Sunday, November 30, 2008

Dear Diary,

just went hougang mall with huiting.
accompany her buy her surprise stuff. HAHA
and i ate 2 huge GOMA seaeme ice cream from pepper lunch.
and my gastric is feeling so unwell now. feel like vomiting sia. damn.

and why is the world so unpeaceful?

heard that singapore AIDS cases is increasing at a speed that everyday there is at least one new case.

Dear Diary,

holidays are so so boring.

watched finish a new japanese drama ' ATTENTION PLEASE'

supa nice. so inspiring . cried.
its about being a cabin attendants. cabin attendants is a lot more than just serving tea in sky.
love it. i want to be a cabin attendant too ! but yes SLIM DOWN my god.
met huiting , her sis and jeline at mac.
slacked. fun !
life could be so simple but i am inspired everyday (:

last verse of DECODE. love this song. soso much.

There is something I see in you.
It might kill me.
I want it to be true.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dear Diary,
thou shall start with yesterday's happenings first.
was like working at the stupid fusio
then met up with jasmine, steph and luxuan. miss all ! school is missed too.
we hanged around cine and crapped.

and for today,
met up with ting and my sec school friend zhanyuan.
its been awhile.
we hanged around at bugis
photos and more photos.
slack at JCO. loved the strawberry donuts.

and we watched ' FOUR CHRISTMASES'

its damn funny.
Vince Vaughn is the guy acted in FRED CLAUS last year right ? ! its been a year? tt fast?
my god. he is forever so cute and a pro comedian
and the pretty Reese is perfect !

before i could even take a breath , time caught up and things have changed a million pace faster than i was.
and lastly DECODE. i really loved this song. and TWILIGHT.

Do you see what we've done? We've gone and made such fools , Of ourselves.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dear Diary,

met up with ting.

went novena then bishan to find retail job but i don't like the clothes !

then we went TP to find jeline.
and why is every polytech so huge compared to NAFA.
butbutbut i still love NAFA. small and cosy like a big family.
ate the canteen western. nice ! i will see you jeine every wednesday in your school. hahahas
slacked and tampines. so long since i been there.
and i missed ikea daily special )):

and home we go.
tmr work at fusion. dreadful.i don't like the atmosphere there anymore.

and lastly DECODE verse 3
yes paramore again.

The truth is hiding in your eyes, And it's hanging on your tongue
Just boiling in my blood, But you think that I can't see
What kind of man that you are, If you're a man at all
well, I will figure this one out, On my own.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

i have completed these 2 movies.
both korean.
romance. NICE !

Virgin Snow.
as you can see. there's LEE JOON KI. its abt he going japan to study and knew this girl from kyoto. beautiful story line.

100 days with Mr Arrogant.
its somehow like the male version of my sassy girl. but its nice ! sweet !

Dear Diary,

my gosh . everyday is soso mundane !
sleep eat sleep eat . no wonder i feel like i am adding more pressure to the ground.

as for today, helped mom dyed her hair.
then went point and get grocery done.
oh i challenged the MEGA spicy but failed. end up pushing all the food to mom. hahas
and lastly bought fifi out to park for a walk.
he really dislike strangers.
but i love fifi !

and like always, DECODE
i hope paramore come to SG.

for the chorus

How did we get here? When I used to know you so well.

But how did we get here? Well, I think I know.

Dear Diary,

met up with sam at yck . finally (:

went lido. talked crapped .

and watched a korean comedy


my god. i thought it would be plain boring but

its damn funny ! the fat guy is damn funny ! HAHAHAS

and lastly

DECODE. by paramore.

i love paramore !


now the second verse of DECODE

Not gonna ever own what's mine, When you're always taking sides?

But you won't take away my pride. No, not this time. Not this time.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dear Diary,

went to pray with my aunt today.
new perspective. weird but maybe it take time?

and so sorry sam the boar . keep delaying our meeting.
TMR . i will fetch you at SPH. to see beautiful lights and photos (:

DECODE by paramore !

How can I decide what's right,When you're clouding up my mind?
I can't win your losing fight,All the time.

yes i am promoting this song again.
i just love PARAMORE.

and zac from paramore was 1990 kid too ! cool !

Dear Diary,

i have a new japanese name with the help from kei ! JUNKO
kei meant respectful in japan
and junko meant pure. yay ! sounds good !

met up with huiting head to PS
and watch my kids central favourite after mirumo
its so nice ! although we are flooded with kids.
but who cares ! i am a kiddy ( maybe kiddo ) .

everyone is fucked up with troubles lately but don't worry !
i have a supa big ear ((:

i love the christmas decor lights that glow in the dark. it conforts me .
and makes me smile !


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dear Diary,

Bunka , Ueda and Kobe . nihonjin o issai ka? argn

went to The Central at clarke Quey to like search for retail jobs but i don't like all the apparel. HAHA
went bugis. took neooprints ! and wandered around.
i am bored !
merry 1st KELE !

lastly i really want to watch TWILIGHT
decode by paramore is so addicting !

Friday, November 21, 2008

Dear Diary,
watched Beverly Hills CHIHUAHUA with ting at vivo.

its soooo nice !
and FIFI is a mixed chihuahua with maltese !

To FiFi

fifi is te cutest dog i have ever seen and last seen.
he gets emo when we go out.
he sweep his tail in full speed when we came home or woke up in the morning.
he jumps around hoping us to play with him.
he is white with 2 big watery eyes.
he is so cutie little small and its damn hugable than soft toys.
he will try to make mak ehis way into our lap when we sat down.
he bark real hard at strangers although he is small but really mighty.
he is loyal and gets jealous easily.
he only eat when we feed him right into his mouth.
he hear me cry and laugh
he keep my fear off in lates night
he bites my homework
he love tissues.
he is damn sensitive to sound and movements.
he is great.

seeing this cute little fifi makes my reason to go on everyday.
i have promised him to keep him safe with all i can.

fifi is more than a companion. (:
he is my life.

okay and below is my cam whored photos . like always.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dear Diary,

shiawase. happiness . i seem to have heard that before. but not now.

holidays is so so boring and mundane !

why is TWILIGHT showing on 21st nov in US whihc is like the day after tmr and 18th dec for Singapore? argn. GDI

i can't wait !

paramore is so loved ! DECODE .

discovered lots of cool songs !

Since you've been gone- A Day to Remember : this version is damn great ! i am loving it !

lips of an angel- Hinder : its good the tempo and lyrics but it feels like buckcherry.

decode-Paramore : paramore ~ i love them ! their new song from twilight soundtrack. paramore is offically my fav band.

sober-P!nk : pink is cool, pink rocks , pink does everything better than others (: its pink man !

Gimme Chemcials- The pink spider : this song is really cute . the chorus is super addictive.

Le Disko - Shiny Toy Guns : watch this music video. i love the video. and the music of this song.

still got lots more. but saying mor emakes my entry so boring !

my blog is kinda boring . cos my life is all about music and fashion.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dear Diary,

i didn;t go for my appointment at funan kimage. too lazy !
shall cut next week !

meeting daryl for his hair cut but i prepared too early and i started snapping and fall asleep. HAHA

and once again, i was late. HAHA


CLOVER ! support CLOVER ((: at far east level 3 !
saw fidelis and said hi. hahas.

went back fusion and went hoem.

any retail jobs to intro humans?

i am starting to miss school. so contradicting !
my chapped lips.(btw its effect)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dear Diary,

and HOORAY it;s ifnally like over !
fashion and music is my life. abit orbi uh but i swear i can't leave without them !
and lecturers is loved. can't imagine i am saying this .



check this out man.
vampire love story. excited !
and and the guy is the harry potter senior right? HANDSOME SIA
and and the soundtrack ! HAS PARAMORE ! so happy ! 2 songs by paramore
i am going to the library tomorrow nd borrow that book ! so cool !
I LOVE VAMPY i mean those hadnsome and harmless ofcourse.

updates of my life
nothing much happen except my sleepless days are over.

gotta cut my hair tmr !

Sunday, November 09, 2008

dear diary,

its time for countdown !
4 more days ! thanks ting and jeline so touched ! always encourage me ((:
i will do my best for you two !

high schooh muscical3 with je and itng yesterday.
zac efron is the most perfect man on earth?
when he stripe the whole cinema goes like ' oh my god. so beautiful'
we are like laughing out loud. SO FUNNY

school today even its a saturday !
but din do much.

itunes playing crack the shutter-the snow patrol.
crack the shutters open wide~

i will be back on wednesday !

Monday, November 03, 2008

dear diary,

i just want to be happy !

now they even want to stop me from laughing? WTF is wrong with them.
i love may (: thanks for telling me.

i guess i really has no choice but to fake it till i get it.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

dear diary,

i have been search for words to use but i still end up with


i just yearn for my holidays !

KD didn't call today ! ): ahahahas!

harry potter half blood prince is coming ! voldermort will gain his darkest power and dumledore will die. how i wish he could stay to see the ending. saddening episode !

pink 'funhouse' album is out ! every song is so nice ~ i have all the album song in itunes now ! HOOT! i love p!nk ! and katy perry. lady gaga just suck.

i think i have nothing better to blog till my hols is here.

12nov ! my death day. my god. D&W will kill me for sure !
and its my dad's 9th death anniversary. hope i can do it first and rush to pray.

okay off to sleep . tmr will be another kuku day.
need to attend my cousin baby 1month celebration and night need to go some pray thing.