Sunday, March 29, 2009

refer previous post for post.

do we look alike?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Dear Diary.

this post will be boring. photos update soon as jeline is in sentosa being chased by a walking merlion. HAHA

i am yuyan and i am a shopaholic too.
watched ' CONFESSION OF A SHOPAHOLIC' ytd with jeline.
the online ratings are fake ! its damn nice ! lauhg ur ass off and drop some tears and feel the warmth ! HAHAHA.

school dominates my life. it makes me headache. sad. angry. dissapoint. negative. but whatever. i have to finihs it anyway.

i jus woke up from a 16 hours sleep. and jus becos its 16 i am having a bad headache now for slping too long.

went to clarke quey for photography class. CQ was boring !
arcylic paint was nice for western painting.
children's wear is difficult.i really dun like pd this sem.
susan was damn nice.
visual merchadising still as cool !
gerber is getting sucky.
sewing is tiring .
my school life is getting hopeless.

i came about this phrase'happy people makes me depress'
i never thought being happy could cause so much to others.
i just laughed smiled like no one business cos i dun wan to be sad but i din know someone could be hurt by it. life is so weird. well. i hope those who can't be happy could be happier. could laugh more. coud smile more.what will come would come. but after it came it will be overcome. rhymthes sia. HAHA.

fifi is cuter than ever and i love him. i am obsess in him and i am possessive over him. no one could say anything bad or beat him. cos my love for him includes his baddness . his everything (:
for once i was emo and i broke into tears as no one was home and fifi came by my leg and sat there looking at me without barking. my heart melts ! and i stopped. you are loved , fifi !

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Dear Diary !

i was feeling moody the whole damn day until i saw the DOUBLE FULL RAINBOW. its so pretty!
the rainbow sets in the orange sky. omg. it makes me feel like my life is not a waste ! least i saw the the coolest rainbow ever.

i don't know for what fk reason i was moody the whole day. maybe i can't breathe through the life i am having now?
one week past.
children's wear is difficult. i guess women's wear was still the best of all? HAHA.
skipped western on wed. handed in computerised techniques . satsified. HAHA

yesterday was with jeline and huiting. we make it a point to meet every friday if made possible.
for like a year or more we skipped horror movie cos we are really scared of ghost.
and i happen to suggest to catch COMING SOON.( we should really watch hotel of dogs instead)

let me narrate a story here.
we went in , the lights went out, i took out my jacket o cover my eyes, jeline joined into my jacket, huiting acted strong and said she does not want. and after like 1min, we said we should stop and go out now. HAHAHA.
BUT we din ofcourse. and ting swore she will never ever watch horror again. i think that goes the same for me. HAHAHA.

we went mind's cafe after that but its all packed so we went to eat rocher beancurd instead.
then went bugis arcade
then headed home. i called my sis when i reach my lift cos i was scared and 'crazy the movie is not scary la' she said. HAHAHA

OH ! and my BB CREAM IS HERE ! hee!

oh ma how can i forget. I cut my hair . hmm ok again. HAHA.
i need to cut every 2 months if not my heart feels itchy. HAHA.
tried REDs and bugis this time. and btw i am a salon hopper. maybe i could be a salon critque?
weng from reds is good . although the style was still the same but i felt different. HAHAHA!.

i am feelling happier now ! stop the rain ! i really hates rainy days.

slurps* heh heh

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


menswear its over. childrens wear was the next.

life has been on the verge.
school work flooding me.
staying overnights to do.
actually it doesn't feel that lonely staying overnight as FIFI is always lying beside my leg.
and when u looked out of ur windows, you actually see some lights are still on. it feels like others are also trying hard too. i am not alone.

afterall i stil have my friends and family there for me. they cheer me up in down times and give me a hand when i fall. THANKS !

i dun mind doing because since sec1 it has always be my dream to be in fashion.
(btw before that i was inspired to be a nursary teacher).
fashion is my whole life . but past few days, i have not been doing what i wanted.
he rejected my everything at the last min and i have to cope up a new theme which i totaly duno what i was doing.
i want to believe in myself but it just dun feel right.

above is just all my venting.
to conclude i will still hold on. i am the unbeatable fishball. bounces back to shape no matter hw reality squeezes me.

was out with jeline and huiting my 2 best buddies ever to IT FAIR. the crowd is sooooooo wow. HAAH.
went town too. oh! and tts my mom's polka dots jacket. loving it !

see whats see.

the butch and her girl. HAHA

Thursday, March 12, 2009

this is so cute ! HAHAHA.

love lily allen ! ((:

i am lazy too blog !

went sch. meet jeline. find supplies . busybusy.

oh ! DEPARTURE is damn nice,
jap movie.
it was simple but somehow the movie translate the whole meaning super well.
and tmr swollen eyes !

nowadays movies all so sad !

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Dear Diary!

the weather is becoming worst. please save the earth !

i have reflected and decided to blog everyday again. HAHA

went work today. bored. fusion used to be a place where is hapy working but now it just sucks like dunno what shit.

tmr gt makeupclass ): 9 man. its not like it 2 or what. so early. such a sin to this nice sleeping weather. hahaha.

my god rihanna married chris? after all those abused. some girls just need to wake up.

as of aspire but oscar wilde. i started reading poetry man. HAHA. below would the poet of the day. ((:


A scatter of cold cases
makes two separate strings.
Rival news hours mime discovery.
For so long we've been practicing—
unwrapping our surprise.
In heaven the soul is sheltered
from the expanse of time.
It contracts to a point of light
or spreads out "all along" like a wave.
The real is what can't escape

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

gosh ! its been so long since i blog.

alot happened.

i am in tutorial week but it dun quite feels like.
busy busy busy. busy with sch. busy with fun.busy nosing.

did a super huge frame for huiting.
set my inspiration on OSCAR WILDE. love him so much my god. even found a song about him.
photography is rocking part of my life now. can't believe i risked height for photography. went mt faber by cables. my god. HAHA

ohohoh! MARLEY AND ME is awesome ! . watched with samuel. SAD. and there goes my swolen eyes agian. i am loving FIFI More than ever. polariod is cool from sam.

i bought a squuezy camera online but i haven get film so i din used it yet.

i am drilling my brain to get what happen these few daysss.
i shall elaborate tmr. feeling tired can;t think HAHA. tmr kbox-ing with jleine! yahoo!

and photos soon ! posts get boring without colours. HAHA