Thursday, August 30, 2007

i seriously don't know where to start
cos i swear i din sleep at all last night

rushing for assignment
draw draw draw
cut cut cut
paste paste paste
color color color
i frm 2AM do till 9AM
and i din go for com skill at 9am
cos i am in like pyjamus and jus finish my stupid work
called kei
she is so cute
this is what she say when i called her at 9am
'omg omg i am still sleeping. omg omg'
i laugh till drop

then i went for research class but i was like 20 mins late
i love vivienne westwood. fav fashion icon after twiggy
goona researcg on westwood

bought a red bull
it really helps! i swear

at least for that ivan's lesson

then product development
pass up my work
and our next project is so OMG la.
i think i 2 days continuous dun need sleep then can finish .HAH
but stefph and i swore that we wun do it last min again

then waited for laogong for 1 hr outside kino
watched' evan almighty '
it has a weird but ok story plot
but if u wan to laugh till drop. this might disappoint u.
overall was quite good for a comedy

i love you , fabian

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Today woke up 6 plus
slept at 2 plus cos was rushing for photoshop postcard design

fashion details
he introduced more details of clothing
already had more than hundreds

he released us early today
10 am then we went to buy choc and eat
kei's fav 'cadbury boost'

then went to com lab do photo shop for postcard

the rain is freaky big today

fcuk i just bite my tongue
first time so many blood

okay go back to blogging
then kei lent me her umbrella
kan dong!

went back laogong house
fall asleep
then went to point pei laogong eat
and pei laogong photo take at ntuc
so fun

laogong seems sicked again
laogong take care and drink more water
love you lots. toot laogong

my tongue hurts

Monday, August 27, 2007

marketing fundamentals

was chatting with kei throughout the 'so uncool' lessons

then went to douby gaut and took train home
reach home like 130pm. super early

then bring sis to take injection cos got rashes

then went to help mum burn incense paper.
my sweat never drop dripping

then went back gather all my ingredient and started cooking momo's fried rice

today's ingredient are
1)seaweed chicken
5)soy sauce
7)lil pepper(cos laogong dun eat spicy)

then just fried it

sis say awful
her friend said awful

i bring 2 lunch box for laogong and myself
wanna eat with laogogn
finally 6 plus and laogong is back

went laogong house and eat
i was so scared laogong find it awful
but laogogn say nt bad.
laogong t best

then fall asleep
stupid laogong
eat and slp.
my stomach become big again.

merry 7th month!

i found my past neoprints
so memorable

then researched on vivienne westwood

then went to meet laogong
we are late for the movie so we took a cab

i am really muted by it

Beware the stare of Mary Shaw
She had no children, only dolls

And if you see her in your dreams

Be sure you never, ever scream'

this poem is enough too make my hairstand

these are the following why its freaky

1)the cracking sound of the puppet moving by itself

2)the silence when she appears
3)the corpse with opened jaws with no tongue

4)the stare of mary shaw

5)human made into puppet

6)the father with hollow body(OMG LA)
7)sad unexpected ending
8)mary shaw evil grins

say the truth. this show cannot be PG.
those child cannot take the grossness and story plot.
its too much.its 'the saw' director who direct all r21 shows.

please don't watch it

the stare of mary shaw is still filming in my mind.
i scare when i scream i am dead.

sorry laogong make u scared
i shouldn't insist on watching it!

fabian simpson

Sunday, August 26, 2007


was playing simpsonize me. heh heh

but tried laogong 6 different photo
nt once can be used

off to do homework~

i rather die if i become yellow

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Today went to meet laogong

went to orchard
bought a shirt and boxer from pull and bear for laogong 7th month present
i swear boy thing's is hard

then went to artfriend and bought my school stuff

we went wheelocks
laogong bought a toy for me~
laogong say look like me. WHR GT
thanks laogong! i like it!
MUACKS love you

after buy laogong thing no cash.
then need laogong pay transport and food.LOL.
then went back to laogong house
then went hougang point eat.

good things have covered bad things
don't mention the bad

7th month tmr~ yIpPeE

due to some prob with my phone and com
my photos cant be uploaded!
Today yay went to school with laogong today

pattern making
its sucks
one tiny winny mistake we have to redo the whole damn thing that we took 3 hours to complete.

then went to eat

donuts for lunch
kei and lynnly was crazy . choc for lunch

cadblury boost./LOL

then was sewing
jasmine and kei skipped
me and lynnly there suffering
its fun but v dry. like sewing the same thing.

then we havebn finished our work and we run away
meet laogong

laogong go buy a shades. cooly!

then went cine
eat long john
watched' ratatouille
its a damn nice show i swear!
for once and last of my life i found rats cute

i dun like rats for one reasons
thier fcuking red eyes

look satanic

went back
something happened
why didn't you say want block just block instead of for wat.
i am trying very hard to make trust 100%
but why did you force me to restart.?

laogong in ah-go-go ?

why does it have a thefty feel. SNEAKY

Friday, August 24, 2007

yesterday i did my homework till 5 am
and woke up at 7am

2 hours of sleep
wow so cool

today is just so not my day

guess wat?
all the work i did till 5 am i forgotten to bring.
i said ' SHIT' so loud inside the bus
feel like banging the wall
hope that bang le my memory become better

then in school my button on my bust area drop off
so SUCKY la today

today class is all so fcuk it
cos i made a bad start today

but laogong made my day!
meet laogong then went back to hougang eat long john
then went laogogn house
and i fall asleep
i swear i was so tired.

as follows is ytd post

went to malaysia
aunt bring us go eat fish
its so Q Q. NICE
then went shop awhile
the fashion there is like OMG
found one shop though
bought a pair of shoe, one shirt, one dress and one waist belt

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Today woke up 7 am
i was nodding my head throughout my whole journey(sleeping)
so so tired

wore my orange tights
' your leg look simpson' stupid kei

fashion details
i love fashion. totally
jil sander
stella mccartney
dolce& gabbana

is my fav until now

his lessons was release one hour earlier
then we went to kopitiam(like duh. its always that)

ate sesame paste
i made it to look like shit
they say me er xin.LOL
its momo style

then went back for photoshop again
learn illustration and make up!
i love my make up! LOL
and i seriously think i shade the body till very real.

i rock .

then went back to laogogn house
laogong just wake up when i have reached hougang like 2 pm
tootie PORK

went to hougang point buy burger for laogong
knew he haven eat
then laogong was bathing

then i took his laptop and play with photoshop

went home put my things down
then we went to orchard take photo fro his assignment
went taka eat udon-bo

today was fun
exceot laogng is a idiot.

love you

oh yea
took so many random photos today

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Today no phone again
went to school early to do marketing thingy
my hair is so gay can

class was boring

bought my orange tights!


tried not to contact laogong until 5 hoping he will message me

then went make my tertiary card
and return my library books

then meet laogong
went laogong house
after thaT went kopitiam eat

saw something sucky

his ex photo in his wallet
reason ' i wanted to cut back this hair'
its really unfair,this life thingy we are in
but he did go and buy a cuuter and cut away

some things are just not the same anymore.
but some things still can't be change

and thats MOMO
i love Tee Yu Yan

i love photoshop


AFTER(so gay)

Monday, August 20, 2007

heh heh
i reach home os early

as follows is my yesterday post

cos was rushing my marketing assignment
so din write

ytd is so OMG
i extended my two tail
like so fake.
jus hope it faster drops off

bought my bag!
but laogong seems to suit it more

end. so lame.LOL

got pic pic!
but phone at laogong there
going to take later and upload tonight with my today;s post~


Saturday, August 18, 2007

laogong went to do project
i feel so alone
missing someone makes one feels alone
i miss laogong

cut my pattern making thingy
then raining again
mum bought me to the bus stop again
but this time i saw mum backview walking with a umbrella
i feel like crying seeing her backview
her backview is kind of sad
with all the hardness she carried all these years
i love her

what is my backview feels like?

then went to orchard walk around alone
saw 1 bag and a pair of shoe.
gonna buy it

i bought 3 shawl today
black , grey , creamy pink(so gay)

then went bugis

as my phone is with laogong
i could not find a fcuking public phone

i was so fed up.

i was so anxious finding a phone
cos i walked to bugis i thought i was late and laogong left his school
but when i found and called
i was like' chey . he just came out. and i anxious for nothing'

then we went back to hougang and eat
why laogong mind of appearance?
even though i hate it
i will still try my best to be slimmer
for the sake of myself (:

love mum
3 awesome friend

Friday, August 17, 2007

so watery today
rain rain
mum took to the bus stop with a umbrella
i feel so like small child then
mummy bringing kids to sch
so blissed

then seeing mum standing there
anxiously looking at me. worrying me carrying so much things
makes me wanna cry

but when i climbed the stairs
first my cardboard in my hand dropped
then my phone in my other hand dropped
i feel so crippled. like idiot

then pattern making
my eyes keep closing down even when i am doing hands on
learn how to make a basic skirt and pockets.
it sound like so basic but its hard.

then went to bugis find laogong
oh ya i bring a pink gay backpack today
its so gay that bag!
laogong helped me take.LOL

then laogong go buy his pencil case

we went ps wanted to watch distrubia but dun hav
then went back to laogong house
we slept like 3 hours
both tired

saw qiu rong

then went to compass point
find sis in action city
then laogogn said something makes me so sad
but he still dunno what he said.
but nvm.
then laogong went to eat yoshinoya
then went back home

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Today woke up at 530.
slept at 3
what the hell
woke up with stomach ache
then inside bus my poop already going to come out
then reached school jasmine say door not open
so OMG
my poop is like coming out

thank goodness the kopitiam is open

then we discussed our com skill presentation
then went in for class

i love my school bus pencil case
thanks laogong

eugene long release us like 1 hour earlier.
10 am when our next lessons starts at 11
then we sit on the school bench there sleep
i feel so tired , headache , stomachache, restless and shag today
and more zits are coming out . stress

then was research class
that one was more OMG
the stupid most boring lessons is here
me and jasmine is like playing 3D rally at the back.

then was break
went to kopitiam had our lunch
then went back bench continue sleep

then is product development

10 more poses models
5 lower torso

10 head
10 eyes
10 lips
10 hands
this explain why my zits are getting more and more

then went to wait laogong outside his school
waited for 1 hour still haven come out

so tired

then went art friend
then go far east
then i am really tired and fall asleep inside the train in laogong arms

my head hurts hurts hurts

i am mentally impaired now.

i love my school bus

we are proud to be Sagittarius

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Today no school
but didn't sleep well last night
unforeseen reasons

then start doing our com skill group card thingy
then went out to orchard find laogong
went to walked around
should i buy the stool necklace or the oreo necklace?
laogong bought a pants from far east
and 2 bracelet for us

then went back to laogong house
went to eat kopitiam
today i ate home made noodles

so long never drink honey red tea
i thought of jeline when i drink it!

tomorrow need to wake up 6
and i haven finihs my 4 poses drawing.
gonna rush

Today woke up at 645

fashion details
i thought i was late but teacher is like late for half an hour
my eyes is closing down in the lessons i swear
sit first row some more. i bet he know i am falling asleep

then was com fashion designs
photoshop photoshop

then jasmine kei bolly and me went to kopitiam eat
today i eat tom yam noodles
now my throat hurts a lil

then trapped in the rain
went to seven eleven buy cleo, choc and umbrella
'you can stand under my umbrella ella ella eh eh eh
under my unbrella~'
then walked to douby mrt
went to laogong house
fall asleep
dreamt i heard sound i thought is ghost then is laogong sitting beside me
but i woke up laogong outside =.=

then we went amk hub watch' secret'
i like Anthony wong only.
the idiot father.

laogong bought me the bus stop pencil case.
i like i like!
thanks laogong!

i love fabian

Monday, August 13, 2007

merry hungry ghost festival?

marketing fundamentals
we are the only group that din do at all
its just so sucky

after that went to eat bk
with jasmine and bolly

then talk talk

then went to bugis street walk around
i really sianxed of bugis!
i need orchard urgently!

then went bugis junction

planning to walk loiter around
then saw stepf my jiu xin!

she also waiting for her bf
today is their 28th month WOW
happy 28th month!
then she bring me buy the full length tights
i like the light orange one!
next target!

then me and her went to walk around for 1 hour
then laogong finally can go le
then meet laogong
went back laogong house together
then accompany laogong go eat

i like my eye today (is eye not eyes)

laogong eat like a pig. oink oink

Sunday, August 12, 2007

hey peeps
i need bikini's model cutout from mag
for my model drawing
anyone found give me oh.HEE

today went to amk hub with laogong
watched ' perfect stranger'
fucking title that copies mine
its another psycho split personality kinda show
quite good
the whole movie i think i hears more than 20 times ' FUCK YOU

then saw a cute pencil case
then laogong and me is walking in and out , to and fro into the shop
i say i don't want but idiot laogong keep pull wanted to buy
and i keep pulling him away
but i love laogong that way!
looks like idiot i like! LOL!!!
'laogong is a big idiot that laopo understands'
(sing with barney tune

then went back to laogong house
i love sleeping on laogong stomach
i love the sound in the stomach!
gu lu gu lu gugugu lululu

fuck the thunder
scream like a bitch

where is laogong~

laogong is eating.DUH.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Today wake up and do my cutting stuff

then went to meet laogong at point
went to hougang mall
just walked around
then went to compass point
find sis wokring in action city
then went to watson
hair conditioner, hairmask, pore treatment gel and makeup remover

then went back to point
laogong go cut his hair
was good but laogong keep say ugly
'how to be ugly with this face' quoted by laogong

then went back to laogong house
and went to kovan
ate yoshinoya
rum&raisin plus cookies and cream ice cream

we walked 2 point and 2 mall today

i love fabian

Friday, August 10, 2007

Today went to school with heavy and bulky bag
difficulty climbing up the stairs of 147
today bus was so so empty and fast
reached school at about 0930 when lessons start at 10

pattern making
it sound so easy but its so difficult can.
what dart dart thing.
i hate dart.

then break
kei lynnly jasmine me went to kopitiam eat again
i am so into kopitiam lately
ate pig's kidney soup today
they was like huh?. totally shocked.

sewing class
the machine is fcuking scary i swear
and so many holes to poke through before i could start
i spent 2 hours poking and one hour sewing
and i poke one small hole on my finger
they laughed.idiot friends.LOL
after few mins
then kei said' aye your palm got blood leh'
i poked one more hole on my palm, without knowing.

then finally over
went to eat the uza dunno what icecream
so cute
i ate bubble tea ice cream today
then went back to hougang and meet laogong
went laogong house
and accompany laogong go kopitiam eat.
~~~~ blissed.

i love fabian.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

merry 42th singapore.
me and laogong is one big singapore flag when we hug and walk together
red top white pants

i was drawing on my hand i love singapore with the mirror
then i realise i drew opposite cos its the mirror reflection
so dots can.

then meet laogong
went suntec watched 'rush hour 3'
was damn funny
must watch comedy if have watched one and two.
then went to see the fireworks

so hot and squeezy
but its still worth it

went back to hougang point and eat
ate pig organ soup today
then went home.
have a lovely day with laogong!
hope laogong faster recover from his sick sick.

this was yesterday. laogong playing with my clothes! i love idiot laogong

i like it safe.
but not because of those fcuking police

is because of my laogong,mum, sis , je, ting, jan and my new friends.
i feel safe with them.

the picture has been planted in my head.pretty

Today went to bank with mum
do a atm card
then went to mall eat
then go kovan cut my hair

my hair is so OMG now.
then went to find laogong
then fall asleep
then went point eat
today ate duck rice
sick of mini wok
thne went sit sit

i love jeline msn sub nick
but i don't know how to rephrase

i don't like your past
i am so not into lies.

sis say i am so hyper about it.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Today woke up 6 plus auto
but i went in late again.
so tiring. was like yawning and yawning
fashion detail
diff kind of collar ,pants, skirt , neck shape
was quite interesting but i jus cannot stop yawning

then was product development

i am at idiot at photo shop

kei send me spiderpig song!!

then went to kopitiam eat with kei jasmine
then they went off

so i went to bras baseh
bought pattern making stuff at artfriend
then went to bugis walk here walk there
but was really too tired

so went bk slp on table

laogogn finally did finish his proj
went to find him
and he bought his skinny white pants

we went back to point buy cought syrup
then went laogong house
sleep awhile and went point eat mini wok again.LOL
i drank two oreo ice today( i am like quite proud about this.LOL).

sit beside us got a small baby girl so cute
i like it fat fat.
then i do so many ugly face to make her laugh but cant
then laogong jus smile at her she laugh
so typical!

laogong said' i can see my face' . i still cant figure out where.

this trend seriously coming back. DA TOU TIE. joking

i like it weird.
Today went to school
i reached about 1030
half an hour early
heng kei was idiotically early too
talk about lame jokes
but we laughed till soo damn loud. cannot stop

then marketing
was so so boring can
i was like not listening to him talking at all
keep seeing phone. hope laogong will msg me when he break but dun hav ):
called me auto ownself wun auto
nvm since sick i shld not care so much
hope laogong faster recover

then kei jasmine and lynnly went to starbuck and start talking about assignment
but after few mins we started talking crap
its really crap
tts y laogong angry
sorry laogong for that crap
then waited for laogong to school over at bk
went to laogong house together
then went to ppoint eat
then went park sit sit
then home
tmr got fashion details test. argn

can the past really be bygone?

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Today went to laogong house
bought liang cha for laogong
laogong is soo so sick!
then accompany laogong to doc
bought men's health
went to sit sit
read read
then saw some kids playing soccer
lying in laogong arm make me feel so blissed

laogong must faster recover!

so fast end of weekend
tmr sch again~

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Today went to mall with mum
ate korean ramen. shiok
then went to buy printer and mouse
the printer is so damn heavy
i walk 10 step mus stop one step.LOl

then went back
laogong is sick!!
faster recover!
hope laogong sick can pass to me and laogong will be okay

then is photo shooting time
sis as model
went around the condo taking photos
then sis went to find her friends
then me and laogong went back to his house
and upload the photos
laogong seems so sick.

gotta go and sew now
my eyes gonna be crossed again threading the needles

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Today woke up 7 again
today bus is the jammest ever
some ah am who sit beside me was like looking into my phone and smile to herself
i turned and laughed with being thought that i am kind of crazy

first lesson communication skill
today was quite boring
in fact it is boring

next is ivan soong lesson
is the worst module of the 8
research methodology
is so boring that i started drawing on my notes

then break
went to eat
and we were like so early 120 when the lessons starts at 2
then we went inside the classroom and start chatting
kei started talking about ghost and my hair was like argn
and tears around my eyes. its so omg
her friend who can see those thing
saw a extra room in their house
inside the room was long corridor.
writing this i even have tears in my eyes

then was product development
draw draw draw
learn to draw poses
its difficult!

after that took bus with lynnly and went laogong house
went point eat kfc and bought calbee
calbee has one new fries like cracker
was so nice.
me and laogong love it!
went to playground and eat

then went home

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Today school at 10
pattern making
laogong got school at 10 so we went together
took 147
so nice to have laogong there!

today class was bored but the stuff is interesting
but seriously is difficult to understand
what dart what yarn wat selvage.
its so OMG

then after that 12pm
i was like' huh? so early'
then took bus home

went mall after i rest a while
bought pattern making stuff
then went home

i thought i couldn't see laogong today le
but yay!
laogong today din do proj
so went to wait for laogong at pt bus stop
love love love you you