spree
faster place order and pay!

it ends tonight!!!

i bought 2 bag.HOHOHO

Friday, October 12, 2007

photos put it up here cos i lazy to darg down.LOL

paul 2hill wannabe.LOL! we fighting for the ugliest pageant .

ytd din blog cos was rushing my sewing thingy

so the following's ytd

com skill
discussed our proj.

need to do cover page , fashion page and review , advertisment, and 10 do's and don'ts in nafa.
for our newletter

then we went research class
start talking stupid photos

like stitch.LOL!

we keep take and laugh take and laugh. SO FUNNY

then was P.D
fuck la.
need to redo my 50 sketches that i stay up till 4pm to do.
fashion industry is really hard.

then meet my boy and went to cine
went to take neo!
the machine need yen to work.

so cool lah

then went PS byu my school thingy

during com skill

we are sooooo cute!!!


and these was today

meet my boy and went school
pattern making
cher' say no paper so we went halfway to artfriend then say the paper arrived
did dart manipulation today

and rushing my sewing file
me and vava went 7 eleven buy instant noodles for them
then i 4gt to take chopstick for myself
so mus wait for them to eat finish.

then we went sewing class
kei went nuts.LOL
taking ppl shawl and make so many ;new style'/LOL!
and i draw the fabric for 2 hours. argn

then meet my boy and went home
fall asleep.
cos i cant move my hand so my hand went numb.

10th reasons why ilove laogong
'the way he make promise .(but sometime he break it)'

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

make up class again
today was supposed to be my sleep-late day

go there just to trace pattern
then went sewing class

then went to buy ink at the whole seller
quite cheap leh
2 cartridge only 44 bucks for HP original.

then meet laogong
went to cathay starbuck use wireless
my boy watch his masked rider
and i fall asleep on the sofa.LOL

then went to watch mr woodcock
quite funny but nt to expectation
simpson is still the best .
dun waste money go watch ba.
its just another normal comedy.

then went back home put down my damn heavy bag
and meet my boy again to compass point
borrowed vivienne westwood book
and ate yoshi

at this monment. waiting for mom to bathe finish
so that i can bathe and do my work
50 designs by TMR. save me!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


woke up early yo school again
fashion details
draw 2 kinds of shirt.
but when hanlim taking my eyes are rarely open

then was com fashion design
who gt macromedia freehand to lent!

then went to find my boy for lunch
ate pastamania
been a while since i last ate baked rice.
and strawberry soda.

then send him to school
went to walk around bugis
then went national library plannign to sit down and enjoy aircon

then my boy called say his school was over
then we went freshbox and he bought a checked black white shirt

then we went back his house
and we fall asleep

oh ya . my boy snore very loud.
i heard subconsciously .

then went point find mom
went ntuc to stock up.
i bought a choc so cute.
i scanned the wrapper

then eat and went home.

marketing class


so many many work to be done!

and we are helping out in singapore fashion week ! so excited!

after class went to meet my boy for lunch
then send him to school

and i went ps find my friendssss.
kei, jas, steph, anna, vava, fransiska
joke around in spotlight.LOL

and steph is having halloween party!
YAY. excited. gonna dress as ghost! i dun wan be superman! and dun wan be roasted chicken breast for jas!

then we went for briefing of fashion week
work for 3 days!
acutually is 5 days
but agreed to my boy that first and last i not going
first is at vivo the topman fashion show! cool leh!
then last day is party at zouk with VIP pass!
but nvm, be with my boy is more impt than anything.

we promised not to flirt when he not around and i not around.
better don't break promise like u did when u promised me not to smoke!
one puff is equal to smoke. stink !

then went to find him
and went orchard
spent 12 bucks tigam the masked rider toy
and finally get what laogong wants

went lido but no movie to watch so sat there and i fall asleep in his lap while he was drawing masked rider. obsessed.LOl

9th reason why i love my boy
' he's got everything to make me laugh everyday (p.s and oso got everything to make me sad sometimes)'TEEHEE

Monday, October 08, 2007

i love britney!
all the way for the comeback!


'gimme more' by britney spears.
my boy and i was planning to go east coast cycle
the rain was too big lah!

so we meet at 3 and went tampines mall

walked around
go arcade
play the hand soccer thingy
and like duh , i lost to my boy.
he was a pro.

then saw someone sitting there with a boy
'hmm. JANICE'
shout so many times
said hi and we bid goodbye

then me and boy went back to his house
fall asleep.
my ulcer is damn pain can.
pls prescribe me some cure for ulcer pal!

then went point acc my boy eat kfc.

Je t'aime'
edited by momo

'i like you too'.
girl said that after quite awhile cos she thinks boy was bluffing him like he always does.
they knew very long ago but was merely a name in msn list.
then they met , work , went out and fall deeply in love.
260107 is when it all begins.

days after they confessed
they still haven't hold hands as they are both shy
their first movie as a friend is ' pan's labybrith' which is like -___-
their first movie as a couple is ' ghost tunnel'.
the girl first kiss was on a bus and the girl initiate it.
the girl was angry.hah.
the girl feels jealous as boy has 10 ex and she has none.
the girl don't like the fact that his ex has still a place in his heart even now.

whats the number 1 reason to hate his boy?
'still rmbing and talk about their exs'
now it gets lesser than they just started out.

but boy did say' i love you now'
which made the girl happy at least for a lil while.
but their love was definitely stronger now.

from girl to boy
'i love you and i always do.
even in quarrels , you know i love you.
thinking back when we first started
those memories are playing like a film without time.
and i love you more and more each day!
8th reasons why i love you ,
your sexy kissable lips.TEEHEE'

to be continue..

Sunday, October 07, 2007

today was bored! and stupid laogong woke up at 4 pm
so we meet 6 pm instead of what he said ytd 3 pm.

went compass eat yoshinoya
then play the sweet machine
i've got lots of sweets! COOL LEH.LOL

ate ice cream and went back

8th reason why i love laogong 'the way he laugh till eyes became 2 straight

bought this two at DELIA. cute~~

bought this at nordstorm.
all my spree need to wait for 1 month. so long! idiot.
really regret buying that 2 from taiwan.
going to sell them off after my spree is here.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

7th reason why i love my boy
'his sweat smell (=. NICEST PERFUME '

'story of yuyan and fabian'
will start publishing on this sunday with episode one.
author momo
editor momo

coming soon!

Friday, October 05, 2007

meet laogong and went school together
pattern making )=
i ge t 2 marks for layout plan . i am sad.
make more skirt. low waist and inverted pleat skirt

then sewing.
fucking zipper that i spent 2 hours attaching it to skirt
and my needle broke twice.
i thought it shoot into my eyes. phew
class haven finish and i go off

then went to find ting, jan, je
so long nv see u all but only can see awhile.
i miss u all!

then find laogong
wanted to go home but realise resident evil showing today
so went PS watched '
Resident Evil: Extinction'
but my boy thinks it okok only
maybe is my first time watching and i dunno the series infront might be better?
the ending keeps us in suspend so i guess got another episode?
Milla Jovovich is so damn cool.
she has a very very natural cool face.
the way she swings the knife like thingy. SHUAI.
now then i realise she is the one that acted in ultraviolet.
GO WATCH IT. ITS 5 stars!
shouldn't have laughed at u , kei
my ulcer very painn

skipped com skill and Product dep today
should not have gone to school at all man

i ate roti prata in ivan class
i tot he was going thru other's work
then suddenly he stand up and talk to the class. stunned with my food.LOL

kei let me listen a audio very funny
is abt banned names.
its so funny! i laugh out loud man.

my tummy hurts!

i went home with kei cos she going punggol
yan : u noe my sec sch our teacher cal us cal our sch hougang sec in chinese cannot say it in english
kei: ya lo shld be hougang in chi wat the pronunciation
yan : u noe why hougang got xiao lang keng?
kei : y
yan: hou 'gang' man.LOL


then went back bugis find laogong at 6pm

we went cathay watched ' day watch'
pls dun watch it
its a fcuking show.
F language
F story
F people
F graphic

the whole damn show i only like the music when they are in action.

went PS buy my cloth
then went back

' you laogong wo que de hen xing fu'

6th reason why i love laogong
' the way he pushes my head to lie on his chest' (=

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

MY TUMMY HURTS. cramping
tt explain all why i have headache these few days
ain't no cancer.LOL

today was supposed to be a ' no sch' day
but jas, lynn, kei, vava, fransiska and me went back to sch and sew.LOL
so many things to sew and i dunno how. its chimiology

i haven do finish and went to meet laogong
gotta rush tmr night!

we went back to his house
fall asleep
then my boy keep saying i nv help him !
i got help u take lo althou is last min
take photo of his wide collection of masked rider.

5th reasons why i love laogong
'the way he laugh like an idiot.LOL'

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

was late for class today.LOL
yeaterday had a bad headache.
my headache keep coming. mayb i hav brain cancer or smth?HAH. who knew
btw who knew is a very nice song from p!nk.LOL

fashion details
drew pants technical drawing

then computerize fashion design
draw technical drawing using com.

my brain is so technical now.LOL

then went back hougang but laogong wanted to go swim
and i am like damn hungry cos he said eat together so i went right back
end up he go swim till 330.
so i am fed up

i went home and use com, eat

then went laogong house
make me angry still buy food for him.

then i fall asleep

then we went ntuc buy some stuff

and i went home.

gotta go eat.

4th reasons why i love laogong
'the way he always kiss my nose (= '


Monday, October 01, 2007

i hate ' afterweekend'.
means one whole week of school stress is starting again

marketing fundamentals
wasn't listening to what eugene is talking
cos i was copying fashion details notes from jasmine

then went sunshine plaza with kei cos she needs to take smth frm her frens

then she teach me how to do atm transfer. i noe i am kuku la.LOL

i bought 1 tops and one skirt which can be wear as tube dress and lasenza dalia solid bra from web
my first time online shopping leh! i noe is kuku again la.

then meet laogong at bugis
ate lunch
then send laogong to school

then was planning to walk ard village to wait for laogong till 6
then laogong school canceled! yay

we went the cathay was originally wanted to buy underdog ticket and go another room whatch shoot them up.
but underdog was nice! so we stayed
i thought when i first saw the trailer like what fcuking show

but its nice ! dogs have sad eye.

then went laogong house
fall asleep.
my headache is here again.
where's underdog?sob
'there's no need to fear, underdog is here'.LOL

i ate a waffle cone from mac again
McFlurry had dropped from creamcream list.

waffle cone is now number one.
3rd reason why i love laogong ' the many names he named me .

'laopobii, laopork, nehnehpork, buanehbu, baby, darlink, wifey , etc. '

i order tt skirt. can be use as tube dress.

the photos look very cina. hope it looks good real.

i order a black one. i like its black and simple. hohoho