Monday, January 29, 2007

today i stayed at home then went to point eat.
so damn buy the spaghetti gt green pepper.
almost vomit out.
then mom cal me go buy other food.LOL.
then night go find dear. i love you=)

but i also love bunny, jellyfishh , jan and sis.LOL

Saturday, January 27, 2007

today went to nafa open house ! their collection looks cool.LOL.
i think i will choose fashion marketing le.LOL.
then went to bugis eat then saw diya and darren and jeremy.LOL.
then went to orchard shop shop and i bought my shoe!.LOL.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

i love my tang mei, xin ying!.LOL

today went to fetch sis frm bowen the bus stop then rain like crazy
the wind is so damn big . normally people take umbrella take upright but we have to put int in front against the wind.LOL
then the wind blew our hair up until so damn ugly until we have to use umbrella cover our face.LOL
then went to point sis eat. then like obasan go ntuc buy necessities .LOL.
then went to eat lunch with dabian and his bro.
the end.LOL

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

i love my mom
i love my sis
i love all my friends

Saturday, January 20, 2007

today went to temasek poly for open house.
apparel design looks so damn cool with all the window designs.
then we went for a show in the business school then jeline came after her work.
after that we went tampines mall and ate pastamania. then my head suddenly like pain like crazy
. we went to watch ' ghost tunnel' its quite a boring horror movie but scary to a certain extent.lOL.
my head hurts and my coughing wouldn't go away.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

today so damn sucky!
meet a damn guy. fuck off la.
don't even try to know me. i am unreachable.
spoil my mood for goodness sake . DAMN.
i so racial harmony man.
my tao hua yun so damn strong but all bad one. shit it.

Monday, January 15, 2007


Sunday, January 14, 2007

what a day man. yesterday shi mian. slept at 5 am then 9 am wake up.
and went to work in thai. i so miss them .
then reached amk saw kit yee!!!!!!! love you love you!! chat a while then i rushed to work.
then when reached thai , robin said ' WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR HAIR!!! last time more pretty' my heart sink.LOL
then bao yee first reaction ' XIAO PANG!!' really miss her saying that.LOL.
then i go in kitchen, jun say ' YU YUAN MIAN!'
then ting ting and guang hui say ' huan yin ni hui lai ' so heart warming.
i miss all of you!! i had a fun time today .
sometimes you really need to lose something then you will know how beautiful they are . =)
today is so so boring. went to mall with mom. eat eat then go library research for my fashion portforlio. chat with fab and inspire me to write something.
the definition of love. for his girl, as long as the guy really loves her thats the definition.
i finally realise what is love to me.
to be able to see him everyday laughing is love
everyone has something different about love and whats yours?.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

today so damn happy today.
finally went out with bunny and jellyfishh but no jan.
we 4 must go out one day after jan quit that stupid job
we went bugis eat le then bunny shop for her JC bag. but it makes me feel so miss school again. time please bring me back
then jellyfishh shop for her clothes but see none.
then walk here walk there . it makes me think of last year when we go out after school. wearing that super nice uniform ( i mean it our uniforn is really nice ) . i miss the old days. argn fuck it la, i really miss HS and 4e1

Thursday, January 11, 2007

YAY i am part of icpo thanks to fab.LOL.
ting, if got anyone bully you or you got any problem must come find me. those'ppl' just so fucking idiotic.
learn pool today. i just sucks big time at that.
i am missing school la. those who are schooling pls cherish ur school days.
sec 1 i was thinking 'what the fuck i get into this stupid damn sch'. now i finally realize i never ever regretted in getting into HS. but i think its too late now. what about a chinese new year reunion on new year eve?. everyone mus go back hor!! argn. i don't want you guys to disappear from my life. =(

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

my fishie gone le.
i miss school

i miss 4e1
i miss our classroom
i miss our toilet
i miss waking up at 6 am
i miss rushing for the morning assembly
i miss singing the national anthem
i miss mr tan saying ' something like that'
i miss my cute cute miss chia
i miss sleeping in class
i miss talking when teacher teaching
i miss that fucking lim scolding me and je when we laugh .
i miss joel's crap
i miss georgina calling me ' huai ren'
i miss ting sitting beside me
i miss je and i laughing like mad playing bingo when teacher teaching
i miss jan calling me ass
i miss the joy we had when teacher's absent
i miss recess when we stayed in class
i miss PE playing ball!
i miss after school when we go watch movie
argn! can give me one day more of schooling again?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

i am sorry huiting. i dun mean it but i just keep making people angry. sorry. hope u will be happy everyday in your school =) . SORRY. i dunno what to say except sorry.
and the 9th floor guy was sitting beside me on the bus when i go home

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

i went to goat farm today! the goat is so damn cute! the mouth soft soft de and saliva oso very comfy.LOL. they rocks! they are so kissable man! just wanna bring them home. and i am going to buy a organizer tmr . my new year resolution will be out soon ! hope my dreams would be as beautiful as the fireworks spurting freely in the dark navy blue sky =)

Monday, January 01, 2007

merry 2007!! went to esplanade for countdown yesterdat but before that i am working in thai express my last day. then rushed down to marina bay for steam boat with my class then went to esplanade. then fireworks was gorgeous, amazing . it just make me speechless but mouth opened wide.LOL.then went to makansutra then sis trapped in MS so we went to find her. then when going home. a damn thing happened. I LOST MY WALLET AGAIN!!!and i just bought my wallet for 20 dollar. inside 6o plus then exlink 10. 90 in total! DAMN! lost my ezlink for the 6th time. i dunno what to say. i am going to buy a chain and hang my wallet around my neck. if anyone saw somemore so crazy then thats me hanging the wallet at my neck. jus venting out. MERRY NEW YEAR