Wednesday, July 30, 2008

its only the second week and we are alr like rushing for homework.
a clique of our schoolmates was walking behind us then a guy said
'ya i am a guy but i am a gay what!' its like damn loud .HAHAHAHAHAS

julie drew a pig holding fishball during debra's research class. RAH.but quite cute uh.

went to fusion and darren dragged me to starbuck ans study.
in the end we didn't study like a single thing but talked about DA DAO LI
'you need to accept the fact that he don't love you anymore then you can move on'
thanks for slapping me awake .

i am awake from what you called illusions now.
i have given my last try and i guess silence means a yes.
i am ready to move out of my circle(:

great words from a idiotic shifu ! i am taking up drum btw!

i guess i am lucky to know the fusion gang.hahahas
ah chong junkai kiawee daryl ben darren nelson .

Sunday, July 27, 2008

lazy day
went chinatown buy sewing and pattern making stuff.

school again tomorrow.
wat the bitch.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

today woke up like 8am
and went a studio at paya lebar. hate that place.

meet sam and his friend. cool people.hahahahs!
lent him fif for photoshoot. fun to see how studio works.! HEH
and went out field to shoot.

waiting for him to send the others photos.

fifi quite well behave outside. good boy! loves you!

sewing ended like freaking early today
and me and ju have to rot from 10am to 2pm till our computer class.
went to buy 8 lao gao.HAHAS took neoprints.YAY.
then makan makan with kei.

and i slip and fell today):
julie goes like AHHHH HAHAHAS
then my butt bounced on the floor. PAIN

then went lib with jas and eym
then the stupid heavy lib book drop and landed on my foot and my foot goes like boom. swollen.

what an idiotic day!

its the 26th again.HOHOHO WTF

Thursday, July 24, 2008


its been sooo long since i last used internet.HAHAS
my com is down
but i just signed up for wireless modem. YAYEE

to make it short
my school has started with new classmates .
i missed those old ones.
thanks kei for the VS perfune . so sweet (:

and i spent all my pay in one week time. omg.HAHAS
bought new things happy

i wanted to take graphic design and photography as elective but theres no more slot!
and we ended up in resume writing. WTF
next sem we shall go queue at 9am.RAH

i know its a lil bit out dated but RED CLIFF PART1 is awesome! i like!
takeshi is so handsome.HAHAS

i should update more soon. gotta go out(:
i miss F. its been 4 months. hah

Monday, July 14, 2008

i want to watch the dark knight
red cliff part1 and HELL BOY2
hellboy is directed by the director of PAN LABYRIBTH
the first movie i watched with the one i love(:
even if i want to forget there's still tiny winny details for me to rmb about him (:
last 3 days of work.
one more week to school reopen ):
4 more days to kei arrival
and i am bored.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

i am working again. hahas

was at compass with huiting ytd.
stop bullying her bastard.
if you still want her cherish her.

walked my dog ytd. LOVE HIM.
but don't bark too much would be much better.HAHAS
i love him when he sqeeze himself into my leg gap when i sat crosslegged. HUGGY

okay miss ngyengi my SHIFU. HAHAS
i want to watch HELLBOY2 . ANYONE? HAHAS

need a haircut soon !

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

i am like blogging at fusion once again. HAHAS

i am on a movie marathon lah.
watched 4 movies each day in a row

friday watched THE STRANGER with jasmine fendy benjamin
kind of budget movie that films only at the house area. HAHAS
and the story is kind of similar to VACANCY if you've watched before.
but VACANCY was so much nicer.HAHAS

watched ITS A BOY GIRL THING with julie venie joshua aloysius?
NICE. FUNNY. ENTERTAINING. SWEET. and thanks to them for today! i had fun goign out with you all ! ((:

watched HANCOCK with keat
DAMN NICE. will smith was so gorgeous! TEEHEE
i am loving it.
and keat stop being a fucker gentleman and stand beside me rather than behind me on a escalator. and all me freak one more time and u shall fly.HAHAS

watched 10 PROMISES TO MY DOG with jeline and huiting
i love that golden retriver. its mmakes me want to treat fifi better.
this show was the cause for my swollen eyes now.
i thought i cried the most jialat but a formal suiting guy beside me cry like OMG
he makes the most sounds int he cinema can.HAHAS. and stupid jeline laughing beside me is so constagious. HAHAHAHAHAS
jeline hope u enjoyed ytd.
oh yea we bought a superbig pooh balloon for her and made her malu.
i think i have gone crazy ytd after crying
daryl was on the phone and i said something like ' i just now watched a sad very show' in chinese.HAHAS
and we are like shopping at forever 21 and i mistook a lady lappy bag as a sale item and touch it says very nice.HAHAHAHAS. OMG.

just went to point and had dinner with mom before coming to work.
love my mom (:

Friday, July 04, 2008

i am at fusion again .
bitching with kei on msn.
faster be bback.
teeyuyan misses ngyengi

my world now is surrounded by people who can't forget people who they must forgot.
including me

'i really miss him.'
such a bastard line
everything i do i still thought of him.
why must you occupied every part of my brain?
why do you took away all the space of my memories?
you once said'i cannot imagine a tommorow without you'
is your love a lie?
why do everything i do feel so wrong.
and i don't even understand what i am doing now

even the wrong seems to rhyme without you.

okay i am just emo-ing for no reasons.

saving jane is a good band. random.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

i am blogging at fusion which is quite unsual.HAHAHAS
its been awhile since i blogged
don't worry i will still love you even you are old now.HAHAH
things that happened lately
spain won the euro cup ): which means gerrmany lost.
but someone own me a yuyuan miam! HEH
i helped julie with her onlineshop shoot.
i went to watch GET SMART with SAMUEL.
STEVE CARELL love love.
damn funny show. HAHAHAHAS

saw a jet stream just now and KEI came to my mind
faster come back! you are missed!

my com is down ):
i treat mom and sis to fish and co ytd . love them so much and FIFI.
i love FIFI its good to see him jumping at the door when i came home.HAHAHAHS
not forgetting my ah gong. loved too.
bought a top and skirt from online. and mac foundation.
theres so many more things i want ot get online but i need my pay!
feels like alot happened but i don't remember . rah
okay ends here. (:

back to stoning at work.HAHAHAS
I AM IN LOVE WITH GERALD WAY from MCR. your voice rocks.
below will be flooded with mine photos.

my forever love.HAH
althou sign of aging are showing, i love you. i won't continue to live if you are gone.