Sunday, September 30, 2007

seriously , i think no one understands me.
not being emo but stating the fact.
but quite good uhs.LOL

today went to take neo ! FUN!
then go taka walkwalk
laoogng bought a tee from pull and bear
i ate takopachi bacon and cheese

tori Q.

then went PS
i bought my brothers sewing machine!
and zen stone plus BLACK. WHEE

then went back quarrel with my boy
my eyes will be swollen tmr again
gotta wear shades.

and saw some photos in my boy com.
a damn day.

i only like the rollar coaster.
meet laogong
went to hougang mall to return my book and bought my makeup remover

then went eat sesame paste. make my hair healthier.

then went back laogong house

sleep awhile
went to takeaway double cheese and eat at playground

2nd reason why i love laogong

'the way he hugged me tightly '

who can tel me the exact price. its so nicee.

this perfume look so cool. its 142 bucks and only available online. no vivienne westwood shop in singapore.

i like this bagg. 1196 bucks. gotta buy it next time using my first pay!

Friday, September 28, 2007

photos of few days ago~

steph andd mee

anna and mee

trying bab fab cap when he is playing astupid dota

looks cool right. 8th month cum lantern festival.

see his face.LOL
i love bab fab

bab fab caught that stitch!

explosion of rocket bab fab made
laogong frm 530 mia till 8 plus.
keep me in suspend.
so i wanted to go eat alone
then laogong okay le

then got a driver very xia lan
so we went to police a record cos it almost hit laogong

and laogong said ' i always very scared and always cry when have police record'
this phrase make me so buay song

like mother like son

as u can recall.
the two time i cried because of u made me angry.
dun blame on me and say is i timid and scared. i hate those words
like your mom said i act pity

can you and your family spare a thought first
hurting people like its just a routine

imagine you all lose someone you love before. your dad which should be standing up for you.
not as in divorce or break up
but DIED
then i said u that u cry becos u act pity
and u feel damn humiliated but you have no dad to stand for you .
and everytime you go to my house
i give you that fcuking face but u still hav to tolerate and say hi. WTF

my dad is living inside me always
his echo is replaying in my heart.
what is echo?
the persistence of sound when the source is gone
my dad sounds in my heart even when he is gone
i am not saying that no dad is pathetic
cos i feel totally fine until UR FAMILY stirred my feelings again.
pls stop it. i beg u all.
Just think by me and hope you all know what i mean.

i have say what i want to say.

see the time.
i am so early today again
just got home from school

i just don't know how to say about school today

doing that stupid pattern making
do wrong mus redo whole thing again
erase draw erase draw
and for what fcuking mark?
15 marks
for pea sake
i slept at 330 ytd to do my work
cant finish my work today so go school tot need lil time
but en dup i skipped sewing and finish all my work
i did for 7 hours today
and 5 hours ytd
total half fcuking day 12 hours to finish that idiot 15 mark

when i know i did wrong
my heart totally sank
stare blankly and feel like killing myself.

so i didn't went for sewing class
and guess wat?
we need to hand in all ur sewing work by next week
may sounds like lil but its fcuking many. i swear
even more stress when you don't have a sewing machine
if i hav, i don't think i even know how to do.

i am very shagged now. feel like i am draining and dying

enough of venting

above all, i still won't give up for my dreams.

right now i am waiting for laogong to cut finish his hair and i can meet him
but he is slow.
i need bab fab to comfort me )=.
i feel so sad now. for school.

the lightning is so argn.
and rain was like wow
the wind was like eeek.

so all add up to i reaching school late. very late. but kei was later.LOL

then was com skill
nothing to say abt that.LOL

then research methology
like again, i love vivienne westwood
she's cool

then break
i ate phad thai
its damn spicy. till my tears drop
and thats not it
i am suffering from gastric pain because of that too spiciness .
and i can sense i going to laosai soon

then product development
i sort of like did nothing for that class.
can i complete it on time?

and i forgot to say.

then went ps find laogong
watched ' the nanny diaries'
cuz' i like
Scarlett Johansson
she's soo preetty

then went back laogong house
love you bab fab.
and went home

its so late and i haven start my pattern making.
wish mee luck. i am tired.

got many many photos to upload
tmr gonna upload all.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

merry 8th month!

i finished ' for one more day'
its so nice. so sad but it sure did gave me some deep thoughts of how i treat my mom .

meet laogong at 3 plus
went point eat kfc
then went to orchard

took neos
so FUN

went buy some sweets and tibits for movie
then went lido watch ' balls of fury'
quite funny !

i should say everyday one reason why i love laogong

'when he says i love you'

tmr sucks. gonna do my work. don't think i can sleep agian tonight.
jus simply hate wed and thurs. mayb fri too. fking 3 days.

we are soo cute.LOL

early school time

was reading mitch albom' for one more day ' insde bus
i couldn't control so tears gathered around my eyes
i faster don't read and look outisde window
but few drops went down
i wonder what people sitting ard me thinks.
CRAZY?turning up and down

its really heart touching,
one lesson to learn
compare how many times does your mom stood up for you
and how many times u DID NOT stand up for your mom.

read this book! you will treasure your mom more than anything.

then reached school
fashion details
leanr how to draw technical drawing of few kinds of skirt
like handkerchief skirt
circular skirt
cocktail skirt
hipster blah blah

then was computerized fashion design
use com to draw technical drawing
like wth. 2 lessons like the same only one freehand and one com.

then laogong still not awake
went to 7-eleven bought sneakers
i'm a sneaker girl.
caption is ' hungry?. grab a sneaker.'

and walked to douby ghaut
then went point meet laogong eat lunch
kfc spicy bbq drumlet very nice!

then went amk hub
we was like playing the catch sweet machine again
we got some sweet
then we went to clip toy thingy

then went to watch 'premonition'
its really really nice
the story plot was simply awesome
but the ending is kind of sad.
faster catch it!
its gonna end soon cuz' like show quite some time alr.

then i went back home
acc my mom go eat. go walk ard park. chat.
hope these little things make her happier.
everyone cherish your mom now!.

then meet laogong agaiin
play candle all those again
and countdown to our 8th month!
i love and miss you everyday!

laogong bought mitch albom' tuesday with morrie ' for me
actually i knew it like 2 days b4 when i was packing his room,LOL
i was checking his pants pocket see if theres anythign need to tak eout
then i saw this stupid receipt..LOL

i bought laogong a white pants with things i iron on myself
but laogong say nop iron on better, )=
i thought it was quite nice leh.LOL

TO ZHU REN : happy 8th month. still a long way to go until the end of time!. gonna cling on to you even harder. prepare ! don't let go of me whatever happens.! and last but not least. LOVE ME MORE!

Monday, September 24, 2007

school reopened

Eugene class
was funny once again
and he keep talking about where got good food
made me damn hungry in class

vava bought us chips from indonesia
so sweet of her!

then went bugis with jasmine
shopped around
but few shops opened cos its like 12 plus only
bought SOMETHING for laogong 8th month in 2 days time!
YAY 8th month!
and i love him more and more!

then went buy a note book. its nice leh!

then we hugged goodbye
she went to find his man
and i went to find my man

laogong waiting for me at somerset fitness california
make me thought of jan whenever i heard that.LOL! ( jan u shld noe).LOL!

then i ate jap sauce with cheese at taka
still remember is je intro me de.lOL

then we went back laogong house
cos my headache is here again
i slept 2 hours at laogong house
woke up
laogong keep playing dota
whats so fun man
then i helped laogong packed his room
laogong say pack until not bad leh!
then laogong STILl playing
so i entertain myself by talking all his cap and be a cap model and take photo
photos upload tmr.

we went hougang point eat chicken rice
then went my house take fireworks. candle and my lantern
went to play
laogong keep making his rocket but wun fly but the explosion is so cool
photos tmr!
we threw the fireworks onto the tree and it clings on

its fun today
love laogong.
love laogong
love laogong

but i still have to face the fact that i need to wake up 7 tmr morning
and all my work not done.

but nvm! i noe i love fashion. nth can pull me down!

need to poo now.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

meet laogong at 4

go tampines
he bought the earring with big holes
tel him dun enlarge.

then went ikea
gt the raw fish.
omg it make me feel like vomiting
i cannot accept raw finish except salmon

walked ard ikea
comfy sofa
we was like playing with the sofa
laogong bought his cushion pillow ,box
i bought dish putter and cutlery putter.LOL

laogong take the box
was once again retrench .

then went back laogong house
help him enlarge ear hole. i see le very pain

no photos and ice cream for today )=

oh ya
as i bought book ytd
so i made a book mark with me and laogong in it
laogong say nice! YAY

the book has made me teared once till now.
the part where is says
have you ever lost someone you love
and wanted one more conversation,
one more chance to make up for the time when you tought they will be there forever?
what if you got it back?

was watching p!nk live video

she is simply awesome man
her live was so powerful
she's cute
super humorous funny
sexy than paris or britney seriously

she's my idol!

done promoting

the fucking whore that has been using jan's pic
fucking ass.
a whore.
i curse u
hope u die in gruesome manner
1) bathe. fell. know on the tap opening thingy. brain splash out
2) eat thing. fork poke into eyes and try to take out ( omg i rmb tt video)
3) fell downt he stairs . hand leg all come out

fucking assy bitchy whore

hubfy woke up at 3 plus .
i rot like frm 12 waiting for him to wake up
meet at 5 plus

went orchard
shop far east
he bought a rolling stone tee
but this one is nicer

went taka
bought my 'zigzag' comic no.s 6
finally its out
like half a yr le?

then the dabian 7 eleven
bought the big gulp then the machine plain water no ice.


then went cine subway
laogong intro subway melt
is nice
and tried peanut cookies
still think white macademia nicest

don't know how to spell

went heeren hmv
i bought mitch alborn 'for one more day'
jeline intro de mitch to me like few years back
then last year read 'five people you meet in heaven' which made me cry and i listed it as my best book ever after doppelganger
i gonna collect his book.
i haven read je's fav

'tusday with morrie'

and and laogong is so into x japan yoshiki rather than me! IDIOT

then went back


did it for laogong. cos he said he wan it

Saturday, September 22, 2007

make up class

acc laogong to go bugis early
he finish his work

then walked to school

tired. slept at 4. wake up 7. yawnnn

pattern making

more and more skirt

panel skirt
gored skirt
godet skirt
inverted pleat

abd so many assignmetn undone.

nvm. i am still happy.LOL

then school ended find laogong at bugis
ate mos

then went laogong house

fall aslp awhile

went compass walk walk

sis's stupid.LOL
then ate yoshinoya
then ate mac icecream. mac icecream is highly addicting.LOL

then went timezone trying ot catch some sweets
laogong dumbdumb cant caught any

i caught 5 sweets!
neh nanny poo poo

then went back


love love

one part of laogong school work. SO CUTE

Friday, September 21, 2007

Today rot at home again
laogong off to sch for proj again

went online. asking everyone hw to do the flare and cirular skirt
but all nv do.LOL. FMM1B3 is damn united in nt doing hw.LOL

then went to bugis find laogong .

alr 6 pm
then went ps
watched 'joshua'

onyl available at ps and vivo
caption' not all children are innocent'
but to me. ALL children are innocent.
the sotryline was good
but the director plot the scene till damn boring

teacher taught us. no climax is nt a gd compo.LOL

then went daiso laogong bought a file

gt the sticky glue and bits of paper on the file cos he tear off
but the super laopo using her super brain had kill them all.LOL
laogong rmb to thanks me.
heng i nv put inside water, cos it wun works only make it worst.
is momo's recipe to get rid of those sticky thing.LOL

then went back hougang point
laogong ate kfc
and we bought a ice cream frm cheers

a ice cream a day keeps the doctor away.LOL

then went home

laogong all the best for presentation tmr!

tmr got makeup lessons.
and its the lessons i hate most with work nt done

wish me luck pals.LOL

love my clothes mix and match today.

laogong has cute and scary eyes.

we are so in love. muack

Thursday, September 20, 2007

my muscle still aching
was rotting at home waiting for laogong to come back from school

chatted with kei

we feel like eating or ah mee sua.LOL
and we both haven touch even alil of our hw.

then went find laogong

i ate tom yam seafood

laogong tattooo 13
pain sia

but was good leh!

i think i don't want tattoo

so pain the blood

then went back point eat mac
ice creammmm
addicted to mac 60 cents ice cream.LOL!

then went void deck.

this was ytd. tts laogong hand

laogong is devil kid


love love.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


i accidentally pressed back and
what i have type for so long is gone.

i am fed up now

so basically

today laogong woke up late
i find him
went tattoo
but tattooist say tmr
so we eat
then went back buy egg for his assignment
then went draw

does it look like I L U?

my lantern!

ytd pic. heartyyy

laogong drawing his font for tattoo.
i love him! this is for real

no eyeliner day

possessed by a rat. ' I WANT TO EAT RARTAOUILLE'. RARR

Monday, September 17, 2007

i wan to tattoo
don't worry buddy!
i won't regret de.
i never regret before rightttt
no worries.LOL

today so boreeedd
wait and wait fpr 6pm to arrive then can see laogong
laogong never msg me at all
don't miss me
and i miss him soo much. mother father
went up and down to photocopy and bind my work

then went hopugang point do my work cos the lift ungrading thingy is a noise nightmare

then laogong came
went mall.
bought my lantern.LOl

then went back hougang play lantern and candle.
laogong don't play with fire ! play wiht water.

then went sit sit
eat eat
draw draw

vooodooo the sweet is damn nicee.

the click five-jenny

damn nice
call my phone to listen~ LOL
took bus to far east
stupid laogogn decided to tattoo

laogong say not pain
result was good!

gonna get mine soon!
tattoo tattoo

laogong make me cry again today. mother farmer.LOL

i said i didn't see him
if i said it 3 times means its real

i ate fried mars bar today again

then went vivo
laogong bought sweets from candy empire

how i wished i had a candy empire.

and i go turn turn the keychain thingy. CUTE

then ent back laogong house

photos photos

this was at ikea. i bought this mirror!

is Latino

the thingy is called voodooo. is like so cute can

Sunday, September 16, 2007

heh heh

stupid laogong went to do proj so last min
so called jeline out!LOL

we went to orchard study . hmm sort of

didn't took any photo with her. )=
fried mars bar is the best.LOL

then meet laogong

i want to tattoo!

then went his house
fall asleep

i swear the floor lamp is super nice!

then went buy take away mac and kfc
went study corner eat
and read cleo.

oh ya! i bought a scooter necklace
which je say ugly.LOL

suddenly got many good songs lately
i noe jan , je, ting and sis dun like rock
but this is nice.LOL

don't let me get me-p!nk

i love you, fabian

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Today waited for laogong to come back from school

went ikea
meatball meatball

then walked around
we bought so many things!
4pc mirror
a plant ( nice)
a plant holder
6 photo frames
1 orange hang on organiser
4 storange box
3 mug

laogogn boiught a floor lamp (NICE LO)
and a mug

but its so diff to caryr home )=
laogong look like being sacked frm a fish farm

then we went home. tired
but today is blissed

Friday, September 14, 2007

my blog gt some fcuking probs and i can't edit

heres some photos of thurdays 13th

i edit till like ghost. but see the lower part. clone of my sis

skinfood cover is nice but it sucks
waste my money
i go buy another loreal true match.


okay here is goes

research methodology makeup lessons
bored bored bored
but i love what i am researching on
vivienne westwood

damn kei
i was stoning and i get tricked by her!
argn. LOL!

then waited for laogong
sooo sloww
start zi lian-ING
then i so excited i took one photo then look liek my sis!

i faster mms her.LOL!

i am so hungryyy
ate long john

while i eat laogogn draw a agony angel that can't flew up
was niceee

fucking nice show seriously!

best show after simpsons!
'you can fool them. don't show emotion. don't fall asleep'
please go watch it everyone.
its damn nice i swear!

nicole kidman acting was so real la can!
watch watch watch!
5 thumbs up

then we went laogong house

pei laogogn go gym
but i never run like duh.LOL.
but i going to start my toning plan from tmr!

then went point eat kfcc

then went study corner
i drew a eye
and laogong drew us.

so cool

is as follows.

some pic with laogong.

angel in agony

my beautiful eyes. HOHOHO

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

due to budget prob
i found a substitute for benefit
i bought the lemon 2-way cake
gonna collect them all!

went to far east buy
then went back hougang
find laogong

then went laogong house

then went to compass point
saw sis
ate yoshinoya
wen time zone play
laogong is stupidd
we was like playing the sweetland thingy
hoping for one sweet
but laogogn stupidd one sweet oso nv get.LOL!

then we went to refill the zippo lighter i bought for laogong.
then went home.

second day of hols
walked to buy contact lens

buddies ! still rmb that cd u all made for me on my bday?
i watched it over and over again!

saw a idiot making her hair cos the wind was too big while crossing the road
and its

so qiao
then she acc me
no more alluring eyes contact
so i bought misty grey

then went to take 147
while on my way to laogong school

i saw the spect i wanted for so long!
so went in and tried
the uncle there talk so much history to me.
like duh. i alr noe.
he even let me try his collection from Christina Dior

but i didn't buy in the end cos its 60 buck

then went to buy starbuck choc cream chip

and sit outside laogong sch and wait
scorching sun

then we went bugis walk walk
and laogong bought another rolling stone tee.
keep buying! SYUPID

then went to ps
watched'apartment 1303'

we went in with a faint heart after dead silence that scares us
the movie is not nice
its plain stupid
dun waste ur 7buck
and according to sis
19th gate of hell is fcuking nt nice too
guess what is the ending?

they imagin that game out.

even teacher in sch taught us not to write compo in this way
damn lousy twist for christ sake

then we went walked ard ps
shld i buy zen stone?

then we went daiso
woo always 2 dollars! LOL

bought a glue
scapebook(its really cool)
tool box for my sewing
and a spect in daiso!

then we went home (=

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

make up lessons

com skills
presented my fashion critic

anne hathaway
kristen dunst
jennifer hudson

they really wear bad in oscar

but i love all of the roles
anne in devil wears prada
kristen as maryjane
jennifer in dreamgirls

then break
ate sandwich

sewing class
i learn many things!

omg! today is the first time i did finish all my work in class

then went laogong sch outisde wait

muack muack
then went laogong house
fall asleep
then went home.

i am crazy in love

rolling stone rocker.LOL

Sunday, September 09, 2007

i am so early again today!

was lazy to blog yesterday

so here it goes

meet laogong then went to orchard
he need to take some photos for school
so we take take take

we went to wheelocks place to wait for our movie
start playing tarots cards. our card kind of linked .
no matter what happens , laogong pls dun let go of my hand cuz i love you.
we took some photos.
laogong, u forgotten to send ur solo piccc.

then went to lido watched' rogue assassin '

in case you dunno what show is that, its the one with jet li and the transporter guy.
and its nc-16 again.
we have been watching nc-16 show for two days continuously
this show was quite a good show as in the fighting.
they try to make a twisting in the end but i dun really get the twist
i get turn off.

then went home.

laoogng is still nt up.laogong is oink oink.
i am seriously hungering for chicken rice i don't know why

i got a feel i look like drug addict.
laogong is the drug
i am the addict.

polly and mee.

warning: this two photo becos i my fcuking edit became so ugly
and i dun hav the original pic anymore~ SOBBED