Monday, December 31, 2007


i am blogging at quite a weird time now.
i woke up at 8AM. OMG lo. 8 LEH
then went to chinatown meet jasmine and find that old hag.
so say it nicely WE QUITED our job.LOL
then jasmine went to his boy's house
and i went funan
wanted to cut my hair at that kimage there
a BITCH told me to wait till 2 pm
oh ya i poo at funan finally
i was piss off so i went back to rivervale mall
as a matter of fact, i have NV been there before

i smsed my sis the sengkang pro
then she call me take LRT
my biggest enemy
i need a lot of courage to take LRT OKAY
so scary lo.RUMBIA's my destination
all the name like so KUKU to me
then still got what platform 1 and 2
then still got east loop west loop
so when i reached rivervale i feel SATISFIED.LOL

my hair kacha gone.LOL
i think the stylist has old fashion cutting style.
make me look like a ah lian now.MY FACE ALR FIERCE ENUFF IF I DUN LAUGH.

then i went back hougang mall find ting
dabao longjohn and went home.

i am going to take a nap with my contact lens on now.
goodnight pluto.


Sunday, December 30, 2007

my internet connect is rotting. keep disconnecting me from the world

i don't kill horned mushroom anymore
i kill red ribbon pig at hidden beach.LOL!

ytd slept so late and woke up early today
went out with ting and je to town

we shop shop here
shop shop there
here shop there shop
everywhere shop shop
old mcdonalds had a shop

so in conclusion after the whole day of shopping
je bought a top from topshop
a tee from outside douby

ting has no harvest then worst her shoe break.LOL!

i bought a shoe from mondo
a torqoise hoodie from Dorothy Perkins
a tee from outside douby
i want more tees from there.
but its the last day
no more cash.
BUT that uncle got a blog! LOL!
still can order online.
so amazing! YAY

we went coffee bean for break after long hours of walking.
we meet at ard 2 then went home ard 9.
we walked for 7 hours.LOL

and i really like the things i bought
i borrowed the money form mom so i guess i had to pay back soon )=

just went down and chat with my boy for awhile.
tmr's new year eve
i am like, WOW A YEAR IS GONE
last year i was at marina with my class and counting down.
then we went makansutra
mel and sis lost in the wood
joel bought us walk a kuku road to dunno where.

this year ended. hope the new year ahead is full of happiness ((=

cute leaa. my aunt tortoise.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

bring me along

i am rotting to death now
tired from killing horned mushroom

my life is decaying.

Friday, December 28, 2007

2008 is arriving
new start for everything

2007 is ending
what a year.
tough one.

gotta go and do a recap on what happen this year
and what i should do next year
my new year resolution! YAY

today meet my boy
went orchard
shop shop shop
is all my boy shopping
zara 30 %
topshop big sale too.

you can't imagin where i went after that.LOL
my boy wante dto retrieve his maple acc
then my boy ate mac and i eat orea cheesecake
then we went back.
you are changing.
and the worst has yet to come

gotta start doing HW man.
give me some motivation!

i have decided to go kimage on monday

Thursday, December 27, 2007

woke up
fucking helen called and talk fucking shit.
let's see who win lo. ASSHOLE

went to kovan with my boy
ate kobayashi finally since jas intro me
heartkand mall secoind floor.
very nice (=.LOL

my boy say i getting more fat.
command me to do situp.

i need a haircut le lah!my hair like a bush now.LOL.
so now i need to gather some cash first.
should i go back kimage or should i change to monsoon?


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

not happy

we quarreled on our 11th month
ended up crying and going home.
don't feel like elaborating if not someone will say what i blog is not right.
sum it up in one sentence.
we are from 2 different world that move in parallel direction (=

I WANT TO PLAY MAPLE.i know is childish but feel like killing mushroom again.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


really no Christmas feel this year

woke up went my boy house for like only 2 hours
so pathetic christmas only meet 2 hours. boring christmas
then he went suntec meet his bro.

then went i to aunt house with my mom
got the cutue cute tortoise! nt turtle oh!
is those with big humps on the back but turtle flat flat
CUTIE. eating vege so slowly. act cute eat slow slow!

got present from aunt. YAY. cos they are Christian you see
then went home

few more hours to 11 month
wonder if he still rmb.
i love her!cutely munching her cucumber.

i guess i should start with


my fav song for christmas is ' 12 days of christmas'LOL

my throat is so itchy and tempting me to cough
and my nose is somehow blocked.
my voice is soooo sexy now
i think by tmr i don't have any voice.
i can fight with ------> chris daughtry
sick christmas.

woke up early knowing its christmas eve so high-ed
then went to deliver present
went ting house
and see her make up.LOL
thanks for the card and help me thank your sis for the card!
really sweet ((=

then i was too lazy to walkto je hse so i took 101.
so unfamiliar i mean 101
then gave her and went home

wrap my boy's parents present and went my boy house
helped him style his hair and we went cityhall

watched' I AM LEGEND'
quite a nice show
the dog is so sad lah
and the ending is stupid.
the rest is good.
the monster is disgusting.
and the sound effect and sudden appearing of monster scares me.
my poo almost come out.LOL
oh ya, my boy bought a jeans from topman
i help him pay 20 buck as christmas gift.LOL!cos i no money alr)=

didn't countdown as in 54321
but i did pass with my boy
hope that we 'll have many many more christmas to go!
i love you like how mouse love cheese!
almost can see my noseshit.

MUACKS my lovely cute cute boy

i kind of like my eyebag . girls with eyebag rocks!

to everyone:
may your days ahead filled with happy smile!
and hope my warmth will warm your heart this Christmas!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

my throat is very itchy scratchy
keep making me cough
and running nose still running its marathon

but overall i feel much better than ytd which is equals to dead

sis's came back after sending her best friend at airport
so i hugged her and secretly dropprd some tears
i kind of felt how's she is feeling
when you best friend is gone and not coming back.when u cant see her like as and when u like
steph is really a very nice girl to be with
i liked her because we shared the same interest
we can laugh at anything.
take care at Indonesia!
sis's be strong!
cos the bonds between you 2 is just too strong to be broken by any reaction (=

steph and sis

then meet my boy at ard 7pm
so late alr
went PS
bought some stuff at daiso
then acc my boy eat mac
and headed home
so lil time 2gt.

tmr's christmas eve!
still don't quite get the christmas feel
maybe tmr's better!

and don't write comment to my friendster alr
its kind of no use now . gonna delete it anyway
and my boy
where's my promise after your assessment is over?
i might looked fat and ugly at that time
but its definitely my best time of my life.
laughing with you all like there's no tmr ((=

this was the video you all gave me. i will keep it till the end of time (=
i really missed my class (=

Saturday, December 22, 2007

i am still not well
my gastric is so painful
my throat is cracking
my head is splitting apart

ting and her sis came my house
her sis is so cute.

after they went back
i smsed my boy and asked him to acc to doc
feeling terrible
he so bad
say i looked more fat when i sick.

missed 5 epi
i liked christain and jillian's designs
hope they win (=

one of jillian's designs

one of christain designs. ( he liked vivienne westwood too )

Friday, December 21, 2007

38.5 degree
sore throat
internally cold
outside hot
i am wearing 2 jacket
long pants
leg warmer
and i still feel damn cold
all this hits me by one shot all by a sudden
it was like during my pri sch when in the middle of the night i started trembling and couoldn't talk.

cure me pls. medi din have any effect on me
i was ok just now when i was out

woke up real early today
went bugis
poop at bugis then went to find my boy
went orchard
went back
then went out again to eat

i really have no strength to continue i swear.
let picutre do the talking.

i feel like dying


the vintage box i bought! nice right ((=

love my boy. kiss me so hard till my fats went up.lOl

found out from info

black has been officially voted out thanks to the riot of yellow, fuchsia and turquoise.

tiers, ruffles and floral prints is back. bohemian style with metallic jeweled details.

gladiator sandal is the new ballet flats.

oversized clutch!( I WANT)

its AGYNESS DEYN ( my fav model if u notice my previous post)
HIGH. she rocks big time. pretty pretty lil chic!
i'll be looking forward! pls don't be like kate moss collection. they sucks.
today woke up late
i send ting a blank msg in unconscious mode.LOL

then rotting while waiting for my boy
wait till 7pm then meet =.=

bought some cakes and delifrance breaddie for my boy
went amk hub
watched ' NATIONAL TREASURE book of secret'
really nice storyline!
very humorous also!
4 thumbs up!
you will like if u like da vinci code.
so into code breaking

then bought FEMALE and my boy bought club sandwich at a store and more.LOL
then went back

Thursday, December 20, 2007

MANY LOVE and thanks to those that wished me ! ((=
you'll be blessed

i am not happy today! )=
this year birthday seems so PATHETIC
my happiest moment is eating otu with mom and sis
hugging my boy and watched ' WARLORDS'
the rest it sucks
why do i cry on birthday
why do i feel sad on birthday
since 19th dec is over means my day is over. there's no need to talk about it anymore.

went to compass point with mom and sis
Hawaiian pan pizza
beef lazenia(dunno how to spell)
they drum and my sis all time favorite.

so full
sis and mom treat. 40 ++ ! so ex. thanks !LOVE BOTH LOTS.

then we took some photos and develop on the spot to commemorate this special day.LLOL

before going out.

sometimes happiness can be very simple (=
to be your daughter and your sister is the happiest thing that ever happened since i lived.

sis and mom height is just so right.LOL!

my waist hurts from turning.LOL! JK

went i was approaching the toilet, someone jump out and tel me ' yao bu yao wo qing ni chi'
scare me ! chou weiling!
saw wanyan shiqi weiling yiling
thanks wanyan for rmbing my bday!

then sis went to meet her friends

me and mom went back

i took train to bugis and find my boy
went PS and watched ' warlords'
very nice storyline!
about brotherhood
makes me think of yiling jie saying our sisterhood.LOL
there was big theodore on the wall.
how i wish i can hug him home~~~~

then we went back mall to eat kfc
and went home
tts how my birthday ended.

candid shot.LOL

my boy edited but i still look so funny!
his mom told him that he edited ur gf most like vampire.
so bad! i am momo the vampire. bwahahahahaha

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

i have ordered online some things to treat myself for my birthday!

i ordered a bucket bag from BIGI taiwan

and 8 mask from taiwan too.
dainty mask, heard from je its really good.
i ordered 3 all-in-one-collagen mask

To whiten and re-hydrate
increasing skin elasticity

3 lotus mask

Close up open pores
possesses anti-oxidants
whiten and re-hydrate your skin

1 aloe mask

Skin brightening
Prevents occurrence of acne

1 citronella

firm & elastic skin
less prone to the blemishes
for the guy trends i guess for next year spring should be

creme racer jersey from american apparel

oversized navy blue cardigan from american apparel

golden belt from topman

slim slack pants from american apparel

above are inspired by 3.1 philip Lim spring o8 collection