Friday, June 29, 2007

Today sucks big time
my alarm didn't ring
was going to meet laogong early today
then after i brushed my teeth and going to drink some water cos i feel like vomiting
then my vision became blur and i passed out
i feel the pain when i hit the floor and heard my ah ma calling out for my mum
but my body won't move and eyes couldn't open
next thing i know mum was holding me in her arm
slapping my face and pouring so many oil onto my head
then after 15 mins i finally awake
and mum bring me to bed
and i slept until 4
sorry that i have shocked you , mum.

then sis's home from school
she came in and hugged me when she knew i fainted
so good to have my sweet family there

then i prepared and accompanied my sis to kovan
then we went to thomson plaza find my cousin
my pee is like coming out and the journey is so long
went home and the bus is like under 0 degree
my hair is all stood up . my hand and nose became numb even.
so fcuking cold today.

and my head , stomach is in pain
and so cold
and didn't see laogng

today is a total bad day

triple BOO

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Today went to tampines mall
watched ' Transformer '
when i saw this word i really miss physics
but the show is about cars thats transform to robot
was good the show
thumbs up
'you don't choose the car, the car choose its owner'

then went back to laogong house
my head ache again
i think i am dying soon
then i walked home
when walk halfway 'JIE'
is sis and his boy at void deck
went up and found i never bring keys
then i went down and up again

tired but good day

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Today waken up by the stupid drilling sound at 10am
then meet laogong go kovan

laogong went to trim his hair
and we was walking around heartland

then we saw this coloring thing that we used to play when childhood
so we color together
so cute and FUN

then laogong went to eat
went cold storage and bought mushroom and clam soup

went back to laogong house
my headache back again
laogong gave me panadol and i went to sleep

after i woke up we cooked mushroom clam soup toggether
taste GREAT

then laogong send me home

good day

P.S hey everyone looking through my blog.
urgent announcement
manager of janice Tan which is me
has nominated her to tp school belle
please go to this link and rate her everyday ~ (=
thanks guys~

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Today's 5th month
cried to sleep
and woke up with swollen eyes again
the whole morning and afternoon my mood was like
s.h.e shou ni ai wo. EMO-ING
and no salad from laogong.

went to ntuc with sis and bought sandwich ingredient
going out with sis make me feel better

then went back went to laogong house
i was trying to cover but it became attitude

after that i became better

then ate mac and went to play ground
was playing then lie down on the slide

then i became sadded again
cos saw laogong so many unknown numbers
i hope laogong don't talk to girls when i didn't talk to guys

after that feel better inisde laogong hug

merry 5th month

Monday, June 25, 2007

few minutes to 5th month
Today wake up like 12 cause of sis walking in and out!
and laogong woke up like 3. WTH!! a TOTAL PIG

then meet him and went to kimage kovan
laogong cut his hair
i love his chop chop fringe

after that we went to cathay complex
so called by laogong'middle finger building'
watch ' a girl who leaps through time'
it will be quite a disappointing show for those anime lovers
but it was okay with me
it did touched me a lil

after that laogong sent me back

looking forward for tomorrow laogong's salad
and also my new recipes for sandwich making

happy day happy day~

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Today woke up so late like 3pm with two freaking swollen eyes
went to compass point buy 5th month present for laogong
was searching everywhere what to buy and bought two things
reveal on tues
then was meeting laogong at 6 so went to library
read up on some fashion designer like
micheal kors , paul smith , chanel etc
and eating oreo chessecake.LOL

went to laogong house
his eyes have not recover
stupid laogong don't dare put eye mo!

sis's finally home
and she bought PSP!
was fun! LOL

not a bad day

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Today went to laogong house
laogong eye's swollen.
faster recover oh

he wore shades out
look totally like those stars avoiding paparazzi

went to watch ' Surfs Up' at amk hub new cathay
i can say this is the best 3-D movie after happy feet
it has the groove like happy feet only that its the waves grooving

chicken joe and arnold was the best.LOL
this show is really funny 4 thumbs up!

then went back sit sit and took photos.

laogong with dumbledore. he WILL be dead this epi. damn

i love him! YAY.LOL

Friday, June 22, 2007

Today watched bleach before going to laogong house

laogong wanted to cut hair but end up go hougang mall
laogong bought menhealth mag
i want to read.

then went to mall walk walk
library read read
went to eat mac at point
that day laogong make one garlic chili heart
today's mine turn
and today laogong make a curry one

quite a good day


sexy back. yeah.LOL

mine's garlic chili

laogong's curry sauce

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Today went to vivo with laogong
laogong in search for his father bday gift
end up buy one belt.
then went to watch ' Nancy Drew'
nice mystery-teenage movie

she is so pretty emma robert

after that went to kovan laogong wanted to cut hair
but end up decide tmr then cut

the went back to hougang point
laogong bought a truffle cake for his father
seems cool
then bought one smily cupcake for me

thanks laogong

quite a good day

laogong inside a kids show=laogong is small kid

i love this cupcake. thanks laogong muacks

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Today woke up quite late again . 1 plus
went to hougang point with mum
ate lemon chicken rice
drank orea ice
actually kopitiam can be good too

then bought my za truewhite 22 refill and solocare solution
then went back and went to laogong house
bought him cheesecake
thanks laogong for the cute keychain
then went to hougang point eat mac

laogong make the sauce into so nice
guess whats the sauceLOL

not a bad day

ans:garlic chili

i simply love this face sooo much. muacks

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Today woke up late
watched bleach
then was 'fighting' with sis on bed
she kicked me to the floor
i will take my revenge when you come back

sent my sis to amk station to meet my cousin
they went to malaysia
you'll be missed
me and mum went to bishan
but my head started to ache again
was smsing laogong and have some dispute
ate pasta mania
we order carbonara and prawn alio to share
mum go and put chili flake and tabasco sauce
its burning spicy and end up i drank up the strawberry soda(me and je fav)
head still very pain so went back
on bus the mobile tv was showing 'gags just for laugh'
then mum laugh like so loud i thought so not okay
then someone laugh even louder
i there amm chio

went back took panadol and fall asleep awhile

something's felt not quite right. but i don't know what is that.

quite a bad day
double BOO

Monday, June 18, 2007

Today went to kovan with sis
ate at kfc and talked our hearts out
its been awhile since we settle down and have lunch together
saw bunny~LOL she forgotten to bring her keys. BLUR
then went to kimage cut my hair
its okay but i still not quite like
bought kimage style card

anyone wants to go kimage can lent you the card. gt 20% off

then went to point buy blue lotion for laogong
went to his house
hanged all his clothes and boom sleep again
then laogong went to take his pant

love you~

quite a good day
smily :3
today laogong came downstair and waited for me
went to take 147 and go bugis
wore my burger king shirt today!LOL
i helping burger king promote
wanted to buy my school bag since friday
then the shop NT OPEN today
went to OG in search of silver surfer toy
we finally found it!!
felt happy for laogong!
hug muack muack
bugis village really like hell one
laogong bought a shirt and his bag
nice nice!
i bought a black heart necklace
then kenna lil headache
went back to laogong house
laogong feed me panadol and i slept on his bed
i don't really fall asleep if not my bed
but don't know why i jus boom and fall asleep on laogong bed.
i love laogong and his bed.LOL
but laogong most so much love till burst
walked home and bought ice cream and chicken wings for sis

good day

laogong poking pachi mouth. BAD

laogong protecting my heart.(see his cute)

i love him totally!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

merry father's day

let me write a story of two girls and their father's day

once upon a time
to be exact its seven damn long years ago
two small girls was with their dad happily
their dad seems so tall and strong
his palm was tanned black and was huge to compare
sitting on dad's shoulder and the world seems so beautiful
but this world is pretty cruel
their dad has gone to somewhere really far
you'll need a lifetime to find
today you might have everything under your feet
and tomorrow its gone

seven years later
the two girls have become stronger i guess

the face they used to remember was fading
the voice they used to hear had disappear
whats left is a photo that holds their memories

today's father day
they must've been missing him hard

the two girls said
'no matter how far you went , we feel that you are so close
watching us and protecting us from any harm
we love you

ok thats the end of the story
thats an emo story.
but no matter hw sad is it
nothing can stop me from being happy.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

today woke up 1030
prepared fast today again
laogong was a total slow pork too ~
went to take 74 but we missed and was lost in bt timah!
pouring like mad
but still found a bus to tangs
reached but raining spoil our hair
then went to watch ocean's thirteen
i thought it will be not-so-nice kinda show
but turned out to be super funny
'revenge is a funny thing'
went to shop after that but bought nothing

went back to hougang
then got one stupid bus driver
me and laogong kiss kiss
then he come say us don't kiss in public
i mean is it in the law that we can't kiss in the bus?
then laogong angry scolded him like mad
and used his hand to hit the side mirror
and the mirror broke into pieces!
laogong hand bleed heart so pain
go to his house and put medi on it

then went back go run for 10 mins and went point eat
laogong came to find me . love you

hope laogong hand faster recover!

Friday, June 15, 2007

today woke up 930
prepared fast today and went to 74 bus stop wait jeline
jeline was late ~ a total slow pork
first time taking bus to orchard
was good
walked so till 2 plus and found town has nothing
ate chessy curry chicken
je ate fried mars bar ~ YUM
then went to take bus lucky 7 to bugis
bugis village was like hell so HOT
but manage to buy 2 clothes and 1 laogong pant
jeline find so long for her bag
going out with jeline seems like going back to the old days
being crazy laughing like mad woman
went to seiyu walked around
saw the fantastic four craftship!
soon its 5 plus walked to the 147 bus stop
so far and sunny
the bus so crowded
its was always fun to be out with jeline

went to laogong house
kind of fall asleep on laogong comfy bed when laogong playing his game.
took laogong pant to make it tighter
love my hubfy

happy happy
today went to point meet laogong
went ntuc buy some ingredients for my sandwich making
bread , cucumber , tomato , apple ham , cheese

went to laogong house
helped to change bedsheet

yuyan's ham and cheese sandwich recipes :

1. cut slices for tomato and cucumber
2. place the bread on plate
3.put cucumbers on top
4. one piece ham on top of cucumber
5. one piece cheese on top of ham
6. put tomato
7.ham then cheese again
8. put another bread to cover it
9. cut into triangular half and place inside oven

warning : i don't dare to eat it myself

played ps2 with laogong
i am totally a game idiot

went to compass point
laogong want find silver surfer toy but don't have
went to buy gummies and laogong sent me home

i am so in love with laogong
good day
happy happy

Thursday, June 14, 2007

today went to buy porridge
went to buy herbal tea
went to laogong house

went to watch fantastic 4 :rise of silver surfer
first time watching
but it was good
thought the silver surfer was the best looking inside the show
laogong sent me the photo of the real life
first reaction
YUCKS. whats with the sissy

back to hougang
laogong ate tenpayaki

went void deck sit sit
saw sis and melvin

exchanged phone with laogong

life's complicated
why can't it be simpler?

good day

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

today went to bugis with mum
wanted to buy something for mum but nothing so gave mum money
then go pray
walk here walk there
then aunt called
went to northpoint meet her
its been so long since i went there
took 854 and went home
didn't bought anything
at least i took a photo

wanted to meet laogong but he going to dine with family
so i lie on bed and took out all the bedtime story book and started reading

if fairytale doesn't have a happy ending then it should be called ' deviltales'
then eventually i fall asleep for few mins LOL

took out my towel
wore my pink addidas
tightened my laces
and off i went for a run
ended up walking

went to buy cleo

went home


no one's home
i knockned
i banged

sit outside and started reading my cleo
suddenly thought of public phone
no mum n
no sis number

1 hour soon passes
went back and mum was finally home

bought nothing
missed laogong

stucked outside

bad day

double BOO

Monday, June 11, 2007

today went to point with mum and sis
eat western
sis develop photos
went watson buy some daily necessities

went home then meet laogong
went ps
shop but never get anything
went to the cathay watch 'hula girls'
great show
soul searching

good day with laogong ~
happy happy
today went to amk find shawna and verene auntie
shawna phone got some prob so i accompanied her to go ask
then go pickup stand find auntie verene
her friend drove us to jack's place
ate till WANNA BURST
soup, chicken, fish, ice cream, orange juice, potato

after that went to amk hub with shawna
walk here walk there
went to mac drink some ice choc
then accompanied shawna to wait for wen jun

took bus home
rest on bed till fall aslp
then 1 min after laogong reached hougang
went to meet him
thanks laogong for the tofu ~ CUTE
and the strawberry choc taste like heaven~
went to ntuc
laogong bought some drink to stock up his house

quite a good day~
happy happy

Sunday, June 10, 2007

today was our class outing day
went to meet laogong at point
laogong hot keep sweating
bus 43 came no one flag it

laogong said i never care he so hot
i not happy
go up 72 reached mall

stand outside mrt there dunno do what crap
laogong not happy
said' bu ran wo men break'

whole heart break

tot of walking away but leg doesn't seems to respond
he don't know why i am giving attitude and i don't feel like saying

stand there end up okay .

then went to town

we walk
we eat
we sit
we play checkers
stay there so long nothing to do waiting to go for the dinner

end up
class tease us say like light bulb

heard tt people about the outing






end up go laogong house slp awhile then go eat

Saturday, June 09, 2007

i feel so blissed with laogong

today work LAST DAY


went to orchard with laogong
shop here shop there.
bought a new pair of bracelet
then went back hg
go mac bought mac and shrek ears!
went to laogong house eat

will miss you jeline~

tomorrow 4e1 outing~

Thursday, June 07, 2007

i am totally pathetic today

went to see my hand
and the doc gave me INJECTION
i told my mum i am not scare if got injection in taxi
i keep screaming say don't want until the nurse come in and see what happened

so sour and pain now
evil mum so bad sit there laughing

then on bus back feel so giddy and sleep after the INJECTION
then pei mum go do her eyebrow
almost fall aslp sitting and the salon girl was asking me wan go in rest ma
then went home saw misunderstanding
feel more pathetic

went to point eat
then went laogong house

thanks shawna for calling me and told me to faster eat medi, faster sleep, tomorrow don't go work. a great jiejie that look like meimei.

so cruel 5 pills i have to swallow.
today work SIANX
laogong came and fetch
then went to hereen laogong bought slipper
saw wee siang
then went to taka ate jap sauce noodles
went to kino saw some books design so cute
went back hougang point and go mac drink
then laogong send me to sch and go off

jan and me off to campfire
the campfire seriously boring
we there awhile come out chat
so long since we catch things up

then after that went to point at kfc
chat chat chat
went to a bus stop and chat chat chat
after that reach home around 1145pm today

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

today work SIANX

meet laogong

meet mum and sis after that at mall

ate pepperlunch
steak and hamburger combo
dondon snatch my food.LOL
today work so sianx~
busy busy

after that went to compass point metro
bought the giroro robot
went to laogong house and start fixing
see until eyes crossed x_x
gave the robot to laogong.

laogong gave me the dondon
so cute!
then went to hougang point mac eat
laogong ate happy meal and gave me the shrek gingy
thanks laogong for all the cute cute

loves~ <3>

Sunday, June 03, 2007

moody day

bad eye day

decided to stay at home whole day then mum cal me go aunt house =.=
then go le instead of entertaining all those auntssss
me sis kor and jie go room chit chat.
then talk talk kor start to suan jie
then suan halfway his chair broke.LOL
then followed mum home

went to point eat kfc
then went to mac sit sit
start to write prose and draw draw and listen music

sit there for 3 hours
reach home almost 10 pm.LOL

Saturday, June 02, 2007

today went to laogong's house and forgot to bring his tiramisu ice cream.
after that we went to tampines mall
we walked around and i saw this card that looks so cute
and laogong bought it
then we went to isetan and bought a toy to fix
went to coffee bean . bought pure choc ice blend
~~ blissed
then laogong fixed it
i only there help more worst.lols
the ending piece was cool.
then we went to eat subway and home ~
love my boy :3

the card. cute cute cute

laogong fixing so seriously

ending pose. tada~

we rocks the world... nono UNIVERSE

Friday, June 01, 2007

today went to town with laogong and watched shrek
i love shrek the third movie
then went to hougang point buy watever and saw my jellyfishh.LOL
then went to laogong's house
then we ate mac and went sit sit around the park and laogong sent me home
got a XIAO QIANG and laogong smacked it.