Thursday, November 29, 2007

my finger itch again
went to see dr lam
argn wanna faint
he mixed 2 medi in one and the substance turned milky white
abd imagin its inserted to my body
now its so numb and crampy my whole arm muscles

its at geylang
there got one beancurd store
wah damn nice can
the syrup red color and the curd is sooo soft .LOL
and the egg tart there. whoa ! YUMMY

then me and mum went home

then i makeup and put on tights and went to my boy school and wait for him
then we went art friend and he get his stuff
miss artfriend since school closes.LOL

then we went bugis J and watched ' HITMAN'
nice leh!
what i like:the way he walk with his shoulder not moving AT ALL. SO FUNNY
its nice lah anyway!
nice story
number 47

then we went back

i love chipmunks
so cute
alvin and the chipmunks

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

headache! AGAIN
is there tumor in my brain? argn!

woke up sooooo early
meet up with my boy and he go sch and i go training together

met jasmine
went for the training
keep talk talk talk
so tired lah
but seriously carrot is my greatest enemy and i hav to promote it
its so fcuking long lo.
5 of me. OMG

then went home and rest but woke up and head still pain
went to trim eyebrow and do some atm transfer thingy cos my delia spree is here! YAY
spree organizer still sorting out i guess.
its like going 2 mnths .

meet my boy and went ntuc
he bought 2 lemons, one tomato and 2 twister
and we ate berries and cookies MCFlurry
i prefer MUDPIE more.

and omg
anna called and 7th dec we noe our exam result

hope january faster come and i can get some CASH

i love you my boy! without you is like seasons without summer )=

happy happy ~

i am so awake and i have to wake up 8am tmr and nw is like 3 am
today went to amk hub mac acc my boy do his sch work
and i play my lappy

then went his house
slp slp
then went point eat
tom yam hot hot. woots


tmr training
hope it ends fast. tired.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

merry 10th month again!
today the wind is like very big then i saw ppl on the road the umbrella turn the opps side. then struugling. i there laugh out to myself.EVIL.LOL
jas called
acc her to interview
misses ((=
angry lo! the small gal said' one girl one boy' when we stood at the doorway. GRR

then we took bus 143 to somerset
intro me the jap stall beside dodo club at cine

the food nice leh! i like the noodles sauce.LOL
thanks ah.

then we went to walk around
see so many nice thing but NO MONEY
zara, topman, forever21, far east wait for us! LOL
saw a bag from func deko damn nice lo.
but jas bought a very nice shoe from mondo !YAY
and i bought 2 craft bracelet for my boy

happy day! ((=

then i went to meet my boy
and went sun tec
he treated me to movie'the kingdom'
nice show!
i like the storyline and hw they portray humans vulnerabilities .
how we can get terrorist attack like anytime.
and he treat me donut factory

wah the double choc.LOL!
the choc like melts in your mouth and shoot right thru ur heart with warmth happiness. AH~
happy 10th month (=

Monday, November 26, 2007

merry 10th month (=
without you is like rock and roll without a drummer (=
to my boy : 10 months passed. i love you 10 months more and to be continued. thanks for tolerating a kid . althou sometimes u dun and get fed up but i like being a kid . pls continue to tolerate. i like to be in your arms (= i liek the way u poke my fats, i like the way you twist my nose like there's no bones, i like the way you pinch my cheek fats, i like the way u flattens my styled hair, i like the way you say ' i am serious about you' , and many many many many many many many many more.
there are oso 'dun likes' to but is for u to figure out .
love you!
continue to hold me in your arms everyday like theres no tmr okay!

today waited for my boy till 5 plus and i haven eat my lunch waiting for him to go ikea eat
and he is there playing game
whats so great about gaming anyway?
a 'hooray' when u win? LAME
so i ate at home
then go ikea ask me why i come here dun wan eat dun wan buy things.
dun wan eat becos of u and i hav eaten, dun wan buy things is becos i am currently broke.
but nvm i am still happy cos my boy bought me mudpie mcflurry and buy me hot dog
and we took neo prints! most imptly , my boy hugged me thru the journey which makes me feel blissed (=

Sunday, November 25, 2007

dad's death anniversary
8 years
thinking back. how we have been so strong?

time files. i guess we are too young to know
live happy ! life's too short to be sad

went home after praying

fall aslp awhile and meet my boy
went to vivo
catched ' fred claus'
christmas mood is in the air
i love christmas~
nice show aniwae

went pet safari and bought strawberry and vege cookies for ah gong
my boy bought 2 henley from topman

while eating BK we took photos
while waiting for fred claus we took photos

sacrificing my beauty. my face having cramp

beautiful eyes ~

dark eye lashes


vivo has really nice view of sunset and christmas tree!

sort of dun match.TEEHEE

hou! hou! hou! NOT ho ho ho.LOL

and my stupid headache is here to visit again
whats going on up there seriously
stop giving me headache for pea sake.(=

Saturday, November 24, 2007

this gadgets is so cool
wanna work and buy. cost abt 30 bucks i think from strapya world
its a ghost detector!
if there is ghost u can press safe mode and ghost will be produce to kill the ghost ard.
its a strap with a detector and a small ghost john. so cool lah.
i will get it!

Friday, November 23, 2007

i am having a bad headache like again?
really dunno whats going on up there
construction workers drilling a hole. argn

reach home from watching ' enchanted'
quite a nice show.
the prince is the collin's show host from hairspray.LOL

hey peeps
i am selling this top at 15 bucks.

its 53 cm in length but seem too short for me.
its free size so anyone can wear but its not free length. LOL
bought it at ard 17 bucks.
email me, cal me, sms me, tag me, msn me if interested ((=

Thursday, November 22, 2007

into film noir today
search and search gets more interesting!

film noir is black and white shows in the 30s?
most crime shows and womans at that time mostly act as sexy erotic character?
but hey their poster is damn cool can

i like the caption
'i told know nothing about wickedness'

then meet my boy and went amk hub
watched ' hero'
hearrt warming show!
quite worth watching!

watching 'enchanted' tmr!
next will be 'alvin and the chipmunks'

so cute can!
fred claus
stephen chow is back !
he is my whole time favorite comedy actor can!
his new show CJ7 . but shown next year i think.

hope my boy flu recover quickly!
stop wiping ur mucus on me!
TEEHEE love love

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

woke up so early just to go for the interview
je intro de.
and i got the job ((=
but must go thru training next week
and my boy dun let me work say watson got guy staff.


then went back home cos my boy haven wake up
so i went to mac with sis along with my lappy and slack there
surf web, talk talk, play play, photo photo
but was fun . i only left with 3 ppl that i really trust
but one i wun confine cos she has lots more to worry and tts
my mom
one of them ofcos is my dar dar sis ((= MMUACCHHH

heh heh.

my sis looks good too if she's a guy ! we can both be bisexual! LOL

we are the 'ny(nie)' sisters.LOL

then acc sis to wait for bus then i went to my boy house
bought herbal tea along cos he was sick
then went to see doc
and i gotta learn back guitar!
wish me luck to succeed ~

eating chris & larry's vanilla chocolate

playing rolling stone's ' start me up'
with ultra bright yellow nails

sets my mood for the day~~ HIGH

went to tampines with mum
lasenza having really crazy sale
do check out dudes

bought 2 bra at 60 bucks only!

then went to ikea for lunch cum dinner 2 in 1.LOl

eat till wanna burst!
today's special is fish with thai sauce
nice lah!

then fetch a cabbie home
mum was like dozing off inside the cab then i secretly snap a photo

then the taxi uncle so funny!
he look into the rear mirror then point the orhor sign.
i was like aum chio-ING
mum slept and i felt so bored and my stoniee is there for me!

to be exact its actually my zen stone.LOL

then went home slack abit waiting for my boy school to be over
then went mall meet him
he was rushing his work inside mac till 10 plus
andi was slacking and slacking

went to the library and borrowed a book ' in her shoes'
read awhile and lost interest in it

then bought a bracelet for my boy at bluez
then bouoght nail polish
then boought a eyeliner from waatson

damn cool lah tt eyeliner
peeps can go buy
it really really wun smudge even u cry!
it wun crack , fades, and really can draw v fine lines.
the first so-great eyeliner i ever seen
its cal real long lasting eyeliner 18 bucks and few cents.

really nice

ok back to the mac part
i was watching my boy doing his work and listening to songs
so handsome~

TEEHEE but your hand smells.LOL!!!!!!!!!

am i cute? TEEHEE
i look great if i turn to a guy right?

oh ya!
i bought 3 things from drugstore at 13 bucks.

i am very on budget now.LOL!
totally broke till i find a job and get my pay

e.l.f natural radiance blusher color glow
that one is $1.50

maxfactor erase concealer color fair

6 bucks

jane loose powder

wait till i recieve the item and use
then i will now is it nice
if nice we can order together! cheap cheap.LOL