Saturday, March 31, 2007

today around 11 plus wake up and my tummy pain like dying shit.
thought is stomachache wan poo but go toilet not that
then its so pain then feel giddy then walk back room croaked.
ah ma ask me okay not i never answer her go back room
then when reach bed i blackout then sister came home.
ate the medicine won't so pain .
didn't tell mum about it because i going out for movie with laogong later.
watched 'number 23'
psychological show. 23
its just number.
not true de. try also don't have
pain stop here.

Friday, March 30, 2007

today woke up at 1pm ++.

raining and pouring like hell
but it feels good (=
play play play then went to find laogong
the sun after a heavy rain is so beautiful! and the weather feels like heaven.LOL
got my laogong passport size photo!
its inside my wallet now.LOL
laogong when are you going to sing~~~~~~~?
then went to eat mac.
went home play again.
think i am addicted .

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

woke up at 10+ today!

because of some people talking out loud at the top of their voices because of some idiot drilling at the damn hour.
do all the house work .
then read read my novel then went to laogong house.
thanks for printing the photo and sorry i forgot to take!!!
you little actions makes me feel like as if i am the most lucky girl in this world (=

you're irreplaceable (=

17th april Victoria concert hall!
still remember last year theme sucks. its been a year!
this year music again! YAY .
no no drama ((=

looking forward (=

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

today wake up 11 am

back sour.LOL
getting old

do all the housework again~

then went to NAFA with mom to do all the admin stuff
took a passport size photo. eeeks.LOL
and and and and and i finally found the 147 bus stop from bugis to hougang! YAYEE
witnessed a accident today! a car bang onto a motorcycle ! the motor guy lay there never move and all the car stop to help him. but the car that banged ran away! cursed him to hell.
then went home go point eat
bought kinder surprise! i ate one, mom ate one, sis ate one. 3 toys! LOL!
then went to park meet laogong . nono is xiaoemo laogong.............LOL
eating strawberry tarts! YUM.
happy 2nd month !

wake up 11am LOL
do all the laundry
sweep the whole house
mop the whole house
clean the dust
then went to the bank with mom
then went to east coast park with laogong .
rent the two people bike and ride ride ride
then got one uncle at the beach so amazing. he throw something into the sand then the earthworm will crawl up! LOL
then went to watch 'pathfinder'

Monday, March 26, 2007

thanks jeline for helping me do the cpf thingy and helped me print.LOL

thanks laogong for the nice nice key chain (= ! muackx
mom hand pain again. pray for her speedy recovery )=

Sunday, March 25, 2007

wake up at 10 am! tired!

then went kovan with sis to find her friends.

i still remember all of their names.LOl.
joanna , yiting, vannassa and stefphanie.
then took train together and i drop off at somerset to find jeline and janice
i didn't hear properly then go to 4th floor instead of 10th . so MALU! then call them tel me they ok le go 1st floor~~ GRRR LOL
then went to buy 'hearty paws' ticket.
a boy stole a puppy for his sis bday then they played together and the dog(should be golden retriever) grew up.
their mom left them and never come back. but they cheered up because of he dog.
but one day, they went to ski , the bro need to poo so go to the bush. then the dog ran and the ice crack and drop into the ice water beneath . the sis being small scared of what happened went ahead to look to see if hearty is okay but the ice cracked and she drowned.
after the death, the boy hate the dog and dump him and went to find his mother. but the dog regardless of hunger, pain follow the train line all the way to find him.
then got one baddie appeared and make use child to lie to people and make money.
the guy disobeyed him and he hit him with a rod but hearty tried to save him but he is beaten real hard! ( cruel man).
then he let him inside a cage where his very fierce dog bite him intil everywhere blood! and dumped him
the guy went to find hearty and he finally forgive hearty. when they are finally together, hearty eyes starts to go blind as he followed him everywhere.
the baddie found them and when he is about to drown the boy, hearty appeared and saved him but he was beaten and only left a few days to live ( SAD! )
at the end, his mother come back to him but his sis and hearty died.
a drawing of mother, sis , bro and the dog living together drawn by his sister can never be true.

when show finish my eyes so damn red dun dare go out toilet. MALU.
then went far east shop then go bugis but they never found what they wan buy.LOL!
jeline took the passport size photo. its not ugly la jeline. headache. reach amk still must run and catch bus and forget take purse from jeline again~ LOL. head bursting i think.
thanks laogong but taking out the pills. and sorry.

Friday, March 23, 2007

today went to laogong house.
then went to vivo to watch mr bean's holidays with laogong!
he look like idiot but although the jokes are lame but its damn funny.
why he never take his teddy bear go.LOL!
laogong go zuan 2 purple heart phonechain. i will cherish it and wouldn't lost it (=
nafa or tp~~~ FAN.
use all methods to choose but end up all nafa.
i will choose nafa then.
i wan buy vodafone mum~ LOL!
those phones are really beautify!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Today went to laogong house.

thanks laogong for cooking milk for me.
he tried first time no taste then add more powder then got taste.
bad father next time.LOL. poor son.LOL!
but it tastes super duper sweet becos you cooked it.
then laogong accompanied me to hougang mall to return all those overdue books and 'step up' vcd(the guy really look like laogong).
and went to buy my contact lenses. mine world finally ain't blur again. but no matter how blur i still see my love ones(mum,sis,laogong,ting,je,jan).
the following things may make you feel hair stand
my mum wouldn't call me at 7 pm becos she's gotta work but i got miss call from home at that time!
i called sister to check whether is she at home but she still outside and i called back home but no one answer.
then when i got home, sis told me when she bathe halfway suddenly the bathroom light went off she ran out immediately but no one at the switch. she thought the light bulb spoilt but when she see the switch , ITS OFF. means someone off it.
there's tears around my eyes now. who the fuck is that.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Today woke up at 10am so damn early!

i prepare everything okay then she haven't even prepare.
i should have sleep later~
go pray the joss stick smoke too strong until my tears cannot stop flowing then mum call me go outside wait her.
then went PS eat after that go pray again. then the temple got snake inside! but its sleeping like pig. snake pig.
mum damn funny! when we take the bus, very crowded then got one seat i let mum seat i stand beside her. then she accidentally touch the curly hair of the in front seat. its a bangala. she immediately say EEEE . i laughed my ass out.
mum, its gene okay gene.duh~ don't blame me for being a racist.
then went hougang mall find my asshole sis. we went to rent 'step up' .
its about a boy who went to a art school and destroyed their properties then need to do cleaning at the school
he met a girl who is dancing modern ballet kind of dance(damn cool) .
the girl have a showcase coming on where all big companies in search of dancer but her partner injured
so she called the boy who doing community service as he always goes to club and dances super well(TRUE) .
love begins and chemistry makes them dances with spark.

Monday, March 19, 2007


old's the best.

happy birthday janice!