Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i am typing with my eyes closed
too tired
slept 2 hrs ytd
went school at7pm supa early today.
and saw mojojojo
was rushing clarissa project

someone is a real fuck up. we did our work you don't even bother to look. WTF
someone who should not be name.HAHA like voldermort.

went ps did ivan's work at burger king
ivan became a lil tan but welcome back!

debra class. japan culture is really very interesting but my brain is congested with stress and tiredness

i fell asleep in bus and almost missed my stop
went home then went out find jeline
compass point eat burger king
i am surround by super big Africans. scary!
then went walked around and my body stop functioning and i start leaning anything i can see.

i don't want to change class! ))=

okay enough of crap. i am off to sleep. 1130pm and i tired. really getting old.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


textile presentation
funny becso of kei.LOL.
oh ya sunshine plaza got a shop gt one chew siew noodles that is sold out but the owner wrote there' ON LEAVE' me and kei laugh till our teeth dropping.LOL.

went to eat at kobayashi
then went gloria jeans do homework.
strawberry cream. SHIOK

Rul kept calling. argn! fan si ren.

having conference now doing o\proj. tmr presentation again!
and omg ivan;s work. !

debra class
history test
eh no comments.LOL

then we went to eat at the douby exchange
i like the spicy chicken ley! YUMMY

went back school lib do proj
on our way down
my back was facing the door looking at the notice board and saying out
'decendants of enunch.....' loudly
then i suddenly realise why kei and jasmine so quiet
i turned to kei she like roll her eyes to the side
then i turn to see
then i covers my mouth from laughing out loud and banged the wall.
my xing xiang!
but excited cos saw finally saw him after 2 weeks.LOL

then went home sleep

and went to kovan mac with ting
helped her do chinese. i realise now their chinese is so difficult.LOL
and she keep take photo and don't like me take back. idiot!

4 more days to weekend. GOGO

serious !

oh ya sis first day of school! manicure course. she like trying out on me. scared!LOL

Sunday, April 27, 2008

went holland village for proj
the place is so nice. addicted. like country life. out of singapore kinda place.

tmr history test plus PD which i haven finish
tues textile presentation
wednesday ivan's finally back but haven do his work
wednesday merchandising proj submission and presentation
friday designed top submission and patter making everything.

omg this week kills!
went to amk hub with jeline
watched 'Hansel And Gretel'
jeline say was boring
but i thought was a new storyline and quite nice ley
b4 i go in i was saying jeline y watch this then in the end turned out i like it more.LOL
i like the sound effect that scare although there is no ghost.


we are planning to go overseas during june =D
WOO hope mom let me!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

i am having swollen eyes now , i think my concealer is sensitive to my eyes.
how i go out!

okay yesterday was too tired to post cos i reach home going to 1am

i still haven start sewing my designed top! HOW
then we went to eat
and stupid kei and jasmine TRICK ME AGAIN
take my phone i tot i lost it. GRRRR

then pattern making
ruby spect keep dropping
i was there trying my hard not to laugh when cyndia burst out laughing.

then V burge in like a small girl.
no one can be more sissy than him
call us to clean up our litter mess ytd went we left.

V: look at your mess
V: i better take a photo down
V: who got camera here?
dunno who said: use phone's camera
V: pixel not good.

i was hiding at julie back laughing lo. wahlao. he is crazy lah!

after sch me and julie went ice monster eat durian ice. our breath can kill people.LOL
then we went down sat outside cine and see people.
only got few shuai shuai and few chio chio.
julie saw her friend and the name is fabian.wth.
then i saw samuel jidan dabian.
julie like got friend everywhere.

then we walked all the way to bugis
and i ran to catch last train
and i have to take 72 and walk that route again
so i called samuel to reduce eeryness.LOL
then he sang ' wooooo~' then the wind blowing. hair all stand.LOL.

i have no plans for today. HOW
today is the 26th
one month and a few days has passed since i last seen you
so i guess its time for me write a post and get over it.

maybe i really never understood you in the first place
and you changed
how i hope time could just rewind back to last year when everything was fine
i missed the way u pinch my face
i missed how i bite your arm
i missed your shoulder
i missed your hug
its so unfair. you left every memories with me and you carried on
every corner of earth has your picture
it has been a long sweet dream and now that i have wake up, i need to get back to reality and move on.
first love is really hard to get over but i'll still try.

i miss you
i love you
but its was yesterday
today i'll fine!

goodbye my love that i thought was fated.

Friday, April 25, 2008

went to meet julie at quick ben
raining and COLD
fcuking shit i printed my stuff for 29 buck ley. heart pain!
i am not going to spent anymore money this month.

then jas and kei came
drink salted vege soup again
my hair going to fall!

then we went national lib be geeks again
me and jas ran back to school cos william wants to see us.
bad headache again.

i really on the verge of giving up
and V is like argn whatever.
he laughed at my collage! GRR.

then me and julie stayed at bugis mac after school till going 12midnight.
she let me read a story. is sad de lo.
oh ya! we noe 2 new people today.
johnny from norway and the other guy i dunno the name from australia.LOL
we sat the really huge table so 2 ppl came and share table.
julie started borrowing their highlight then gave them rose. then become very funny!.LOL!
johnny:you guys from nafa
me: how you know?
julie: our face got write nafa?
johnny: cos you all use black mounting boards
julie:harh. why lasalle can't use
johnny:they use white

OH! and and i saw that malay guy that i saw everytime i go bugis street
then we together
'eh you again'.LOL.

i laugh till i wanna burst.LOL.
he is from nafa theatre study. ang mo english really is powderful de lo.
funny people!

then we went home
and die ot lateness i have to take 72 and walk that kuku path loaded with hui yi. so i tailed a guy less scary.

stress but fun =D

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

met up with je at mall
ate with her long john

met up with julie eym kei jas steph luxuan

cut fabrics at spotlight
stupid kei and jasmine can go mediacorp act le lo!
bluff me my sketch book lost!
IDIOT. i tot harh i forgot to take my things again.

went library
find books.
then cannot photocopy so we had to borrow so many toot books.
i have like 7 super thick book to carry.
we like
geeky sim
nerdy pang
tooty tee

then we put our books at pool fusion tmr then go back take.

then jasmine cab uncle sent us home. thanks!=D

i am so damn tired now but i have got sooooooo many things to do.
another sleepless night!

and mood not good lately. EMO whenever i stop thinking about anything else except memories.
i always thought i could be strong
maybe i still could but maybe i am just another girl that cries over the past.

okay wake up and get to work! WOO

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

textile test!
thanks ting and mao for remembering and cheer me on! LOL
but the test was still difficult for me.LOL.

went all the way to bugis sch for half an hour. BORING
we went to eat salted soup. YUMMIES

then went back home.
then went out again.
went chinatown acc sis register for her manicure class
YAY do nail art for me next time! i'll be waiting!

then i went to buy buttons for sewing.
bought 2 dress! YAYEEEE. happy!

went bugis eat the salted soup again.LOL.
i think my hair gonna drop all.LOL. but its supa nice!

then we walked around with mom chat chat
and i fall asleep on my journey back home. TIRED.

vik work! i t hink i ghave to retake vik class next year ))=
when i am on the verge of giving up
stupid kei make me laugh like crazy. idiot! LOL.

we are from 2 different planets when our spaceship exploded we landed on a planet called earth and thou shall be sister for life =D
my 500th post.

looking through old post

i miss those memories that can't be forgotten
didn't blog ytd . was rushing fashion business work.
slept for 1 and half hour. tired!

okay lets start with yesterday
went town to find julie eym kei jasmine
went holland village.
my first time!
omg i love the feeling there ley!
and i didn't know i got straight bus there.
fun place with a different atmosphere.
we went a cafe called essential blues. so comfy!
i like the ambiance inside!
next time shall bring my je and ting there and my future husband.
then then we camped there.

pictures taken by me! artistic right.LOL

so after sleeping for 1 and half hour
i went sunshine plaza find julie they all.
print out stuff so ex! GRR
then we went interview for work at pool fusion.
oh ya C class. she is so fuck up.
another bias queen.
u can join R and make friends.

then went home sleep for 2 hours
then went kovan mac with ting .
YAY. so fast! u and daniel going 1 year alr! time flies!

ATTENTION: photos are photoshop-ed so it looks different. i did it cos its fun and pretty effects.

i am so sad! don't say i look like yang zhong wei ley! LOLS

i am so tired
slp slp
night aliens!

and and lynnly said ' ahahahahah. i want you to add in your entry 'lynnly says that she is broke and want people to donate cash to her''

Sunday, April 20, 2008

today is so boring!
i camped at home the whole day!

)= !

bored bored.

business of fashion.
rush rush rush.
go go go.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

went school today
R class.
i am soo GRRR with her. i cannot find the word that is worst than hate
boxy she taught ONLY TODAY
that time i ask her my design is boxy how to do she say ' what you think'
what the hell.
xiaozhu xue zhang never go school today! SADHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAS

acc julie to taka for her mom present
then met up with jeline
went paragon to eat fish and co
my first time.LOL
nice ley
then we went walk walk went cine outside sit down see people
funny lah! we suan here suan there. LOL
then saw jasmine and her bf and friends.

then then saw alex
i think he bluffed me a lot of times.
first abt his race
second about his horoscope.
he is so weird can.
gemini is so damn scary. sagi really perfect with gemini meh!? scare scare.
then samuel is pervert.
the world seems very complicated once i am out of your circle that you used to protect.

then nvm me and je acc him eat
then something happened between julie me and alex.
sorry ley julie! all my fault! LAOPA. erzi dui bu qi ni.
i will kill alex soon.

and i have fun with jeline! =D

and and ting! me and that mao what one is cannot de lah! but thanks ah!LOL

oh ya! when me and je go isnide train
a passby girl : excuse me excuse me
then we thought she calling us so we turned back and look like HARH WHAT?
then she was on phone. then we 3 started laughing non stop.LOL. SO PAISEH!

lots and lots of proj to do.
i am dying!

Friday, April 18, 2008

R class. she is like ' why u all dun wan go in class'
i said ' cos i dun like you'.
one day u watch out. i will shout right at your shitty face.
go back india fcuk urself lah. pppl dunno hw to do , u dun wan teach then end up u scold us we so slow. its all ur fault lah bias queen.

today nv saw xiao zhu xue zhang ! )=
tmr tmr! his class beside our class ohhhhh!

V class
another fucked up gay.
okay his is i really never do anything so nvm let him say.

then we went yishun chong bang with kei, kei's benjamin, julie.
my first tiem there.
then alex came.
then the atmosphere suddenly very weird sia.LOL!
he said he wants to go jalan kayu eat
so i acc him.
then he stupid stupid make me take wrong bus.
so the bus ended up at compass point
then we took another bus to there.
my annother first time to jalan kayu roti prata.
then he acc wait for my bus
and i walked home from point.
i am trying so hard to avoid that route.
and surprisingly
the consttruction area is ready alr. nice
then the 2 bike player that i used to see became 8 person gang.
a lot of thing change
so did love.

i am soooo god damn tired.
oh ya and ting! omg lah! u really go ask that guy number !
i joking only de leh!
i don't even know him
didn;t even see his face before
LOL. but thanks ah ting! i know u did that for my own good.LOL

tmr sch AGAIN.
i just got a feel i can't pass this sem. GOGOGO

Thursday, April 17, 2008

today went to PS meet jas julie eym
then we went spotlight cut cut.LOL.
then eat at kfc.
then then me and julie went gloria jeans coffee outside cine to do our work
but ended up playing the lappy.LOL.
then jas came with her friends
jas disappear left me and julie with her friends
then we started copying our work.

funny friends , fun to be with.LOL!
then share cab with jas and her friend.
gotta finish up my textile. i am sooo tired. double yawn.LOL.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

just reached home. HEADACHE

went to meet jasmine at school.
cos i am super urgent to pee plus we want to see our eye candy
we went up to the fifth floor toilet cos he having sewing!LOL
but in the end we have got no fate today.
thursday! JYJY.LOL

then we went arab street find julie and eym
then RAIN. sun plus rain somemore.
thats why i having bad headache now.
then we explore lil india.
in the end makes me hates the blacks more.
went mustafa. my first tiem there!
then when i acc julie to toilet and i opened the door
i like saw a bunch of hair flew to the back of the door but there was nothing.
didn't tel them till we reach the bus stop.
maybe i am hallucinating cos i have a headache.
i am very into curry now! be it indian, malay, japanese, chinese. I WANT CURRY

then we headed town
went o KBOX
its been awhile !
we sing sing sing. K K K
'te a ge yo te a ge yo
yi qi zou ba yi qi zou ba~'
'zhou nan ren~'
fun fun!
ah lian really high lah.
she even danced ' shake it mama shake it'

then cabbed home cos its over midnight like duh.

and mom is currently angry with me )=

and and AH LIAN! ur after8 is with me. i will finish it up for u! YAY.LOL

check it out ,yo is finally out.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

D's class.
bored bored.
D says no history of fashion
me jas and eym is like hiding and YES-ING behind.LOL

then we went campus 1 canteen eat.
then then a bird shit landed beside kei's food.
OMG LAH. stupid bird. kei so shuay lorh! then everyone no mood eat. feel like vomitting.

then we chat chat
kei jas and me has the same thoughts bubble.
we are 3 thinking of eye candy!LOL
then we desperately went back to school
as the only thinkg we know is his class.
then we go take photo of his timetable.LOL
then he gt class at 2 pm
we went 7eleven as kei wanted to eat then we say he will walk pass 7eleven at 2 pm
THEN he realyl walked past!
jas: omgs! he coming!
me: really ah?
then we saw him then we 3 looked away cos we feel very guilty!LOL
he wore red with vest black jeans and boots. xiao zhu xue zhang!

we are pervertic lah! LOL. and and the 7eleven is play STOP AND STARE. so whenever we heard the song we will think ofhim.LOL EYE CANDY

then we went chinatown walkwalk buy fabric.

then i went PS to meet
then went cine
watched 'RUN PAPA RUN'
its damn damn damn NICE
its super funny
and super duper SAD.
we both cry tgt. SO SAD!

then went taka outside sit
i will revenge de!
scared me! GUOFEN.
make me scream so loud and loose my xing xiang!

tmr need to go back school )=
but i can see sheepdog KE LE after cschool. YAY.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

today i am stoning at home the whole day

i PS a human again. i am so bad!
then went to mac with ting to eat then went home.
was acc sis rewatch heart paws. so sad! )=
make me emo
then think of fucker R make me feel i will fail this sem.
i am missing someone. can you feel that i miss you?

tmr school again. ))=

Saturday, April 12, 2008

today went to pay respect to my dad with mom at another place at simei.
early and tired!

then went mall eat.
HAN'S chicken carbonara damn nice ley!
then bought hair dye, saline solution , zit cream , conditioner. HEE
then the watson people gave us kotex sample.LOL

then went home i fall asleep
and then went to point mac eat ice cream with ting
then fetch her sis from school.
and and we went hougang green. its been a veryveryvery long time since i went there.
then went 681 mac again.
slack slack. her sis is so cute.LOL. so small size.LOL! walk like a gosling! LOL.

i think i am having mental disorder
whenever i thought of pattern making i feel like killing people.LOL.

20 mins more to wash my hair from the hair dye.
goodbye my crazy color hair! and lets welcome my black hair once again.LOL.

warning! only gt mascara so i look like ghost in the following photo.LOL

she slaps me!

caught red handed bullying her back.LOL

i am in love with MariƩ Digby . her music rocks =D
went out when its the time the cklass starts. late again!

went school then went arab street
bought 2 fabrics for the design top we making.
cool place to be in.

then we went eat and went back school for R class
i really seriously feel like killing R. fcuker lah!
PCB. NB. KNN. do everything, everything wrong.
i going to poke voodoo and put curse on her i swear.


walked to fareast damn hot.
then meet up with ting and jeline.
walk walk. ting bought a dress and belt.
we wander and wander.
ate mogumogu ALONE cos 2 stupid idiot want eat long john.
then went home.

i hate today lah becos of that fucking girl.

but thank god we didn't bump into curry pok gang today.
but we bump into our ah ah's family eye candy.LOL! TSK.LOL!

finally weekend arrive. i am damn tired althou i like didn't do anything this week.

this is what jasmine always did in class.LOL! JK

my lucky elephant =D

super candid. LOLS

Thursday, April 10, 2008

hie hie

R class.
hate her like fucking hell.

and we are so damn LUCKY today.
we see the curry pok gang like almost everywhere can. fuckers.
gay plus bitches.
go eat see them, go sunshine plaza see them, in lift see them, off school see them. piss me off.
i forgot to take my paper bag from printing shop. ii hate my brain.

oh ya! IRON MAN.LOL!
TSK. EH! at least there are still one person in the school better than the curry pok gang.LOL!

V class.
we talk talk talk then me and kei realise samuel is our commom friend! singapore like damn small lah. happening! LOL!

then kei friend give us a ride to cine.
watched ' definitely , maybe'
abit draggy but quite nice to me maybe becos it has some memories abt that show.

moody! looked back at my blog, exactly one year ago i am watching 'sunshine' when candy is still sweet.

HUNGRY gotta go find food.
went to school
waited for lynnly at 7eleven
then got one weird shushu called me let him see fortune. CRAZY MAN

then we went school sewsewsew
and hor those year 3 student.
we want LOL is our problem don't need you all to bitch something abt it.
fucking gay with pink skinny. and fucking malays and fucking curry po hair.
year 3 so what?. your design sucks btw. copy gareth pugh plus chris using hair in your clothes.
act special but not special.

then went ps wth julie and eym
eat eat then saw jas and her bf.
then we went walk daiso buy file
then we went carrefour crap.
stupid ah lian go play the x box.LOL!
then we sit the swing trying not to move scare ppl.
then we use sword fight here fight there.LOL!
ah lian ah beng zhou jiang hu.LOLS
fun fun

tmr V class. dead. i hate him.LOL

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

i am afraid to look back. i am trying my best to forget.

i am feeling damn tired these few days alothou i slept like forever.

today went to mandai and pay respect for my dad and grandpa. sao mu.
miss you dad!
saw a child grave. only lived for 3 years. and its same horoscope as me. so i opened a melon drink and put it there cos the grave has no flowers no food i guess no one came to visit .
me and sis will bring flowers for you next year . rest in peace .

so i start asking my uncle and aunt horoscope inside my my aunt friend car.
there are 2 female virgo, 1 female aries , 1 female sagi, 1 male cancer , 1 male sagi.
the horoscope kinda clash.LOL.

went back home fall asleep again. i think i am PMS-ing
then went PS with mom and sis.
bought sis a guess wallet as her bday gift.
then sis went to meet her friends and me and mom continue shopping.
bought a shoe in the end. yay.

need to go and and finish sewing tmr! sleepy! moody!
every corner of the world seems to be planted with memories.

i screwed my old blogskin up.
so i need to collect link now. )=

yesterday was too tired so didn't blog
ytd went bugis by 147
damn many bangala. then the taxi driver very bad lo
the whole bus is really flooded with bangala then the bus driver like
' STUPID AH DUNNO HOW TO MOVE? STUPID' wah like that sia.

then meet up with an idiot act don't know me becos of my hair. LOL.
then acc him to buy bag and stupid scare of ah lian!
then we watched ' untraceable '
its not nice but the killer is damn pervertic lah
use surphuric acid , uv light , saw , cement . DAMN GROSS.
don't waste money for those scenes.LOL.

idiot went taiwan for 1 week today.
faster come back and entertain me!

zilian zilian

school again!
bored bored
so many projects to do !
cos i was too tired to sew so i went home and sleep.LOL
then huiting woke me up at 6pm and we went kovan for dinner at mac.
chat chat chat
eat eat eat then went home. tired but cool day!
look like butch beside huiting too. GRR.LOL.
never wear lens like blind like that. take photo also v ugly.LOL

huiting called me to feature her ppooh.LOL

an idiot sign on my mom ezlink .LOL!

we are lesbians. GRR

Sunday, April 06, 2008

meet up with jeline

she wanted to go marina heatwave monsoon to cut her hair.
her stylist was a asshole woman. keep talk talk talk. crappy . act like very pro like that

i was there praying hope my stylist is not her.
so was it, it was not her. PHEW

its another stylist that cut my hair
i like it very much! i will go back there and find him to cut.
but the hairstyle is short lah. I LIKE IT SHORT.LOL! if u can take it then its nice
i looked like butch beside girly jeline.LOL

but he really put too much pray on my hair. like free like that .

he is another stylist that cut bold hair and its nice. after izoc

izoc from 'the scene' at wisma is very good!
this one is called alex yeo at marina heatwave with hand that smells of smoke. GRR.
can go try them!

then we eat at cafe cartel
eat till we cant walk.lOL
then went town walk walk
oh ya took neoprints.LOL! fun!
then wallk walk went bugis walk walk.
then went home! =D
fun day!

i only took the right side. the left side is totally different.

see the hair cos i noe the face is ugly. cos it looked liike yzw!LOL!

see that fucking woman. hate her.

we are 2 kid that is totally opposite each other that has been best best buddies for going 6 years =D

Saturday, April 05, 2008

my phone went crazy
ytd night i charged and morning no more batt!
and as i rely on my phone alarm to wake me up, then i woke up the time i was suppose to be in schhol la. fed up

then sew sew sew
went kopitiam eat
and! there is KA ZUA!
damn disgusting can.

then went pattern making
R fuck big time lahh.
hire u as teacher for what sia. TEACH LAH STUPID. NO BRAIN.
ask u question u ask me back. FUCKER LAH.

then went PS meet my friend
slack here slack there
coffee bean
don't be sad that your relationship is over. don't cry okay!
and don't say sorry just because you reminded me of love lah!

then we went sit outside taka
slack slack talk talk see see people relax relax
then went walk around.
so we slacked till like 1145pm and catched the very last train to amk and yishun
phew still have last bus!
sat outisde cine. makes me feel so ahlian's.LOL
and and youth park! first time saw people b-boying in freestyle. cool ley
so i jus reached home. YAY

i am tired!

is reggae class still on tmr? HEH HEH.

Friday, April 04, 2008

i am better le but still don't have appetite.
so i drank 2 meiji choc milk for lunch after ruby dry textile class ( i forgot to birng a class of water in)

i am so in love with coke vending machines.
there is like atray that goes up then the coke drops in the tray then the tray go to the dropper place then drop the coke. SO FUN.LOL
then we went back school slack at PD room and steph started doing henna for us. COOL LEY.

cos i can't move my hands then 2 idiot go and PIAK my strip. PAIN LEY.

then we went bugis walk around
the rain and thunder damn scary today lah.
like roaring like no body business
then my stupid brain with not enough memory card 4gt to take my sewing box and left it at bubble tea store. went backt o take.

then we went national museum .
NAFA anniversary fashion show.
the light sway and sway beautiful but giddy.LOL.
the models is sooooooooo tall and doll doll!
the designs was simple but the models like walk down the escalator was damn cool lah.
we feel v bad becos we look a bit under dressed.LOL!
saw mojojojojo. its cool overall.

then we went PS eat and headed home.
lonog day tmr! )=

national museum =D CHIOS
my super duper cute sister. even when the whole world turns down on me, she is alwasy there for me =D

vain people.LOL!JK

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

went to chinatown bought calico and went back compass emicakes to buy cake.
fudge! for my sis's birthday~

so nice to eat!

16 LEY! OLD !

i am still nt late! few mins more then your birthday over.LOL

and thanks for the things you bought at thailand! YAY =D

its the xia ri mo mo cha place.
the beach is paradise
and the view of sunrise is awesome!
gastric pain
fever 39.1

terrible !
didn't went for makeup class )=
but i will pull myself later to go sewing.

thanks to all that cared! HEH HEH

the AH AH's family and samuel.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

my gastric pain
i am feeling exhausted and uncomfortable.GRR

is it becos of the 2 laxative i took? JIDAN

today is ivan's last class till may!
you will be missed! and defend the country yo!

then we went to eat slack hang ard
then finally went sewing
sewed a puff sleeve and peterpan collar. satisfaction (KEI)

steph sewed a hp pouch for us! LOL! cool ley!

then went mall find mom
i totally had no appetite.
keep burping the sour fluid.EEK

oh ya and bought a fake bouquet of roses cos next tues going mandai pay respect to my dad =).
so fast another year has passed. 8 years, how amazing.
i love you! =D

then after that class we will keep ' feedback, feedback~'.LOL!
then sat we need to swing our head.
then mon yoyo again.
we are so busy!LOL!
then we will be in reggae class dancing booty bangs.LOL!


my mom is so cute. ! :3
my ah gong is so cute too! :33

our proj work! 20 outfit collection. COOL BA. althou we are seen as the'nt serious ' group but i think we rocks like a lot. more than anyone. =D AH AH's family!

pouch steph make! CHIO! THANKS!

oh ya i am falling in love with trance due to kei influence!
KEI's fav song. SATISFACTION. nice ley!

we lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and OPPS lots of love :3
my gastric pain
i am feeling exhausted and uncomfortable.GRR

is it becos of the 2 laxative i took? JIDAN

today is ivan's last class till may!
you will be missed! and defend the country yo!

then we went to eat slack hang ard
then finally went sewing
sewed a puff sleeve and peterpan collar. satisfaction (KEI)

steph sewed a hp pouch for us! LOL! cool ley!

then went mall find mom
i totally had no appetite.
keep burping the sour fluid.EEK

oh ya and bought a fake bouquet of roses cos next tues going mandai pay respect to my dad =).
so fast another year has passed. 8 years, how amazing.
i love you! =D

then after that class we will keep ' feedback, feedback~'.LOL!
then sat we need to swing our head.
then mon yoyo again.
we are so busy!LOL!
then we will be in reggae class dancing booty bangs.LOL!


my mom is so cute. ! :3
my ah gong is so cute too! :33

our proj work! 20 outfit collection. COOL BA. althou we are seen as the'nt serious ' group but i think we rocks like a lot. more than anyone. =D AH AH's family!

pouch steph make! CHIO! THANKS!

we lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and OPPS lots of love :3
only rest a few mins ytd night.
chiong-ing clarrisa proj

then went class so sleepy!
went bugis buy tights for dancing class

then went back
boom sleep till 6pm

woke up and went back sch outisde 7eleven again
i earliest!
then we went OSCHOOL

its so fun! LOL!
althou the dance like fucking difficult lah!

is called booty bangs.LOL
after class we chilled at kopitiam till i just reach home
missed my last bus and have to take 72 bus i hate most.

damn funny lah ah ah's family!
popping when u eat~ LOL!!!!!!!!
hiphop on street~ FUCK!

fun fun!

reggae class on sat! WOOTS