Saturday, May 31, 2008

went bugis with jeline.
saw ah chong and junkai
then headed pool fusion find julie
then town walk walk
i want my PAY

love my LAO SHU jeline.LOL!
i am DA MI.

my blog seems to be getting more and more boring )=

i am in love with DAVID COOK-ALWAYS BE MY BABY

Im Yours - Jason Mraz

Friday, May 30, 2008

went pool fusion acc julie.
don't sad. got me your ah beng!
then acc jasmine.
daryl nelson amos came. make the day funner .

i want to watch SEX AND THE CITY
why haven't i 18!? ANGRY

i want money for great singapore sales!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

went mall buy ah gong food and bathing sand

fifi's sick . )= but still very adorable

night went campfire with ting and aiping.
redcross. MISSES!
i miss friendship dance
i miss juniors
i miss cheers
i miss hougang sec
i miss ghost stories
i miss kim guan
i miss bom chika bom
i miss father abraham
i miss campfire.

its good to rewind back to the past sometimes

it gives me power to carry on.

ting don't be sad. i am always always there for you if you need me! i love you!

ah chong. hope your tooth get well soon. HAHAHAHAS i love you more than ytd. 10% !

classroom block. misses!

campfires burning!
saw the notice board. my one and only favorite teacher. i love her alot!

everyone is like in red and i am in black. argn

aiping. miss her!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

i slept 4 hours yesterday
woke up 8plusam and went outram park
acc ah chong see doc.

then went pool fusion find julie
sis came.
slack slack
then me and sis went home.

i think i am slowly loving you bit by bit. 5%?
but i like you.
hope i don't hurt you.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

just came home from work
a customer ordered teh-o
then i put see wrong put salt instead of sugar into the tea.
fucking salty.

oh ya if daryl not there help me count money i think i going to shortage 16buck again

daryl amos nelson and botak stayed till i close so i am not scared!
but don't kepp jumping out of no where and boom me ley! KNS
i faint hearted.LOL!

tmr gotta wake up at 8am to acc ah chong for dentist.
argn. slp slp!

Monday, May 26, 2008

work was bored somehow. and i keep thinking and thinking but i just can't find the right answer.

i don't think its love. will i hurt you?

daryl: 10kg of feather and 10 kg of stone which one heavier?
me:both same lah
norman:harh why same?
daryl:becos both 10kg what
norman: but feather lighter what.


acc jasmine till 11 plus.

today is the 26th

Sunday, May 25, 2008

today on date with ah chong.
went tampines find him then go cityhall
watched ' CONGKAK'
the sound effect scary sia. but only the sound.
better don't waste money on that.HAHAHAHAS

date was funny but i am very very very veyr vexed!
i don't know if i am able to give out commitment like my first relationship.

then i called je and ting.
thanks so much for acc me! AI SI NI MEN LE.

and i don't want to hurt anyone heart. but i think i am hurting unknowingly . FUCK IT

tmr work afternoon shift. TIRED

Saturday, May 24, 2008

ytd was too tired to blog.

ytd work was fun too
ah chong acc me =D
and got one customer say my name very diff to pronounce so he call me GRACE. what very peaceful. HAHA

shortage AGAIN. then met up with samuel.
idiotic idiot. squeezing my face till out of shape. GUOFEN

then went home by cab then driver very funny
young one. he drive at 120km/h then wind down window.
then opened qian li zhi wai. ask me for duet. HAHAHAHAHS. i laugh till i cant stop man.
high lah he.

going out to meet ah chong now. =D

oh ya ytd vexed thanks jeline for analyzing.hahahs. and stupid daryl for crapping on phone.LOL

Friday, May 23, 2008

came home from work. dread tired

work was fun with Norman daryl they all once again.

and ah chong for acc me talk the whole time on phone
and thanks daryl and nelson for acc me closing!

tmr replace julie afternoon shift. tired!

and blurblur name haas been changed to fifi (fee-fee) =D

Thursday, May 22, 2008

home from work
shortage of 11 buck! ))=

work was fun though today with Norman ,daryl and gang . small ah bengs.

i think i am too tired to blog.

oh ya! sis friend that china look alike guy that cal me china woman bought her a dog!
YAY so cute. maltese and chiwawa. named blurblur. male. CUTE. very very very very obedient.
wun make a sound and wun run around. wun bite. good boy!

tmr replacing jasmine for work (=
coem find me people if not i will bored to death.LOL

done by Norman

ytd out at yoshi with mom

my act cute mom

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

went compass with mom
fucking cold storage girl. ASSHOLE
make me cannot buy hair dye.

then i meet ting
went print her card.
then went pool fusion find jasmine and julie
went bugis shop then went eat mac.
and samuel is crazy. siao lang. angry!

nowadays very angry with everyone. moodswing.LOL

i think i am falling in love. maybe.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

today work up early replace julie for work.
very busy!
and i have to top up ard 5 buck cos i return wrong change )=

xiao ah beng gang was here.
i sudddenly feel so old. 1991 year. i am 1990. ARGN.

jeline came =D
and we went to eat pasta and walked around.
je's dad drive us home. THANKS for acc and ride! =D

and !@#$% i feel like beating SAMUEL ___ SIHENG up.

Monday, May 19, 2008

i am starting to forget how is it like to fall in love
do i use all my might to chase what i thought was happiness
or do i stand at the sidelines and watch from afar?
should i try to hate?
or should i try to love?
should i forget?
or should i remember?
should i fake along
or should i be real?
should i cry
or should i laugh?
should i wait
or should i go?

if i wait, will you ever come?

HAHAHAHAS okay i am just moody. and i don't know the reason why
maybe because i am working on vesak day ))=

Sunday, May 18, 2008

this post will be bombarded with photos
i suddenly feel so high scanning all those photos.
i look fucking like a fat boy when i am a kid !HAHAHAHAHAS

my sis favourite pose. TEEHEE

my gorgeous mum

all time favourite game
i love my mom and sis . they celebrate every birthday with me

my sis. see what see. TSK

micheal kor look so funny! super jindian.LOL

things changed since the death of my dad.

china boy. i love this photo
hold tight to the one you love and never let go

my sis is so small and cute lah nt like now.LOL!
can you spot me? (front second from left)

the tallest with my famous 2 blue hairclips.

sec 2. mr tang! mushroom head!LOL.hhahaha joel goh is still so short that time and now he is taller than me. wth.sec 3 super ugly.LOL.

national day! super ugly too.LOL

stephen sir. i miss redcross

i miss all the innocence.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

i am super moody now.
sad and more
i don't know whats got into me
missing someone! )=
sentosa express
beach station
beach tram
palawan beach-pretty
palawan bridge-awesome
palawan sand-soft
palawan waves-smooth
frisbee at palawan-funny!
song of the sea.-bravo

palawan bridge is falling down

sing for me

had fun!

went back vivo wearing kuku apparel.
catched ' MADE OF HONOUR '-i like the part where they featured scotland. BAGPIPES!
eh soso only but WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS is still the best .

shall upload more photos tmr. too tired!