Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dear Diary !

wow was the word.
i never been so tired?
but busy feels good. SHIOK AH ! hahahas

we camped in sch till night almost everyday.
sew sew sew. and my final men's top is completed. left pants.

some lecturer has been added to my 'fuck lah' list
some lecturers has been added to my' fuck good' list.

visual merchandsing was down.

gerber was hell. i need to redo all. one more week left !

phoography was dying. i don't how to take humans. my god.
western painting final a2 size was not even started. HAHA.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

i hate monday like usual . monday is bluey ~

he said i can't do children's wear ! argn.

and the fucking knit machine just wouldn't thread and i can't sew my final !
and i have to let him see on wed !?

and VM. who the hell can teach me how to draw in perspective. i was never a 3d kinda person. SAVE ME

16 more days ! to the end of all these coolness.

andand 7thmay GARETH PUGH SHOW. excited ! loving him ! still rmb yr one i used to be scare of him. HAHA. time flies !

and i am going to have my handsome sleep now. NIGHT MOTHER EARTH

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dear Diary.

blogging has been tough cos was really busybusy !

some said that i have changed since last year.

i didn't even realise it until they said it.

people change. so do i.
but when i even realise whats in me, i am missing the last year me.
if life was only 500g how good would be be.

i just wan to live for my dream , family and friends.

i hope my friends and family could accept the change in me which i dunno what.
maybe istart neglecting things. i am so sorry for things i said or did or whatever that hurt somepeople somewhat somehow.

SUNDAY SUCKS LAH. its hot and moody !

i shall blog real soon. 3 more weeks !

i have so many to say but the weather is just fucking hot. HAHA

Friday, April 10, 2009

Dear Diary !

i have been wanting to blog since monday but was very busy. holidays coming !
1 more month !

monday was damn angry with pd tt i wanted to kill him. i have been redo ing and redoing.
just fcukup. i am really stressed up with pd.

tuesday was good. went shao mu. sweep grave. a year passed, again.
watching the roses covered in grey ashes from last year, it proved that time was evil. hahaha.
we will always love you, dad !
then we went tampines to meet aunt. dined together and shopped.
i love family day always (:

wednesday was western painting and photogrpahy.

western painting is going final.
a2 painting of things and landscape.
sounds fun .
when did i became so artie? haha

photography was headache-ing throughout.
portriature seems very difficult.
humans are the toughest to be photographed i think.
humans are fake. they don't show real feelings like objects did.
theres one children's photographer that i loved !

she takes photos that seems to be normal but u don't fee quite right about it.
something seems to be wrong. it takes a long time to realise that it was the proportion.
and the colour combination is just perfect .
loving her !

thursday which is just now was tiring.
went school for visual merchandising
then went arab for fabrics then walked to textile centre then walked allt he way bacj to school
steph eym kei jasmine luxuan. we feel so hardworking today.!yay!
we stayed in sewing room till like going 10pm.

oh btw i just woke up from a nap since i gt home. tired. hahaha!

i think i better go back to sleep now. its a good friday.

above was al tuesday when my sis go makeupless. HAHA

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Dear Diary !


one week past !
like always its fast

monday pd pm.
susan is nice liek forever
kong , hmm well. he has his thinking i should say.
ideas gt rejected gt to redo. but nvm its life. HAHA

tuesday was the lelong in NAFA.
we din earn much but its fun !
and most of all we saw julie after such a long time !

wednesday western painting and photography
western painting was the same painting fruits. HAHA
photography makes me happy. photos . people . objects that i snapped. makes me happy.
found out a photographer that i really admire. SALLY MANN.
her photos are just beautiful. i see a story in it. love her !
i am excited abt portraiture

vm was same. develop and develop

sewing was dying. hw can i ever finish sewing thw toile and final ! the tot of tt is just so irritating
gerber is another irritating sub. i jus want to fail it. is not tt i dun like it. its too much work. HAHA.

was celebrating my sis bday with mom at fish and co.
ordered tons of food and sis goes like ' don't eat the fries ! its a trap ! '
starch makes us full u see. AHAHHA

friday was out with jeline huiting and sis
surprisingly is nice !!!
the story had depth . nice direction.
love daniel wu ! HAHA

was camping at hm the whole day and watch 'DETROIT METALL CITY'
L in death notes was the lead.
he look incredibily IDIOTIC.
but i thought it wwas funny. but the story realy dun mean a thing. HAHA.
funny in a idiot way (:

kei shown me a video that was the funniest thing on earth ! HAHAHA

so funny ! it will make your day !

we hate green pepper !


mom surrendered

so did sis

the trap !

merry bday !stealing my sis cake