Wednesday, January 30, 2008

i am really bored.

borrowed a cute graphic book called ' i love you , baby'.LOL
its a book that introduce all the graphic designers and work.

on the first page of the book is JON BURGERMAN

quite cute man!
3 stars out of 5.
check out the web by pressing the name.
i have downloaded the zeebzeebs as screensaver. HAHAS.

my tummy ache is killing me.

spot the difference =D
happy day =D
with the company of my boy and sis

went to town and meet my boy with sis
went fareast walk walk
walk everywhere in orcahrd
sit at coffee bean
eat cake and drink choc
what a life
then in conclusion before we went PS
my sister bought one dress, 2 checked tops. NICE =D
but she don't want let me wear =(
my boy bought a sex pistol tee.
i LOVE sex pistol.
and i bought one blue top. then i realise i doon't really like it.lOL.

saw one high waist with 70's flare at the hem from pull and bear.
wah damn nice can!
90bucks . price also very nice. FK.
i will get it one. wait for me!.

then we head PS
ate the food at the food kunction.
NICE really very very nice. yummy!

then watched ' CLOVERFIELD'
despite all the nasty comments about how bad is that show,
i thought its was quite good.
but as in perfect but makes you stare at the screen cos u dun wan to miss anything.

then we headed home. =D

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

today morning class.
woke up really late
my mom woke me up and i was like' PLS SAVE ME'
today's the first that i didn't bathe to school.HAHAS
then rushed down

then class was as usual BORING.
listen to them like lullaby seriously. keep yawning yawning.
the only difference is that you are forced NOT to fall asleep.

then school over and i went PS eat chippy cheesy curry chicken
and headed home

napped for awhile
and went out ot meet my boy
went vivo
walked around.
settle for SUPERDOG
and i go tik gam there turn for a hp chain.
then headed home
happy as long as we could stay happy and don't quarrel. =D

like so finally.

i made love from superdog!

hehheh.give me some money!

my lovely boy
the lovely me.BWAHAHAHAHAHAs

Monday, January 28, 2008

this was the day before and before and before ytd.

this was before and before ytd . trying to figure out how tall.

this was ytd. a stupid idiot make me cry and keep taking ugly picture and video make me more irritated.

i am single eyelid today all thanks to my swollen eyes.

meet my boy at ard 4 plus.
went vivo
daiso and bought a strawbeery choco ring very nice.
arcade my boy played his games
movie i chose a lousy movie i know.
wasted my boy money cos he treat today.
'the savages' okay was lame .
so i am sorry in wasting your money.

my swollen eyes chio right!thanks to him.

your bad habit haven change a bit.
if you enjoy looking at a bitch with heavy makeup and revealing clothes when you scold me when i looked at a guy then you should know how it feels .you even said she look like your friend which is like telling me' hey i am looking at her'
so what if she look like your friend or if thats your friend, you don't have to tell me a single bit.
i am not interested at in you dirty past or how many gals you F*** =)

okay i feel much better venting it out.
you apologized so i love you still.

you made me love and hate you.
so love is contradicting.

tmr sch again! debra's class. must wake up real early.LOL

Sunday, January 27, 2008

just watch project runway season 4 episode 9

they are to reconstructs levis jeans to an ironic look.

i think christian designs this time looks similar to his past challenge.
but the contruction was good.he's got a lot of potential.

ricky one was nice too! it looked more fashion fast forward than christian one. very cute but elegant in a way.

i like sweet p the way she makes the patchwork. the color contrast very beautiful!.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

my merry merry 1 year is not happy anymore.

this is my blog so , sorry my boy, i have the right to vent on my side of view

when i walked to his house the sun is like damn sunny today but i told myself nvm can go out play soon.

then the first word he said when i step him
'why so slow, i going ah ma house later'

i was like wtf. you said you'd bring me go vivo for fondue ytd
and pls today is our 1 year
you might not know i was told by my mom to go for a dinner thingy but i said firnly' CANNOT TODAY IS OUR 1 YEAR' but you? and i quarrelled with her becos of you. this is all so hellish and unfair.
and i hate empty promises.
you said you are stress
not like i am not.
i have 8 module, 8 projects to be handed in on feb and didn't start on one yet.
you said why i can't be more understanding?
i can tel you the ans

so you went for your dinner with ahma
and i went compass alone to return the fucking book you borrowed using my card which is now a fine of 28 bucks and i paid it.
then i went hougang mall alone
then went home alone.
my eyes are really swollen and heavy

so it was 9plus pm and i went to meet you for satay.
then quarrel again.
stop saying me thick skin just becos you think you are so heavenly which i don't think so.
you are good but not to the extend of me being thick skin.

i will rmb this 1 year so carefully becos i cried so many times in a day.
mayb 1 year its so not impt to you.
anyway you said sorry and wun have next time.
will our 1 year be a next time?its alr over.
if its 2nd year you talking abt, will we hang on till then?. i am starting to doubt.
you are not the guy i learn before, mayb you din change , i guess i see the wrong side of youy in the first that my 1 year is smashed. i have nothing to look forward to now. i should say i don't even want to think how good it will be becos it will eventually vanish

maybe you didn't know too, I AM REALLY REALLY TIRED OF CRYING.

i thought i could be happy for the first 1 year.but you made my life so wrong.

P.S : i poop at my boy house today.

happy happy

ytd was too tired so didn't blog

ytd sch was fun as usual. we crap here crap there play here play there but we still manage to finish our work =D

then i went bugis find my boy
we went to take neoprints. HEE
then we went suntec see my present for my boy
so i bought a vest from topman for him =D

then we went orchard lido watched ' THE MIST'
my boy treat cos i am broke on ce again.

this show is damn nice.
its grossness freaks you out.
the storyline makes you wow
then ending makes you cry
when i see the tank coming in , in the ending, my tears kinda gathers. its soooo sad can.
the only thing bad i think is the filming skill .

then we took 132 home.
12 strike and its our 1 year on bus
and i fall aslp on my boy arms.
when i woke up its 0017 alr. HAHAs.

my boy sends me home.

now i gotta go bathe , eat and preapre and meet my boy =D

Thursday, January 24, 2008

todaywoke up at 9am
bathed then saw a sms saying morning class cancel
first respond. AHHHHH
and i can't fall aslp again
so i prepare and went chinatown bbuy sewing things

then went bugis find jasmine
we walk ard.
jas bought the bag very nice =D

then we eat sweet corn
and my sweet corn keep popping out of my mouth.LOL
tts whats called ' popcorn'
lame i noe.LOL

jas say bugis there got one fortune teller very accurate
let's go someday!.
and horse this year is a very very very very very bad year
wealth, health, love all is in the downfall. so in conclusion
wear all red during lunar new year to keep awya those badluck. i am serious.
and we fan tai sui this year.

then we took bus back to nafa for vik lim lessons
cal us draw tailored jacket
i suddenly forgotten how a jacket look like.LOL
then he went out so we started fooling in class.
then end of class.
thanks kei for giving us that can sweet. SO CUTE LAH

stupid face.LOL

jasmine very bad lo. LOL!

then me and jas went arcade
we played the basketball thingy.
our marks like... LOL!
then we played mario kart
very fun also!
then jas went off with his boy

then i went shaw tower sit waiting for my boy
then finally he caem out and we went suntec
eat swensen. my 24 bucks =(.LOL
then we also went the fountain thingy and make wish.
and headed home.

HAHAHAS. didn't thought i will take a photo of you dozing off right.

i really really want to watch' SWEEDNEY TODD'
can anyone 18 or above pls lent me IC?
no school today.

meet my boy at ard 5pm
went his hse, style his hair, return him his shoes

then went amk mac
he do his sch work
the mccafe brownie very nice man.
my boy seems stressed
i think my stress is coming too.
i know i have many projects but i just have no mood to start.

oh ya my webcam became alive again
so we took some photos with tt

and i finally ordered a VIVITAR ULTRA WIDE AND SLIM camera!
YAYEEEE thanks steph for helping me made my decision

here are the sample of the effect taken by this camera.

cool right!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

things i have bought in one night. my money~
i just wanted to try out these product
still rmb the maxfactor concealer
it sucks like hell.
don't buy them. i throw it away
so i dun use concealer now.

for the e.l.f blusher
its damn good
i am restocking it.

and the jane loose powder
sucks too
the glitter make me look so oily.LOL

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara, Rich Black

i bought this becos the name sounds interesting. 2000 calories.LOL

e.l.f. Brightening Eye Liner, Black

bought this becos i wanted to test if it tugs when glide on.

e.l.f. Natural Radiance Blusher, Glow

my blusher restock

CARE Pre-makeup Cream
couldn't find a photo. its a make up base use in bridal company.from nv ren wo zui da

Palgantong Make-up Theatrical Powder
the cover very vintage right!thats why i bought this.HAHAS.
today woke up like 7am
trying to morning call jas but i think her phone went mad.
i reach school OUTSIDE like 840am
and b4 tt i still went to do some atm transfer cos i bought a few spree ytd night.
but i din went in cos the tot of is ivan's lessons BORED.
so i waited for kei
then we went in and bored.

then after 1 hr he say class over.
angry man.
we wake up sooooooo early then we go for 1 hr and GO HOME.

me kei julie and eym went PS spotlight searching for oue sewing thingy but its more ex than chinatown so we din buy
and we saw the india pierce here pierce that thing is call what ah?
then we started talking about spirits and many type of god

then i went my boy school there wait for him for his lunch break
we ate meatball subway
my boy got the one with 5 meatball!ANGRY
mine only 3! LOL!

then my boy went back for class
then i walk ard aimlessly

saw a ring from dorothy perkins
i have made my decision to get it tmr! LOL

then my head very pain went home
decided to go dye my hair
my hair is a big fuck now
its like damn ugly can.
my sis permed her hair. SO CUTE
but then the auntie quite good lah
make the detoxify drink for me
and helped me and sis trim eyebrow for free.
stylo auntie. HAHAS
I still hate my hair
don't laugh at me if u happen to bump into me.

then went mall find my boy
he eat then went his house
fall aslp till 10plus man.tired
love you! =D

and i left my phone at his house so cant sms and take photo of my hair.
will upload my fucking hair photo tmr. sucks man

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

was thinking of waking up at 630 as u see in my previous post
but i ended up waking up at 715.
i gather all my might to fasten up my speed

debra class i was so sleepy
keep letting us watch videos. tired!
then me and lynn there bitching about project runway 4.

then kei and jas came.
merchandising class
me and kei went up to present few sentence about the board thingy.
then sch dismiss like still 1 pm.

kei , jas, eym, julie and me went to eat lunch

then i went home
nap for awhile
then meet my boy at 6plus

went ikea
ate many many things
daily special
chicken wings
and my fav daim cake

then we went walk around
my boy bought a magnetic board kinda thingy
and i bought 2 more storage box
5 piece of mag box to pack my overpowered colonies of mag
a vase and few fake flowers
and my daim sweets!

then on our way back
don't stress =D
you can do it man!
miss you

love my boy =D

seems like he got extended legs

look at his stupid face.

artistic right.

kenna sack.


Monday, January 21, 2008

went my boy house and pack his clothes
and he trying to scare me with the dead lizard. STUPID

then we went PS and watched ' 27 dresses'
the movie i waited for so damn long.
its OMFG nice lah.
cool story line!
and moreover its from the director of my 2006 fav ' devil wears prada'
so 27 DRESSES shall become my this year favorite
really really really really really really nice

then we catch some snacks and headed home.

tmr school again!
debra's class.
omg i cant be late.
so i am prepared to wake up at 630am to catch her class at 9am

Sunday, January 20, 2008

went out to bugis like 5pm alone
then stay in the library for 3 hours waiting for my boy alone
sad right

then meet my boy and his bro
went marina see his vest.
keep buying things.

then went to eat long john and headed home.

when will my hair grow?

anyone know how to use photoshop and make a image more vintage and old school looking like being burnt that kind of look?